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  1. I looked at the rules I’ll try to remember them all and I introduced myself what system do u play on I know this isn’t general discussion it’s patch notes so sorry?
  2. Hey I’m new around here I have ps4 and gamer tag is jeffreymadden78 always looking for new friends
  3. @BrokenFattHardy ok I didn’t know and I wasn’t asking for savini I just wanted to know if it’s considered new if they brought it back and I’ll try not to break any rules
  4. Wouldn’t do what and why can’t I post back to back
  5. Also have to ask is bringing back savini Jason considered new should we push for that it’s the least they could do
  6. I’m gonna get it one day but what about getting matched with a boss Jason and you don’t have a chance I wanted to push for an ai Jason so u could set your own difficulty lets just hope the developers will one day work towards it a lot of people want it so we’ll see what happens
  7. Thanks for being so nice all we can do is hope and @BrokenFattHardy sorry you have a picture of Matt I’m a huge wrestling fan kept getting confused
  8. I didn’t wanted it for awhile just got it can’t enjoy it no ps plus
  9. Well whatever seems I’m beaten I tried to get something started and hopefully get an offline counselor mode but if there not dedicated enough to try then ok I just think the game is boring only having that one mode because people without ps plus can’t enjoy the entirety of the game and Thanks broken Matt hardy but no I don’t need a developer rubbing my face into something because u wanna prove I’m wrong so sorry for wasting time on a pipe dream
  10. I know and understand no new content is coming due to legal issues even in the future when there resolved it doesn’t matter they’ve stopped but like i said it’s not new there’s already an offline mode so making it to where u can play as a counselor would not be new I’m not doubting any one just stating facts
  11. Can someone explain to fatt Matt hardy that adding a offline mode with Jason as a bot is not dlc or new content it’s adding to what’s already there and I realize it would take a while to develop and get just right but it’s not new content
  12. It’s not new content they’d be adding to what’s already there still the same Jason still same counselors just making Jason a bot that’s not new the executives said no new dlc content
  13. Please put out an update to make Jason a bot and counselor single player it would be challenging and you could tone your skills as a counselor for those of us without PlayStation plus it’s be nice to play as both not just Jason I realize it will take awhile to develop but the fans are willing to wait
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