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  1. I mean, the patches do fix a lot of stuff. It's a game.. Glitches and all of that happens in a game. But that's alright
  2. Thank you for the patch update! Is it alright if i post a few issues? - Car getting destroyed when Jason throws a knife at it (while Counselors are trying to escape with it.) - Car randomly teleporting outside of the map as soon as you started it or try to escape with it. - Not being able to get out of the car when you crashed or Jason blocked it. - Not being able to pick up throwing knifes as Jason. Sometimes the game won't let you pick them up. - Glitching spot in Pinehurst. People can actually get on the yellow tractor next to the barn. And yeah that's it i think 😕 hopefully you guys can fix these issues some day 😛
  3. I mean i would love to have Savini tbh, but i also have accepted that i never will because it is an backers exclusive thing. But yea it would be nice IF that was possible 😜
  4. ...? In a public match? I just checked the settings for Private matches and everything you said is only possible for Private matches. Unless the person is hacking i guess 😕
  5. As much as i want Savini Jason as well. They're not going to do that ever again. Which i totally understand :)
  6. Can you guys please fix this issue...? Me and two other friends are trying to join 1 lobby TOGETHER. But everytime when we try to do so. The game keeps saying "disconnection lost" -_- Please fix this for god's sake..
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