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  1. yeah its horrible i had like 600 hours when it happened. and then i got the message about a family share ban. the guy got unbanned on 5 different accounts by game developer. but ofc mine with a familyshare ban is still there. but i have a new acc so its not like im desperate anymore about the acc. just sucks that i had to spend money on the game again.
  2. im not asking for them to unban me, i have a new acc since april im just informing them that they have an issue with banning policy.im over the ban i have like my fault i shared the acc but at the same time i couldnt know he was gonna cheat. but i get it, but now they are unbanning a guy with 5 banned acc because of cheats like speedhack.
  3. i got a family share ban on my acc for sharing my libary with someone who went on to cheat on their acc in april. but cheaters are now getting unbanned. some of them even used speedhack(clumsy) and greenluma. this is not fair because i know many people who got unfair bans like for going on roof like one time and for teaming with jason. but these REAL cheaters are now getting unbanned? this is bullshit. theye even checked and saw that the eula was accepted in a completely diffrent counrty.like the game wasnt infested with cheaters from before. and i know all this because after i got banned my friend who got me banned on a shared acc sent me all the stuff he did so i could show proof and get my acc back. but devs are lazy and dont want to do shit to help. they favorize the east european cheaters because without them there would be 0 players. and that sucks
  4. im a jason main and i think its too OP.. game is not balanced at all.... i think if there are good survivours they shouldnt be punished for it. i loved the chase at the end that lasted the whole game... im here from the beginning.. pls fix it..
  5. yes he is, the uber jasons we see now is just the picture on a part 7, he is not in the game anymore, just the icon. these russians are just inserting the icon into their .pak file. there is no jason x anymore. trust me i know these guys
  6. its soooo bad, i cant get one game in two hoours. these devs dont give an f about the europeans server. please fix it im sos depressed about it
  7. you dont install easy anti cheat, its there when you download the game. if you have an easy anti cheat error try and validate your files and see if it helps. if it still an error re install the whole game.
  8. deborah is the worst character, if she gets chased by jason she's dead in a blink of an eye. vanessa is the queen. PERIODT. even lachappa is more of a queen then deborah
  9. teaming is not bannable, if so i should have been banned since day one lmao. third party softwares are bannable if easy anti cheat recognize them. anything else is okey, cant be banned
  10. can you look trough people youve played with and screenshot profile??? jason x is impossible to get into the game so this has to be fake.
  11. We been spawning in as random counslers and no perks and you name it. and when that happens everyone leaves. And jason leaves to. AND because of that ive been put in the salt mines. and ive played atleast 20 matches now and not been taken out. am i gonna be there forever?? how can i get out?? pls help me.
  12. would be nice to get to play with friends, BUT THIS DECEASED GAME WONT MAKE IT POSSIBLE. and gunmedia dosent give a damn about us. we tell them whats wrong and what do they do? add more stuff to make our gaming experience a living hell.. i have put blood, sweat and tears into this game. alot of tears. i hope this game will one day get back to what it was. back to being fun and enjoyable.
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