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  1. Can you consider adding a perk that keeps the game clock up at all times during a match?
  2. Wow. Thanks for the heads up. Can't believe I've been playing since last June without knowing this!
  3. I never knew the flashlight had anything to do with fear resistance. I always just use it to light shit up.
  4. My most bad ass moment happened pretty recently, all thanks to the people on mic. Tommy, Vanessa, and Tiffany were headed to the shack, planning to grab the sweater and kill me. They were talking over mic, coordinating. The Tiffany was not familiar with the process. Vanessa had the sweater and emerged from the shack. My heart was pounding because I knew she could trigger the sweater any instant. But I shifted in and grabbed her first. I destroyed her. Tiffany was freaking out. On mic, I heard her ask Tommy, "What do I do? What do I do?!" Tommy shouted back, "It's too late, just RUN!" They ran. But not far or fast enough to survive.
  5. I won't be buying it when it first comes out, but that's just because I need the money for other things. If I see it on clearance one day I might pick it up then. I'd rather put my cash toward a more accurate replica hockey mask.
  6. I use the boat to escape whenever I can. I think it's the most fun means of getting away. And usually, everyone else is occupied with other objectives, so sneakily putting the boat together on my own suits my solo mindset.
  7. Wow. I never thought retro Jason would translate well to a real world costume, but Kane looks fantastic in purple and blue! In my opinion, it's the best costume of this bunch.
  8. Thanks for the welcome My counselors of choice are Debra and AJ - I like repairing stuff! As for Jasons, I've grown to really dig Roy for his speed and decently balanced abilities. But I usually set both my counselor and Jason to random. Keeps things interesting.
  9. Hi all, I've been a fan of Friday the 13th ever since my pre-school teacher told me and the rest of my class the story of Jason and encouraged us to go home that night and tune in to Friday the 13th Part 2. My parents were not thrilled, but it ignited my life-long love of this franchise. I've been playing the game since June of 2017 and it's become one of my favorites. I'm here in the hopes of talking to some other fans, and maybe finding folks to game with. Thanks for having me!
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