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  1. Players who own the physical copy on pc are very rare and it would surprise me if these players still play today.
  2. Yeah, we report everything, even the slightest unpublished emote now. Good job 😁
  3. Hackers can always delete our cps. In addition, you have not changed the customer key which begins with f5eca462 and which allows to unlock new content with JX, infinite shift, ability 255/255.....and more. This key helps block players (database login failure). JKB has the tutorial.
  4. It's ridiculous to ask for a nerf from the "medic perk" because of a glitch. We also lose our pocket knife sometimes, and we don't ask for more knives because of that
  5. You have to play on the servers of Europe to see this 😅
  6. Pour les nouveaux joueurs, j'ai fait ce guide. Vous n'aurez plus d'excuses pour mourir avec le fusible! Phone box locations https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2165644831
  7. Thanks Mattshotcha for always being there to answer us, even if you can't tell us everything, we understand better now.
  8. mattshotcha I sent my problem to jasonkillsbugs 1 month and a half ago and I still cannot connect to the game. I sent a tutorial to jasonkillsbugs that a Russian friend found which is causing this. Is there any hope that this will be fixed? I feel like we're abandoned to our fate. 😥
  9. The battle is not yet lost! Well, I hope the next step is to unblock us if all goes well.
  10. Savini's blood had been deactivated due to a problem with the rain. It was never reactivated. I don't have time to look for the subject but it exists on this forum. All bloody Savini on pc are hacks
  11. Do you have any new for players who cannot login since July 1 (database login failure) ? mattshotcha
  12. Put the perk "nerves of steel" You will be able control your card at any time. I never get run over because this kind of situation is predictable.
  13. Wow I just realized your avatar is a black cat with a hockey mask...cute.


  14. I still can't go to the game menu with my main account, but I can play with another family sharing account.
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