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  1. Tashi Washi

    Still Undefeated

    If you are on Xbox we are totally up for the challenge my gamer tag is Tashiwashi85 and we kill Jason often! ?
  2. Tashi Washi

    New to forums!!

    Thanks you’re pretty darn good yourself!! That’s why I like playing with you!! It makes me better!
  3. Thanks!!! I did the intro!! But now I’m going mia bc I’m going to play the game!! I still have a few badges to go!! But if anyone would like to play with me, that’s great we all love to meet new people and play with different people! It’s fun!
  4. Tashi Washi

    New to forums!!

    I’m new to the forums but not Friday!! I’m from Texas and I’ve loved Jason since I was a child! And I’ve been playing Friday the 13th on Xbox since last summer, put it down for a while and picked it back up in March! I’ve made really good friends playing the game!! I love it!!
  5. He or she lets play it out on the game then you can recant your comment
  6. ??? she should look ya up Cer1al!! The other one is waiting in line to play.. but I mean with all of us we have two spots so Tiffany Cakes can join in with The other guy