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  1. Yeah I get that they're not that great for them, but sometimes Jason catches you and goes after you, or when he hits rage Stealth becomes kind of useless, so I just want one of these to last a bit longer in a chase against him. Thanks for the reply.
  2. So currently I have an Epic 15% Marathon with 0% penalty to speed and an Epic 14% Restful with 2% speed penalty. (still trying to get a better one) I really like using these on somebody like AJ or Deborah because it does help if Jason ever gets on you. I just want to ask you guys which one do you think is better for specifically these two? I also want to start using 10% Nerves of Steel, not only is it amazing because your minimap doesn't fade away, it also provides some fear resistance, which is fairly good for AJ. (?) My current setup for AJ and Deborah is: - Marathon - Medic (possibly replacing it with Nerves of Steel like I mentioned earlier) - Thick Skinned I keep going back and forth between Marathon and Restful on them. (AJ having a 0.6% increase with Marathon and Deborah having a 0.45% increase)
  3. Thanks for the patch notes and the patch date. I appreciate that there is still effort coming from the Dev team to try and make this game enjoyable. I do think that you guys should look at Rage atleast one last time. Keep it as it is, but I think Firecrackers and / or Flare Guns should still work on Jason post-rage. To compensate, make these stuns last a bit shorter than they usually do. The meta is what it is, and I think many people have adapted, but I still think that low-stamina Counselors are at a big disadvantage after Jason hits rage and a buff like this would help them out a lot. I like the mask buff, many times I have entered the match and saw Jason maskless after a few minutes into the match. @mattshotcha
  4. Since y'all can work on bugs, isn't there a way to do a workaround the lawsuit? I have seen that there is so much unreleased content, why not just release it? It's not a new thing, since it's been there for quite some while. Why not just say "Fixed a bug that prevented some clothing from appearing in the character customization menu." and add it in? Unfortunately, and it pains me to say this, the game is kind of dying with only a few fans remaining. Isn't there a way to do that? I would love to see the console-exclusive clothes (on PC) along with the DLC and unreleased clothes in the game.
  5. For me the best perks are: Marathon - very good for low-stamina counselors - makes Vanessa and other athletic counselors even stronger Thick Skinned - many Jasons still slash instead of using grab - many Jasons use the fact that you're locked in an animation when you're climbing or jumping through the window, therefore getting an almost guaranteed hit with a knife, this perk helps you to not get so easily injured from that - after Jason hits rage, there is nothing you can do if you're out in the open and he starts slashing, this gives you a bigger chance of getting away - you don't need a health spray when you step into traps near objectives (you can tank only 1) - climbing through broken windows isn't as bad, you still shouldn't do it though imo Medic - you get 2 uses from every health spray you find, very good against Jasons that slash - increases healing - sprays are most of the time a must if you're stepping into traps near the objectives I feel like those perks are the best choice for every Counselor, I don't think you can go wrong picking these. I use them on all of my Counselors, although I was thinking about combining Marathon + Restful on some Counselors like AJ or Jenny, but then, Medic is missing and it's such a good perk. Do you guys think it's better to focus on perks that empower your Counselor's best stats or better to focus on perks that help you with your Counselor's worst stats?
  6. I feel like Deborah and AJ are almost exactly the same. Deborah has higher repair, but lower stamina, composure, strength and stealth. AJ has higher stamina, higher composure, higher stealth and higher strength. Her repair is lower, but it's still very easy to do. Both have the same goal - repair the objectives while trying their hardest to remain undetected. Both of them can do it easily, but I would say AJ has probably an easier time when it comes to running away from Jason. Overall I think they're both the exact same character with minor differences. That's why I think they belong in the same tier.
  7. Hopefully a Jason Rage nerf since it completely screwed the balance of the game over. I sure do enjoy seeing Vanessas in every lobby or having a 10x harder time surviving as an AJ main. :^) Adding the console-exclusive clothing to PC would be nice too. It's not a new thing and it is in the files, so why not just say "Fixed an issue that prevented some clothing to appear on the PC version of the game." The game is kind of dead with only the loyal players remaining, so I see no reason to not add those clothes along with the DLC clothes.
  8. In my opinion, AJ is a better and a worse version of Deborah. AJ has better composure, better stealth, better strength and better stamina. Deborah has better luck and repair, but I think there's little to no difference between 7/10 repair and 10/10 repair. They repair almost at the same speed and the skillchecks are easy on both of them. AJ also has better stamina, and combined with 15% marathon she has almost 5/10 stamina, which is really good. I like to think of them as 2 different characters with almost the same stats, so if you like gothic girls then pick AJ, and if you like nerdy girls pick Deborah. The outcome will be the same. But, overall, yes. Deborah is a great counselor and kinda underrated by all those Vanessa / Tiffany players.
  9. Players like this are the reason why the rage buff happened. Yikes.
  10. Not being able to stun Jason is the stupidest addition ever made. Just because some trash Jason players cried how bad he is, doesn't mean he was bad. A good Jason could easily destroy Counselors. Yes, ganging up on Jason and chain-stunning him was stupid, but this was a dumb band-aid fix. It made the game unplayable for me, as an AJ main. I can easily juke Jason as her, because most Jasons are terrible, but after he hits Rage, I'm done. Bad players shouldn't be rewarded with this. Remove this goddamn thing.
  11. Okay, this might seem like really random and pointless, but... Is it just me who really misses the animations from the beta? What I mean is the momentum build-up the counselors had when they started to sprint / jog. I think it looked really cool and it would be awesome to have that back, would give it that more "realistic" feeling imo. Want other people's thoughts on this, cause I sure as hell want that back.
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