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  1. One of the guys who does the hacked lobbies told me that by changing the key of the paks file there would be no hacked lobby anymore. He had removed the cars from the game that day and ended the match because Jarvis was noob and failed to kill Jason and he was pissed off. 😄 No one is capable of this unless they have control of the server. I don't know anything about game development, I report that's all.
  2. Steam's biggest scam is this game https://store.steampowered.com/app/369080/Age_of_Survival/ . The dev gave it up, yet it's been on sale for 6 years. You hear the sound of animals and birds, but there is none. I searched for 2 hours what to do on the map, but the gameplay consists of finding the piece of wood that will allow you to craft an ax that is useless because you cannot cut trees 😁. That's all, nothing to loot. it's the desert with grass. As I am patient I waited for updates... 💀 On Friday we have the challenges that deserve at least the price on Steam, then the hacked lobbies we get used, while waiting for everything to return to normal.
  3. Typical message that causes wars between pc and consoles. You can also send a message of encouragement, you know. It's like when you open the discussion of your Steam profile in public, people know to come to criticize when you make a mistake but when you save lives there is no one left. I don't blame you, people are like that. 🙂
  4. They haven't given up and your post suggests they should. We still have hope and you encourage them to give up? Not very nice of you. I don't care about the console I don't like. No longer playing on my pc means no longer playing the game. Can you understand that ?
  5. It doesn't always please. I couldn't teleport to the phone box in time because this Vanessa hit me, then finally ...
  6. It's always the same scenario that I see as a spectator. The 2 players who hit you early in the game don't care about dying, THEY WANT TO BECOME Tommy. They quickly unmask Jason to the death. When Tommy arrives, Jason is already unmasked and Jarvis' boyfriend just has to take the sweater. Ignore them so that one of them is not Jarvis. You will keep your mask, at least longer also. 🙂
  7. Why not ignore the players who try to hit you early in the match, and kill 2 inexperienced players first? The people you fear won't be Jarvis. If killing Jason is easy to do, it is easy to kill an inexperienced Jarvis who will run like a chicken without controlling his stamina.
  8. I think they are the ones who would pay you well for you to disappear 😆
  9. For the boat command to appear to start you have to turn to the starter when you are on the boat. You will see another command E. As soon as you see her, press E, not before EDIT I can't post a screenshot so I made a short video because I just repaired the boat
  10. I remember my first game, a player was waiting at the wheel of the car which was smoking excessively when Jason stopped him(at the time). I ask him to start it, he tells me no, I have to wait for the battery to cool down and no more smoke. I believed this until the max lvl then I realized later that he was surely playing with Jason and that it was a trap. I lost this innocence today 🤭
  11. This vanessa with Savini said she was going to crash the game and she did it with a countdown. 😠 I also recorded it where she uses new emotes and uses the game console with 2 of her friends. (Another video that I will download for jkb).
  12. In my matches Jarvis has no idea that you can kill Jason 🥴. If killing Jason is easy, finding the right Jarvis isn't
  13. Today, I survived with Jenny for the last 12 minutes of the game on my own as everyone had escaped and Jason was in a rage. I haven't used the combat stance once. Players don't know how to use it wisely anyway. No one will ever be happy, I know, but for PC gamers this is a trifle when you can no longer connect to the game with hacked lobbies. 😔
  14. Well I haven't changed my game mechanics and I don't even know what you're talking about with that combat stance lol. I play as usual, quietly fixing what I can, avoiding Jason and escaping. Many players prefer to take 20 minutes to try to survive but it is their choice. Escaping even in the first 3 minutes isn't even boring because I'm having fun as a spectator too. I'd rather the developers now focus on hacked lobbies rather than fixing this final patch (except for switch issues).
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