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  1. I have noticed lately that i'll hit jason with a baseball bat, but he isnt affected. Sometimes he will literally be standing still, but nothing happens when i hit him. There is no thunk sound from me hitting him. He doesnt do the glinch animation that indicates hes hit. My weapon will phase through his body like hes a ghost. The baseball bat has a 100% stun chance, so whats happening? Connection issues? It gets really frustrating when im playing a bully character thst cant even do his job (Chad). What gives?
  2. I forgot about interaction locks lol, its annoying to not be avble to open/lock doors, grab weapons, sprint, open/climb windows, hide, repair, and anything else. It happens quite often to me. Also, as someone else said, the goal of the poll was to see which glitch people thought was the worst. I've also seen a rise in getting stuck on cars after filling the gas or replacing the battery. Anyways, i think car suicides are the most gamebreaking. All that time and effort just for a fat "YOU DIED" suicide to appear. At least i can still juke jason when i'm interaction locked. Also, i hate when the car is starting and i'm next to it, i press a and nothing happens. I morph and spawn 50 feet into the woods and the car escapes.
  3. This happens very often. Here's the loop: Quick play, Initializing, Searching for sessions, search cooldown, searching for sessions, search cooldown, searching for sessions, search cooldown, host lobby, no one joins, end lobby, Main Menu, repeat It'll search for a split second then go on a cooldown. I rarely ever am able to get into a lobby, and the only counter i know of is to exit the game and wait until it fixes itself. Any suggestions? I dont use looking for group posts because i dont like using my mic, and half the time the game wont even register that i have a mic. 99% of looking for groups have mic required or mic or kick as a tag. What should i do? I play on Xbox One S
  4. Here are some more issues: Escape by car will often result in the game saying "YOU DIED" and put suicide as the cause of death Mics on XBox One will sometimes not work, rendering voice chat unavailable The Throwing Knife will sometimes not do any damage to the hit counselor, rendering Throwing Knives irrelevant Prompts to tip the boat, pull a counselor out of the car window, or break the car will not work correctly, giving counselors an easy escape When shifting, jason will be teleported backwards if he gets too close to a counselor Counselors will teleport into jason's grab even if they are a foot away from his grab or if they are behind jason/to his side The game will sometimes end once a counselor escapes or dies, even if there is still time left Kills will not show up properly even if there is room to do them Counselors hitting Jason will sometimes have no effect, even if the hit connects, and it wont cancel jason's animation or even do a split second stun like normal When jason enters combat stance and blocks, it will sometimes have no effect even if he has all hit points left When jason enters combat stance and presses R2/RT, his weapon swing will have a 3 second delay Jason will sometimes teleport outside of the red dot where he clicked, making morph very ineffective
  5. Hello. I play on Xbox One S and use a Wired Turtle Beach headset with a mic. My mic works in parties and other games but for some reason not in F13. My mic symbol is blacked out and i can hear everyone but no one can hear me. I've messed with all the settings multiple times, tried restarting the game, removing and re adding my gamertag, turning on and off my headset, removing and reconnecting my headset and my mic, but nothing seems to work. Help?
  6. True, but the majority of people i've seen here are good people. Or maybe i'm just lucky? Savini Jason should be available for $6. If the assholes dont wanna pay up, they won't. Yeah, I know, but i play on XBone S
  7. I have Savini Jason. And I'm sick of the attitude you've taken up about him. It was badly advertised. Who'd know to go to gun media's facebook account and dig for savini? I'm saying this for everyone that didnt get him. Everyone deserves him. Also, did you not read (i say this as a savini jason owner)? Honestly, just because you paid money early doesnt mean others cant pay money later. It goes to the same place. Use your head. There are many people who would love to hand out their money to get savini jason. Gun could take the profits from Savini and do something with it. Put it into fixing bugs and stuff. Or do you not care about that because you already paid money so the game could be made? Think about the bigger picture. Do you care at all about the people who didnt get a chance? I'm sure you don't.
  8. i was referring to the xbox mess up. Either way, i think everyone deserves savini jason as he was very poorly advertised and it wasnt even guaranteed the game would make it.
  9. Pathetic. Paranoia would be released after Uber Jason and Grendel, they said. We were getting uber jason and grendel, they said. Why this game of all games? One of the most fun games recently. Tsk tsk
  10. "10-4 Study-7" They also say what i think sounds like "copy, on the road, ready on error case"
  11. Savini is not pay to win. He has the best kit, but that's it. He would still be unique, and there are many people who rather play other jasons than him. Savini is not just a trophy. He is a character like any other.
  12. So, there were quite a few gamebreaking glitches added recently. Which is the worst?
  13. Crystal Lake. It was my favorite in the movies and the objectives are nicely placed, as well as easy to remember. But if you chose packanack small, i will hunt you down and force you to play Big Rigs Over The Road Racing until it's all you think about
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