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  1. Yo! Nice to meet you all. Me and my friend used to play F13 on Xbox, but we both recently moved to Nintendo Switches and are considering buying F13 on it. Do people still play on there? We obviously don’t want to buy if not, so any input would be great!
  2. It’s good to see people still play! I look forward to playing with you guys at some point
  3. Hey! I haven’t played F13 in a long time and over the last couple weeks I’ve tried to come on every now and then but there never seems to be any games or parties at all (trust me, I’ve waited around 5-15 minutes a time). What’s going on? Do people still play this game? Or am I just coming on at the wrong times because I’m from the UK? My tag is yovonna if you’re wanting to HMU — it’d be dope to have active games with you guys
  4. Hey! I just got the game on xbox, and I'd love to play with you guys sometime! (Though I am from the UK, so it may be a little hard to be on when you guys are). My gamertag is "Yovonna", so add me and hopefully we can all play whenever!!
  5. oh yeah absolutely i know i'll love it, it's just the question of whether or not it's worth it anymore? people are saying that with the lawsuit, the game is basically finishing and will lose its fanbase, so i'm just wondering if there's any point? i still *really* want to but, i'm not sure
  6. I don't fully understand what's going on, then. Are they allowed to release updates and bug fixes only? OR aren't they even allowed to do that?
  7. hey! so i've wanted to buy the friday the 13th game for the LONGEST time, and i've only just bought my xbox a few days ago to do so. however, with the news that the game may permanently be cancelled, i wanted to know if there is any point in me actually buying it anymore? what do you guys think? are bug fixes and glitches still going to be fixed? will there still be updates? will people still be playing? i just want to make sure it's worth the buy, or if not if the game is on its downfall. thanks in advance!
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