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  1. Thank you both so much for helping me ill let you know of it works!!
  2. Ok so i may sound really stupid but u have to download nvidia i thought it was already in my computer... where do i download it?
  3. Yes i do have nvidia in my pc i think its nvidia 970 or 570 and thank you next time i post something like this i know where to go!
  4. I had that happen to me with part 5 on retro colors it was weird
  5. Good to know that u guys are making this game squeaky clean of thosr annoying bugs keep up the good work
  6. And also i didnt now what topic to post this under so im sorry if im in the wrong area im new
  7. So ive been playing friday the 13th on my oc for awhile now and ive seen many youtubers play it two but when i see a youtuber such as ohmwrecker the hair physics on female counslers are more um physicsy on there game but on my game they arent as physicsy just like on the consol and my computer runs friday fine is there like a button i have to press in order to activate them or what?
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