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  1. I’m confuswd as to why we can’t acess the counselour customization screen when we can’t connect to the servers... can somebody tell me why, and if there’s a way we can?
  2. you still need to hit him with the right weapon depending on its stun chance.... the bat is best and the axe is good but sometimes even the axe wont work since its not super good at stun like the bat is, ive used a wrench maybe once, and knocked him with a machete actually 3 times, but you need to be VERY lucky for that to happen
  3. I love the small maps don’t get me wrong, but something about playing the big maps, ESPECIALLY HIGGINS, since beta is amazing. They feel so different and all have their own aesthetic charm to them.
  4. If it’s a glitch and you’re doing it just to level up on your own, it shouldn’t be bannable, but I’d honestly reccomend leveling up normally, once I hit 150 it felt like there was nothing to really go for anymore besides just escaping again and again to say I’ve won.
  5. That top is a kickstarter benefit, only way you could’ve had it is if you preordered and helped donate to the game a couple years ago
  6. Actually, I just ripped files from the game earlier, I wanted to use some sound files for a video, and I can confirm, they were for paranoia. Theres a whole section for different items and stuff, and one of them (more like the same thing but with 8 different version titles), was Roy’s mask and jumpsuit, and it was labeled that it was meant for it, so we can confirm that I guess, either way there’s alot of different stuff in the files leftover that’s cool to see
  7. The f13 counselours HAVE DATED. Theirs actually some canon ships. Tiffany for one is NOT shallow and actually is really sweet, she kissed Eric in challenge ten and it was adorable. tiffany and Kenny is cannon Aj and Mitch are cannon jenny and Chad are sort of cannon
  8. I have a screenshot someone posted in discord of an item ingame that’s a pair of roys clothing with his mask on top. Similar to the sweater pickup you recieveved the ability to hit a when picking it up....
  9. The thing sadly is, someone i know on discord hacked into the files recently, and alot of this is actually true, including paranoia and VC3.
  10. Somethings definetly off with tommy though, for as long as I can remember certain players seem to get him more than others. Could be any number of people dead and one of my friends gets him 75% of the time. Over 100 matches and she’s gotten him atleast 80 or so, so idk how random tommy truly is
  11. Well thank you for the replies, and for clearing everything up, as sad I am about the situation, if it means that we can keep the game out of legal troubles, I’m all down for patching them out. im just confused on why some of these emotes never made it to release, were they going to be a pack that was never released? Or were they just cancelled?
  12. It was never exclusive to pc, it was just hacked in like the rest of the unreleased emotes, the .dll file that was patched a couple months ago unlocked all of them
  13. Yea it’s also the one Aj does in single player challenge 9. Seriously if they Remove them the playerbase will be absolutely pissed, and if for some reason they make it Switch exclusive, the playerbase will be even Loren pissed
  14. It has been found that switch versions somehow have a couple unreleased emotes, including shadow box and the Egyptian that we have asked about many times on Gun Media’s Twitch streams. 1.What the fuck 2. If it’s been in switch, why can’t we have them on other platforms? 3.Considering you’ve already put them in, Please release them to the FULL public, not just one version. Because we have asked many times about these emotes on Twitch streams, and I feel like it’s always glanced over or they try to answer really quickly without giving us a full final answer.
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