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  1. At some point in the day when we leave a hacked match we go back to a new one. I noticed 3 lobbies hacked simultaneously on a single download region. There should be an option that allows you to choose to be the public host. Those who indulge in these lobbies will stay there, those who want to play the game the way it's designed will avoid them. We would have a better chance of getting a normal lobbies if several normal lobbies are created. Everyone would be happy. 😁
  2. You should be playing on PC, it must be fun playing with you 😁
  3. Well I found myself in a match with the Paranoia mod today. The host was a hacker. I didn't know that was it and I didn't understand that there was no Jason. It was really boring and I understand that it was canceled.
  4. Well with the Steam sales new players will believe that the game is like that since it's impossible to play without getting sucked into those shitty servers. 😞
  5. I don't know about Tommy but I do know that when you play random with a character equipped with "nerves of steel", this perk doesn't work on your base character.
  6. See you soon, because we always come back to this game when the anger has passed 😁
  7. My experience last night: -1 low level savini with an infinite shift in each lobby -1 host that uses the console to spawn items - Aspirated by a hacked lobby (you have to wait 10 minutes or more to find a normal lobby). I reported every cracked savini yesterday to see if they will be banned. Savini doesn't bother me, but it's a whole plethora of hacks that come with it...
  8. Impossible to play at this time because we are immediately thrown into these hacked lobbys as soon as we log into the game. When will it stop please ? @mattshotcha
  9. I met the "team of the modified version" who are banned but can play with their banned F13 account, on sever p2p. Not just matches with more than 27 people. I just sent the video to JKB. They had JasonX, infinite knives, infinite shift, I died in 1 blow of the machete at the start of the match lol
  10. I am lvl 150 several times like you and I know exactly where the phone box is. I can even know which cabin the fuse is going to spawn, and sometimes the drawer. Since the time you've been playing you should have remembered all the spawns from Jarvis' house. And if the guide doesn't help you 100% well you have to manage. The devs cannot assist the players more if they have gaps. I say this in a friendly way, not to create tension. We can't be the best all the time and we have to accept dying if we haven't been good enough.
  11. Hey @tyrant666 if you wanna laugh some more Someone put a double door in the cabin and ... 🤣
  12. 1st game of the day, traps coming out of I don't know or, with a Jasonp9/pitchfork. GG
  13. If I play a repair character I'll go into hiding while waiting for the police. It's different from a player hiding from start to finish. Let's say it's more understandable.
  14. The guy was spamming a terrible sound with his mic. 😫 If you want to avoid this you can in the Steam settings change your download region, and this will put you in the chosen region.
  15. F13Offifial server This server is hosting more than 50 people, couldn't find another lobby this morning.
  16. We're playing the same game? Edit It's JX with Jarvis. Image is too small
  17. You mean you are waiting for my ticket to JKB or the tickets of the players who will report me ?
  18. @mattshotcha Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but I was in a game and someone had spoofed my main Steam profile. When I clicked on the player's name, my Steam profile (which is blocked) appeared in Steam rep. I am playing on a secondary account at the moment. Hackers are able to steal your Steam account and cheat to banish the innocent. This is very serious and I hope the developers will be careful before banning the player that it is Steam account overlay. https://ibb.co/0ZDS7f9 You can back end my account and you will see that I didn't log into the game today because my account is blocked. And to see that I didn't use Jason X 😬 My profile Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Deathground/
  19. We have written to JKB many times about this. They replied that they were investigating .... but we are still at the same point today...
  20. When they spent some time fixing the servers I thought they would fix this flaw too, but NOTHING was done about it. How can the perks removal hack not be a priority in this final patch? incomprehensible !!!
  21. There you are, that is exactly it. these issues are major in the game and they never did anything about it. They will disappear leaving the game in this state. We just wanted to help clean up intruders since their anticheat is useless.
  22. Here is a normal day on the servers of Europe. This is what happened to the game because there are too many hackers to report
  23. Thank you. I think we have been patient so far. Now is the time to deal with our problem.
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