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  1. I agree with GeneiJin, I use 10% of NOS and 10% of preparedness and his face is impassive with Jason, moreover his endurance recharges very quickly. Its slowness is not a problem for me. She is my favorite with A.J
  2. I leave each time Savini is chosen because it is always a Russian lvl150 who plays it with infinite shift and sense. Besides, I change the lobby as soon as I see one. This avoids wasting time. 😉
  3. I didn't send reports. The number of hackers is too important today. I can't send 10 videos a day.
  4. (I hid the names of the players) https://imgur.com/a/IucOSxT When it's suspicious I commit suicide always. I think Jason is detecting the player with his sense.
  5. Or you are kicked if Jason doesn't come and you have no weapons. This can happen to me 3 times in the day or I can play a few days without having this bug, it's strange.
  6. Uhhh, the player of this video is a known hacker on the servers of Europe. This is not a good example to present, he plays with sense and infinite shift and Savini hacked. He has been banned many times but he recreates a Steam account by re-buying the game again and again with the same hacks.
  7. The solution is to swing his weapon. If you don't have a weapon Jason will fix your problem. 😀 https://imgur.com/a/oiHPGDf
  8. @mattshotcha Is it possible to block the launch of the game when the pak file is modified? Yesterday it was horrible, full of Jason with infinite shift and the pitchfork of Savini. I laughed when I saw this player being betrayed. He returned to play Jarvis to suffer the same fate. 😂 The players believe that this is part of the gameplay.
  9. I agree, far too many hackers despite some banishments. People here are not playing on European servers for realize. The thread will be locked for shame. Leave the lobby when Jason is Russian, lvl150 with Savini, and everything will be fine.👍
  10. mattshotcha Thank you very much for the 2 Uber, I hope you sent them my screenshot.
  11. When I see this I tell myself that jasonKillsbugs is an unknown address finaly. I just love it the comments dans le lobby, at least the hackers watch the videos I send to the site. 😄😄
  12. https://imgur.com/a/JrvOYi8 Seen on recent screenshots Steam..
  13. Thank you for adding weapon exchange, it's fun. (Only released in Russia sorry guys). I played fifteen hours on Steam preferably counselor and I didn't see any bugs except those known. Bravo ! 😉
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