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  1. Precisely. Jason shouldnt be the weakest character in his own game. Sorry you can't bully him for 20 minutes anymore lol. The fun comes from surviving, not seeing how fast you can kill him.
  2. As a former player who quit this game a while ago, this makes me want to pick it back up again. Jason's weak nature was one of my major reasons for quitting, I absolutely love this!!
  3. I sincerely hope no one supports the next project if they're just gonna half ass this one. Judging from this one though, the next one is gonna share a similar fate since they clearly don't know how to create a functioning game.
  4. Does no one else see the problem here You shouldn't have to annoy anyone to get information, it's literally their jobs to fix this game. It's not like the team is split between patching the game and developing new content. There's no excuse to be months deep from the engine update and no one has any idea when the issues it caused can be repaired. That's either laziness or lack of ability.
  5. If this is true and they'd rather sit in silence than get their shit together and be actual developers and buckle down to reach a deadline, that's fucking tragic.
  6. How is the progress at the least? Surely you can give a reasonable time frame by now.
  7. What's up? PC player here. I initially joined just to watch the backlash lmao but I found myself rather liking it here. I'm admittedly not very good at the game but I've been playing it since launch. Its current condition is...troubling, to say the least. Which is why i'm dark, bitter, and angry
  8. I agree with this entirely. It should take skill to survive, rather than skill to kill. The way the game is now where people have no issue challenging Jason head on completely ruins Jason play.
  9. I mainly want some offline reworks. Make the counselor bots stop running infinitely towards walls and add an AI jason. I've all but given up on the multiplayer aspect.
  10. While I don't like the way the current patch handles lighting and I don'the like the current grab, I definitely don't agree with the rest. Everyone runs hypochondriac and medic so health sprays don't need to be all over the place, and the last thing Jason needs is more stuns. The car was and always will be in a shitty condition but rubber banding was rampant in this patch.
  11. I can't even list just one. Uber Jason and the Grendel map (and KM as the Tommy of Grendel) SS Lazarus/Manhattan map More original Jasons designed by the developers Retro Jason as a separate jason, with the NES axe Jason made more powerful overall, as he's currently laughable against high level counselors Paranoia Space and Lingerie DLC A create a counselor feature where you choose stats based on a predetermined amount of points, like Fallout's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. More single player content, and a skip button for SP challenges cutscenes A response from the developers that's not snappy and offers actual insight besides "we know the game is broken, that's all we can say for now"
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