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  1. After thinking about it for a while, I’ve noticed since the end of Paranoia many players have made YouTube videos and just idea sounds of their own gamemodes for the game. I had a lot of fun a while back in a private lobby, where we played the “purge”, and had some counselour combat, Jason knocking out all the power. Ill try to leave some links here, of some I’ve found online. (This ones sorta broken after Rage Patch)^ Thank you to all of those who created these! They’re tons of fun, and Id love to see some more custom gamemodes created, it’s a fun way to add a twist to the game! Forgot to mention one of my favorites! HIDE AND SEEK! Counselours all meet up and hide in the main house of the map, (Packanack lodge, Higgins haven, Jarvis house, Pinehurst, or I guess where ever you want on crystal lake), Jason knockabout our the power and has to find them, last to get caught wins!
  2. Honestly if you’re about to be killed as Jason, I don’t understand why you can’t just own up to it and let it happen.... unless you have an escape route, something like hiding in the lake is extremely childish, either way the counselors will win...
  3. advertized for this spring, and theyve said everything is on track still, so it shouldnt be too long, longest well see is summer
  4. I had the same idea, out of everything this games got going on, they decided to make a characters ass bigger instead of a bug fix or something...
  5. You cant change the color of her pants... always blue no matter what color you select, even in the menu.
  6. You don’t even deserve a high road... This was never a men/women thing until you made it one. Don’t try and take over something and make yourself the victim. the high road ain’t even there, as far as I can tell nobody here except you wants to hear your arguments, or join them. This post is for discussion about bettering the community, not starting hell because you feel like it. Respectfully, get out.
  7. 15 year olds getting called sl*t every other day are being too soft for bringing the issue to light? Let me sum this up. I’m not talking about being a girl gamer, I’m talking about specifically the f13 community. No other game has ever given me this type of toxic behavior. this is not a feminism thing to fight over, I was simply stating that females often receive harassment more. Getting called shit bc people hate slashing or bc your Jason doesn’t count as harassment dude, there’s always salty people. And from what I’ve seen I’ve never seen a guy during these instances be harassed like I am, just sayin..... This post was just as useless as the once saying ‘to just mute them’ im not here desperate and looking for advice, I’m here to discuss different things we can do with this issue.
  8. Thank you guys for your feedback and stories, it means a lot to see parents such as you guys witnessing situations like these. I appreciate all the love, and thanks to those who were willing to let me join you! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to join sadly as my main is PC, but I do play ps4 every now and then, so I might see you all. Its different to see adults on the topic, as many I’ve come across when speaking about this are rather young but don’t really say anything other than “mute them” or something along those lines. So I would like to thank you for having this important conversation with me, and for giving me your time ❤️ I hope your parenting goes well! And I hope you guys continue to enjoy the game
  9. Thank you for the support, I play with others 100% of the time, and it’s always them who comes in to help me out. What version do you play on? I think I may have come across you at one point or another, I’m sorry if we had any conflict at those times aswell I’ve been playing with what I can say is probably every single day I can, since I got this game, and it’s nice to see people like you who have stories, and who can help relate on subjects like these. Thank you for your response! ❤️
  10. I understand the argument that a report system won’t make changes, I was just arguing that the one we have in place doesn’t work as it is. i always do take charge in these situations, and do what I need to, but the main topic of this post was that it happens in general. Wether or not I’m 15, saying it then hearing a pedo response doesn’t more than just make 1 person in the lobby uncomfortable. It ruins the whole game, and these people ruin the whole game for anyone. also I understand the whole rating situation, but there’s a fine line between getting in an argument with annoying trolls, and getting your whole day ruined because you were called a slut, (troll behavior), but then sexually harassed and talked about in such manner. The shit I’ve seen people do like this crosses that line.
  11. I feel like I’ve never brought this into a public scale with the forums, but here’s a short way to simplify what I’m trying to say. For the past year, as a female player i really cannot tell you I’ve Gone a day without getting called vulgar and inappropriate shit (even after I tell them I’m 15 and to stop clearly). This is what the main driving away factor is currently, isn’t the game but honestly the fan base... Im 15, but even after i point that out, I still get called sexual and vulgar shit on here. Also here’s a main point, Every single time I’ve played this game, which could be around thousands of times now, I can’t get by without being targeted after clearly they’ve made me uncomfortable, and though my friends I play with who are a bit older than me know better and always defend me, this toxic part of the fan base (College guys who think everyone wants them), atleast I’m presuming, is probably one of the biggest forces driving players away that we never talked about. We need a real report system, and we need REAL BANS. Especially when shit like this happens. I hope I didn’t trigger anyone, and I’m sorry if I did something wrong with this post or it goes against your opinion, but I’m honestly done with this shit, and I feel like bringing it here publicly will help me start conversation about this and help me almost cope in a sense. Thank you!
  12. I definetly agree, if not get foxes tail, atleast getting one of the swimsuits is fine, they all look amazing though, and im sad they never made it into full game, im guessing Aj,s never did probably because of the insane amount of clothing she has already
  13. Ive run into many today where they literally play terribly, like not knowing jasons rage changes, then saying its a glitch, and then when we bring up fixes and the bugs that are a known occurence they get angry and start bitching.... If you dont like it then leave? Who do you think you are, the game police xD. I dont get why some people act as if they have a sense of entitlement and that the game needs to be something about them every step of the way... brevity is the soul of wit, i dont need to hear you complain and bitch bc you dont like it.
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