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  1. Wow I just realized your avatar is a black cat with a hockey mask...cute.


  2. I still can't go to the game menu with my main account, but I can play with another family sharing account.
  3. Hey, it's not just me reporting, but also other players we don't know. I report always in all discretion. The cheaters don't know that I film them, I changed name and account. How do they know they were banished through my fault? They go to my Youtube to check. I don't ask their to come and see. We are in a chat group on Steam and we send each other information with my friends when a hacker is banned and we are satisfied with it, but all this is not public, you need an invitation to see what is said. So there is no provocation on my part. Thank you F13 Seppuku Squad and SDA , I appreciate your posts.
  4. Anyway, the new accounts created on purpose to answer me mean nothing to me. You support them, well I don't know what to answer. Are the servers running again ?
  5. You admit on this forum to have broken the servers because of us, very good. Your Steam is public, anyone has access to your Steam data with "Steam Rep", and we need this to report you. Besides, I want to play normally, but why are these hackers always in my matches? I was playing with a VPN on Wednesday to play on the US servers so as not to meet them, and who did I have in my lobbies all evening? these same people! Regardless, I hope GM will file a complaint against you because it is very serious what you are doing, are you aware of this?
  6. The truth is that 3 players were banned hwid, and for revenge, they hacked the servers. Before that, they had successfully blocked my connection with my Steam ID, me and another player. We couldn't connect to the game before everyone else, but we could play with another account. I know this because they warned me that they would create a tool for this on my Youtube page a few months ago, but they deleted their messages (which I saved). I played with another account on Wednesday and they were in my lobby all evening. I filmed them with all their hacks and they got banned permanently. I'm sorry for what's going on, and I hope we can play in the days to come.
  7. Strange, my preference is counselor but I'm Jason after 2 games when I change my preference.
  8. We get blame when we slash. In general I slash Tommy every time, and here, my last survivor because I think if the player dances and flashes his flashlight, he must have at least 2 knives. Buggsy complained about this and after all I shouldn't have apologized. 🤠
  9. I can confirm that the problem of perks is not corrected because my secondary account went from lvl 97 to lvl150 with zero perks and zero cp, but I know who it is. I sent a report to Jasonkillsbugs 😥 However the knives that destroy the car no longer work. I hear knives flying when I escape and the car is intact. It comforts a little.
  10. Hello, do we have to rewrite to Jasonkillsbugs for get our cp/perks or do we just have to wait ? Tank you.
  11. This has not been mentioned but there is also a bug when the police are called, "E" no longer appears to end the call. It's just annoying when Jason is there and we have to hang up to start the operation again. Sometimes our screen is blocked on the phone and when you hang up the phone floats in the air. I recently discovered why this problem persists but players in general disconnect or get killed unjustly. I will send information to jasonkillsbugs about this bug the next time I fix the phone box.
  12. Sometimes when you lock a door you have the message appears but the door is not locked. You have to start again for it to be locked properly.
  13. If you're making a video, read this guide before to send to jasonkillsbugs.com 😉 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2071482443
  14. I notice that 90% of the time it is the Jasons "mains"who complain that Jason is too easy to kill. Developers need to take this into account. You know, the ones who log out at the start of the game when they're not Jason. 😉
  15. ...but since there are only 10% of competent players to kill Jason, it is not the easiest way. 😃
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