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  1. good to know you are just waiting for them to stop instead of maybe getting better servers that dont get hacked so easy??????? whats not klicking????
  2. dont play the game if you cant take the heat. they still killed you if you left, you just look stupid for leaving lul.
  3. dont use the mainstream jasons, part 9 is one of the best jasons but people rearly use him cause his stats are not meta. ALWAYS trap phonebox. never focus on someone for a long time, teammates will fix everything. dont trap the cars. only trap the driver seat if battery is in. if someone wants to die dont kill them, 99% of the time is a jason killing team. if the cops get called go into killer mode and really conserntrate with killing everyone and dont trap the exits that litereally so stupid. if there are people with name likeness you should trap the shack, big chance its a killing team. and my best advise, use the attack block if you get ganged up on. it will save you and the survivors will break their weapons.
  4. i dont get why people are mad about it when its a game mechanic... they removed teamkilling with weapons, what more do you want? if theres assholes in the match trust me ill run them over. if jason is an asshole ill run everyone over too. and if i feel like it ill do it to.
  5. link his steam id too so they can hwid ban him for real this time
  6. well perk and cp delete still works, random spawn is still a thing, all cheater spots on map still work like pinehurst stairs, more car glitches... yup this is fun
  7. yeah always fun knowing i got banned by mistake but these people are still going strong after like 5 patches where they did not patch cheats.... LOVE THIS GAME WORTH THE MONEY
  8. yeah its horrible i had like 600 hours when it happened. and then i got the message about a family share ban. the guy got unbanned on 5 different accounts by game developer. but ofc mine with a familyshare ban is still there. but i have a new acc so its not like im desperate anymore about the acc. just sucks that i had to spend money on the game again. and they do ban for teaming with jason because that was a reason they gave to one in the friday the 13th facebook group(he posted the email). and i wont even give them my time because they dont care at all about their consumers. the switch version of the game is unplayable. and its been out for how long?? exactly, no game developers do that. happy someone got me into d*** b* d*******... so i have something similar to play that dont glitch out every match. i loved this game pre the new jason grab, after that the whole random match thing happened and all the shit glitches. and people defending the developers have mental illness because this is legit a scam. cant release new content but every other brand and store in this universe have the rights to print f13 merch and figurines and make stuff. bitch please these lazy ass devs can legit eat cow shit.
  9. im not asking for them to unban me, i have a new acc since april im just informing them that they have an issue with banning policy.im over the ban i have like my fault i shared the acc but at the same time i couldnt know he was gonna cheat. but i get it, but now they are unbanning a guy with 5 banned acc because of cheats like speedhack. yesss. well i didnt get banned it was a family share acc for someone i thought were just gonna play for fun but ended up cheating and got my main acc banned too. april 9th i think. but i bought a new game and made new a acc so i could play again and im allready been level 150 for awhile. but yeah it sucks.
  10. i got a family share ban on my acc for sharing my libary with someone who went on to cheat on their acc in april. but cheaters are now getting unbanned. some of them even used speedhack(clumsy) and greenluma. this is not fair because i know many people who got unfair bans like for going on roof like one time and for teaming with jason. but these REAL cheaters are now getting unbanned? this is bullshit. theye even checked and saw that the eula was accepted in a completely diffrent counrty.like the game wasnt infested with cheaters from before. and i know all this because after i got banned my friend who got me banned on a shared acc sent me all the stuff he did so i could show proof and get my acc back. but devs are lazy and dont want to do shit to help. they favorize the east european cheaters because without them there would be 0 players. and that sucks
  11. im a jason main and i think its too OP.. game is not balanced at all.... i think if there are good survivours they shouldnt be punished for it. i loved the chase at the end that lasted the whole game... im here from the beginning.. pls fix it..
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