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  1. Since when have flare guns had a stun Chance? I remember them being 100% always, and with a face hit knocking Jason down 50% of the time... when was this changed... https://imgur.com/gallery/r5uR0lj
  2. I think it’s an issue with when they introduced the rage buff, getting flare gun invincibility. Before the rage buff this glitch never happened to me, and I also noticed hitting him in the Face doesn’t knock him down anymore like it did before sometimes.
  3. Lmfao what??? I use like 8 throwing knives per match as Jason..... At this point it’s just any excuse of damage they take. ”THAT BROKEN WINDOWS A FUCKING SLASHER”
  4. Ive never really had luck with using stalk all stealthy, i wish i could It seems even in stalk they always know im there, do you have any tips?
  5. I always double trap the fuse lol, head punch i also keep equipped, ive figured out how long it takes to restart the car, and with a long ass kill, anything longer than eye gouge is too much time and theyll get away. Pocket knifes are just enough time to restart it if you get back in the seat as soon as you hit the ground lol
  6. About 45 times now flare guns have just been bouncing off Jason (when he doesn’t have rage), and not stunning him. To make matters worse, you are forced to wait 5 seconds to drop the flare gun before you can move again, so when it happens it’s almost certain death. This is needs to be fixed along with weapons swinging through Jason.
  7. It’s sad but I think we can all agree that Lachappa has no use.... he’s literally just worse than Deborah in every stat except repair lol.
  8. If the next patch truly does come out in August I’m going to be extremely dissapointed, not only has it been on a 3 months waiting period for the past year between patches, but with constantly telling us they’re “close” or “should have it out by the next coming weeks”, it’s mildly infuriating. I’m not good at coding, but I can tell that somehow they’ve done something wrong with this games code lol. Spaghetti code.
  9. Poor timing i think, i dont think rage effects truly go in until the wording pops up
  10. w o o p s. i always thought luck had a correlation to that
  11. Why does everyone ship tommy and Deborah.... as far as I know Deborahs supposed to be young adult, 18, teenager. Tommys like 24. I know age gaps can be a thing but in a setting where Deborah is supposed to be 18 for legal reasons of not killing teens, but supposed to be a high school teen, this is wierd yall
  12. Baseball bats are high stun but not 100%, if you’re playing a high luck counselour like chad it’s very high, even more with sucker punch. Never used that high luck trio but Your luck and perks determine a lot of how high stun chances are, not just the weapon.
  13. For the past couple of days when I’ve been playing with my friends, about 15 times we’ve just randomly gotten shit for being 150... it’s not like we’re invincible lol. It just means we know what we’re doing. Someone literally saw we were 150, saw I was Jason and then about 3 people left my game
  14. Its hard to survive against them, but it definetly isnt impossible. usually if its the case ill just suicide, or see if i can trick one of them into crashing the car, then steal it lol,
  15. Last night for so many rounds until we left a group of 4 arrogant guys were teaming with Jason, not hiding it, and it crossed a line. normally I’m easy to spot teaming and move on unless they are getting a clear advantage, so I didn’t hesitate to pick them up in my car. but here’s where it went downhill, after I took a left turn with the car, one of them proceeded to mock me, and boy that was a bad idea. little tip: never make your driver mad, they have the power of the vehicle you’re in. After 15 minutes of driving them through the map, around the trails, off cliffs, and through hell, they yelled multiple slurs, multiple sl*ts were thrown, so I finally felt accomplished and threw the car into the ocean. My best counter against teamers is running them over, or screwing over their game, suiciding so they can’t get my kill (and getting a snack break lol). Anybody else have ideas? Btw, that whole car fiasco went on about 4 more times after I stole their car lol. Never leave the car alone with a Deborah and her vengeance.
  16. I don’t mean to be rude, but I could only understand about half of the post.... Vanessas are good at running and beating Jason up lol. Professional Players don’t llay Vanessa mostly of the time because we know that lol. I always play Deborah, so I can get stuff done. as for stealing sweaters, anyone can do that. vanessa is practically useless once Jason gets rage besides running around to move stuff, she will run out of stamina eventually
  17. Ofcourse me too, but i find that either 2 things are happening. 1.Multiple times like this the support team has given me some type of lie in hopes i dont find out, or 2.The support team doesnt know much about the game itself, and thats just unprofessional.... Im not sure whos on the support team, but it would probably be better if they knew alot more than what it seems they do....
  18. you know how a couple months ago people with savini were seeing kill icons that hadnt existed before? When i asked support they said the kills never existed and they were just icons, but here we are now.... i get the ignorance can be bliss, but when it comes to multiple times of being told something different when clearly in a week or two ill get a different answer, this just kinda hurts man.
  19. I’d honestly have a lot more fun matches if I was slashed then grabbed. slashing to injure sometimes I can understand, but slashing all the way to kill seems almost useless to me, I don’t understand why people do it... I always get 8/8 by grab kills, Bc I know that slashing makes people mad, so I spare them the pain I had before ;~; can someone explain to me why slashing to kill is tempting? Like legitmately why is it more tempting to do then a grab kill? Ofcourse besides glitcher situations, I’m all for making their time hell lol.
  20. Well Ofcourse I try to run away, but my point is that after a second or two you already can’t anymore and then your screwed.. healing takes like 3 seconds to do. I will try your block and attack method though thank you for the insight, I forgot you could block in combat mode
  21. Have you atleast tried the library tactic? it wouldn’t hurt
  22. I hate slashing just for the fact that after two hits you’re screwed.... it’s an easy easy kill, that it seems too easy
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