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  1. You admit on this forum to have broken the servers because of us, very good. Your Steam is public, anyone has access to your Steam data with "Steam Rep", and we need this to report you. Besides, I want to play normally, but why are these hackers always in my matches? I was playing with a VPN on Wednesday to play on the US servers so as not to meet them, and who did I have in my lobbies all evening? these same people! Regardless, I hope GM will file a complaint against you because it is very serious what you are doing, are you aware of this?
  2. The truth is that 3 players were banned hwid, and for revenge, they hacked the servers. Before that, they had successfully blocked my connection with my Steam ID, me and another player. We couldn't connect to the game before everyone else, but we could play with another account. I know this because they warned me that they would create a tool for this on my Youtube page a few months ago, but they deleted their messages (which I saved). I played with another account on Wednesday and they were in my lobby all evening. I filmed them with all their hacks and they got banned permanently. I'm sorry for what's going on, and I hope we can play in the days to come.
  3. Strange, my preference is counselor but I'm Jason after 2 games when I change my preference.
  4. We get blame when we slash. In general I slash Tommy every time, and here, my last survivor because I think if the player dances and flashes his flashlight, he must have at least 2 knives. Buggsy complained about this and after all I shouldn't have apologized. 🀠
  5. I can confirm that the problem of perks is not corrected because my secondary account went from lvl 97 to lvl150 with zero perks and zero cp, but I know who it is. I sent a report to Jasonkillsbugs πŸ˜₯ However the knives that destroy the car no longer work. I hear knives flying when I escape and the car is intact. It comforts a little.
  6. Hello, do we have to rewrite to Jasonkillsbugs for get our cp/perks or do we just have to wait ? Tank you.
  7. This has not been mentioned but there is also a bug when the police are called, "E" no longer appears to end the call. It's just annoying when Jason is there and we have to hang up to start the operation again. Sometimes our screen is blocked on the phone and when you hang up the phone floats in the air. I recently discovered why this problem persists but players in general disconnect or get killed unjustly. I will send information to jasonkillsbugs about this bug the next time I fix the phone box.
  8. Sometimes when you lock a door you have the message appears but the door is not locked. You have to start again for it to be locked properly.
  9. If you're making a video, read this guide before to send to jasonkillsbugs.com πŸ˜‰ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2071482443
  10. I notice that 90% of the time it is the Jasons "mains"who complain that Jason is too easy to kill. Developers need to take this into account. You know, the ones who log out at the start of the game when they're not Jason. πŸ˜‰
  11. ...but since there are only 10% of competent players to kill Jason, it is not the easiest way. πŸ˜ƒ
  12. Sometimes the propeller is next to the boat, it is rare but it happens, on Crystal lake in particular. I've seen this from the start of the game, it's not a problem, it's even vicious as a spawn because you can look for the propeller in all the cabins without suspecting that it is at the boat !
  13. I restarted my game today to verify my account and I have no more CP. They deleted me 1.821.941 CP
  14. mattshotcha I' am playing on another account while waiting because if I buy CPs, they will delete them again. I am patient I will wait like my friends for you to resolve this. Thanks to the team for this extra work, that proves that you care about the game !
  15. tyrant666, It's not for this reason. Hackers remove perks from those who reported them for cheating with hacks. They were banished and take revenge this way.πŸ˜‰
  16. @Spyro24 All games can be hacked. I played Red Dead Redemption2 and I met a lot of hackers stacking jaguars at the butcher to sell them by making them appear mysteriously, or being teleported and killed in loop by idiots. And yet it's "Rockstar"... The next hack step is my Steam ban with my friends (because they have access to the banissements panel), from what i read. The hacker deleted his post but I had time to read it. I wait, but that will not go unpunished. πŸ˜‰
  17. I made a video of my perks yesterday to have a proof in case they hack me because I have Steam friends who were hacked theirs. Hackers sell a tool on a site that allows deleting perks with just the steam ID. I hope you will fix this and give us back our perks? Tomorrow maybe hackers will ban us on Steam? 😬 We should ask the Russians to create a vaccine against the coronavirus rather than hacking video games, it would certainly work.😁
  18. I was in a match yesterday with a player who had the avatar of JasonX and a speedhack. 1 hour later I started uploading the video and when I copied his Steam ID to report it he was already banned ..... In 1 hour he was instantly banned. Nevertheless, there are still players who cheat with hacks and who have 400 hours of play.
  19. Uuuuhhh these last 6 months I have only reported 2 or 3 players with hacks because I met them every day in lobbys and I wanted to get rid of them. I noticed some Russians who change lobbies when they see me because they know that I will suicide myself and record the match to report them. It suits me very well, I want to play the game normally. Sorry math' for the HS, the discussion is over. What support are you playing on? I heard a Chad to get killed from afar yesterday....
  20. Someone posted your modds site last week on Reddit and I saw hacks trainers there for 15 Euros. I'm not posting the link here but it's proof that your mods are just cosmetic cheats AND hacks. No time to discuss I have a job.
  21. You are in bad faith. Whenever I meet a counselor with mixed textured clothing, he has hacks. Often Chad or Vanessa who instantly escape Jason's grab without a pocket knife, or an infinite shift and morph whenwhen they play Jason. I have been playing since launch and it turns out that I meet a lot less hackers compared to a few months ago. Thanks to the players for their videos reports that help clean up the servers. And thanks to jasonkillsbugs for watching them. ✌️ I only ask for an swap of clothes that are already in play, not the clothes hidden in the files. You know they can't be published. Forget them.
  22. It’s incorrect. Deborah loses stamina with Jason. I prefer to play with A.J, marathon and nerf of steel and I can drag Jason much longer than Deborah by controlling my stamina.
  23. Hello mattshotcha, I saw this screenshot on Steam. 😍 Would it take too much time and work to offer us this? Now that we know that the exchange of clothes is possible.
  24. The vidΓ©o dates from 2017, the Knife glitch with the car didn't exist. πŸ˜‰
  25. I found this video today. Memories memories... I gave the car keys to "Pappus" YES Pappus in person! Did i do well? Mmmmmhm this guy is terrible but it was fun. πŸ˜‚ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/176101466?filter=all&sort=time
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