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  1. We were told to be patient but we are ignored. I wrote to Steam support about this and they replied that only developers should take care of this. We're angry today, as the developers are releasing their latest patch on Tuesday, and we still won't be able to connect to the game ! mattshotcha can you answer this topic ??? We investigated to bring you the evidence of the hack, you know how the hackers blocked us. We have waited long enough, I think, after several months of waiting. Players should be warned about this, as there are not just bugs in this game, but hackers who keep taking our perks off us and we have had enough of your silence about it !!!
  2. Will hackers be able to continue to delete our cps?
  3. I hope that with this final patch it will be impossible to modify the "paks" file because the presence of cheaters will be the first causes of disconnection of players.
  4. I'm using the 15% marathon perk with Vanessa on pc and it really helps. It amazes me that there is an exploit with this. I know that on pc a large part of players modify the "paks" file and change all the statistics to the max but on console it's not possible, well I think.
  5. This shit can be patched or not ? Ty Abadon 😔 EDIT I have the answer to my question anyway when I look at recent Steam screenshots (read comments)
  6. Anyone know if hackers can still remove perks? I'm a little fed up with hiding. In addition, I use family sharing with my main account or I have the kickstarter clothing pack and I am taken for a hacker because my account is recent. I recreated a new account with an older Steam but this time my lvl is low so I'm still a hacker. If I write the name of my real account in my profile, the hackers will block it and delete my perks. So my question is... this problem is it patched? Thank you 🙂
  7. This game has a small community and always notices those who log out when they're not Jason. There are not many but it is systematic in you. In addition, you take care to take the sweater in the house of Jason just before you disconnect. If I notice it other players notice it too and when you are Jason they are looking to kill you. You are easily recognizable with your name in onomatopoeia / vanessa and always the same Jason with the same weapon. To get back to the subject, I find it a shame that Jason can hit and hurt the counselors behind the doors when they barricade them. A nerf of that would be appreciable
  8. Players who own the physical copy on pc are very rare and it would surprise me if these players still play today.
  9. Yeah, we report everything, even the slightest unpublished emote now. Good job 😁
  10. Hackers can always delete our cps. In addition, you have not changed the customer key which begins with f5eca462 and which allows to unlock new content with JX, infinite shift, ability 255/255.....and more. This key helps block players (database login failure). JKB has the tutorial.
  11. It's ridiculous to ask for a nerf from the "medic perk" because of a glitch. We also lose our pocket knife sometimes, and we don't ask for more knives because of that
  12. You have to play on the servers of Europe to see this 😅
  13. Pour les nouveaux joueurs, j'ai fait ce guide. Vous n'aurez plus d'excuses pour mourir avec le fusible! Phone box locations https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2165644831
  14. Thanks Mattshotcha for always being there to answer us, even if you can't tell us everything, we understand better now.
  15. mattshotcha I sent my problem to jasonkillsbugs 1 month and a half ago and I still cannot connect to the game. I sent a tutorial to jasonkillsbugs that a Russian friend found which is causing this. Is there any hope that this will be fixed? I feel like we're abandoned to our fate. 😥
  16. The battle is not yet lost! Well, I hope the next step is to unblock us if all goes well.
  17. Savini's blood had been deactivated due to a problem with the rain. It was never reactivated. I don't have time to look for the subject but it exists on this forum. All bloody Savini on pc are hacks
  18. Do you have any new for players who cannot login since July 1 (database login failure) ? mattshotcha
  19. Put the perk "nerves of steel" You will be able control your card at any time. I never get run over because this kind of situation is predictable.
  20. I still can't go to the game menu with my main account, but I can play with another family sharing account.
  21. Hey, it's not just me reporting, but also other players we don't know. I report always in all discretion. The cheaters don't know that I film them, I changed name and account. How do they know they were banished through my fault? They go to my Youtube to check. I don't ask their to come and see. We are in a chat group on Steam and we send each other information with my friends when a hacker is banned and we are satisfied with it, but all this is not public, you need an invitation to see what is said. So there is no provocation on my part. Thank you F13 Seppuku Squad and SDA , I appreciate your posts.
  22. Anyway, the new accounts created on purpose to answer me mean nothing to me. You support them, well I don't know what to answer. Are the servers running again ?
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