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  1. Mayday

    To developers

    The player is banned. Register on Youtube takes 2 minutes. You just have to buy software like "Action" and that's it. 😉
  2. The screenshots of the profile Steam of AnimeLover are .... strange...
  3. Mayday

    To developers

    I read this post yesterday and I met this player today. I download the video on Youtube and I send it in mp when it's ready. Thank you in advance ! 😀
  4. Why Friday Killer Puzzle was able to release a new Jason in July ?
  5. Go see the first page of the Steam guides, translate, and you'll understand why it's the Will West 👀 ... And see how Easyanticheat does its job ...
  6. A file in SummerCamp.exe unlocks: - All Jason's bloody skins - All DLC (Kills packs, clothing backers and box) - Unpublisheds Emotes That's why you see a lot of low level Savini bloody in lobbies. I downloaded this file to send it to EAC 2 times and they never answered me and the players who have it since 2017 still play with .....
  7. Mayday

    SpeedHacker in F13th

    Proud to be exposed on your profile. 👍 Too salty I don't know why but it's better than the vac ban in your profile Steam. 👌
  8. Otherwise they would ban the speedhackers directly. I played 4 games this morning including 2 games with Jason using speedhack on the US server. The base of players is reduced because of these stupid cheats. It does not belong to the player to send videos, but to you to watch and act directly on your servers or the serious players are going to have to stop definitively !
  9. I don't understand why this file is not patched while some players use it since 2017. The backers have given money for this content, they must be respected.
  10. I have 3000H Steam soon. This game takes all my time after work and right now because I'm on vacation. I love it despite the critics, and even if I'm sorry sometimes because of bugs or cheats, I move to another lobby and then I forget.
  11. Mayday

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    No, Jason is alone and the counselors are spectators.
  12. Mayday

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Hello, sorry if this bug is already listed. 😀