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  1. Thank you for your response. I was a little confused, because it had already been stated that you’ll receive infraction points for leaving mid-game while either counselor or Jason and since you’ve got be one or the other, it didn’t make much sense to me for them to mention that the host would receive them as well. Unless there’s additional infraction points applied to the host while Jason or the counselor when they leave during the game. I guess my question is - As the host when you leave mid-game, do you receive infraction points for being the host plus infraction points for being either Jason or a counselor? Is it kind of like a double whammy? Of course, I never quit during a game unless I absolutely have to for some reason, however I would like clarification. Thank you.
  2. Okay, I think I like the match making point system, however I have a couple of questions and maybe some concerns depending on the answers. 1. I notice that you receive infraction points for leaving a game while the host, how does this work? Do I receive infraction points while still in the lobby? Do I accumulate infraction points for leaving even if there is no one in the lobby? What if there is only a few people in the lobby? What if I’ve been the host for several games and I want to leave, do I receive infraction points for leaving in between rounds? I can understand for receiving infraction points for leaving in a match, but I don’t think it’s just to penalize someone for leaving in between rounds. Can someone clarify?
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