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  1. Adding types of settings for offline bots like just added in private matches would be fun, but I’m not interested in that as much as I am interested in adding the ability for bots to use the boat, and being able to say what clothes they wear! Could we be able to have it so that they wear whatever clothes or perks we have selected on that counselor at the time?
  2. in 2019.... not to mention theyve given them away on streams now aswell... if i had the backer privelges for the art book i wouldnt be too happy about this either. They paid money to have that privelege yet streamers, random people tuning into their streams, and just people in general on twitter who i havent seen stream even are getting them...
  3. Ive only had the bunce off glitch happen when i aim then shoot really quickly in a short period of time.. if you take atleast a full second to aim you shouldnt get that bug
  4. Stun is fine as it is, the baseball bat IS SUPPOSED TO STUN ALOT, that’s why it has a terrible amount of times you can hit before it breaks. The Vanessa was cheating, it’s called sliding, but that’s different then weapons in general. Im sorry they ruined that match, but the games systems work mostly fine for now.
  5. I’m still laughing at “Jason killing wannabe bitches” LOL 😂
  6. Are you talking about “BEST JASON EVER” or [removed by moderator]? I know this is gonna be taken down in a moment for shaming technically, but me and my friends have also encountered this guy for being toxic and we also believe he is hacking
  7. There’s a lot of talk about phones and radios and items being missing, but all the time I never have these problems or they seem to just be missed. You may have unfortunately missed it hiding in the back somewhere
  8. I had a bug once where as Victoria, I got in the bed and it teleported me outside the cabin through the wall, then Jason broke the bed and it killed me but my body was outside laying down with her eyes closed LOL. victoria just took a small nap on the floor
  9. With the latest patch, anything with an e prompt where you hold it can be glitched by Doing any action, even clicking while picking up something from a drawer.
  10. I’ve heard so many people crying and complaining about the rage buff and saying it’s impossible to beat him once he gets it. i was like that too for a WEEK. After that and since then me and my friends have learned some effective strategies to escaping and beating a raged Jason, here are some below. 1.Once he gets rage, don’t waste time locking doors as he can’t hit e to open, it’ll bust through. And I doubt if he sees a locked door he will knock it instead of instantly breaking it anyway. 2. After rage hits, get DAMAGE weapons, over STUN weapons. He can’t be stunned anymore unless you take his mask off and you need the damage to do that. 3. MACHETE IS BEST WEAPON. After rage to get his mask off, but also MACHETE IS THE FASTEST WEAPON, so you can hit him to get stamina and run away quick if needed and done correctly. This makes the machete the best weapon once rage hits. 4. Learn how to juke, and learn how to effectively go against a rage Jason and waste his time. Strategies for this I use are, Window Hopping, Using my surroundings to my advantage EX: Couches, Big tables, Large trees or picnic tables. 5. KEEP FLASHLIGHT ON ALWAYS. At this point your flashlight giving you away isn’t your biggest problem when you are going up against a Jason that can shift on you every 15 seconds. Keep it on always (which should normally be the case anyway) , to help your fear reduction. 6.Know when and when not to either climb or jump out a window. I see people dramatically jump out them, and then Jason just shifts and grabs them. Learning timing is extremely useful, especially when they can easily get you in the time it takes to complete the window jumping animation. 7. Strength in numbers still matters, it’s easier to remove his mask, and work together to keep him off eachother with another person. I’ve seen friends go up to 15 minutes against a raged Jason just because they were together. 8. Know when to start the car and who should be driving. Higher luck characters start the car quicker, and make sure to start it after he is stunned. A shotgun is perfect for getting a car started in time. Aswell as if your luck is high enough, depending on how quick you get in the seat, a pocket knife can very well give you time to hop in drivers seat and start it. 9. UTILIZE YOUR MINI MAP, When going up against a Jason while driving, this is extremely useful, to see which direction and which side of the car they are going for to either get in front or behind you. 10. Learn how to drive effectively, don’t be afraid to suddenly change directions or start going the other direction if needed, DRIFTING IS AMAZING, as if he’s suddenly up ahead, doing a quick side drift so your side hits him won’t stop the car and it gives you time to go around him. 11.Dont be afraid, having the courage to fight or do what you need to do will help your odds. 12. LEARN COMBAT STANCE. Lord almighty I hear people all the time say it isn’t useful, but I’ve and friends have learned that combat stance can be extremely useful if you know what you are doing. Just running up and hitting him could work, but one on one, CS can help a lot for getting time to run if he tries to grab and you dodge backwards. But remember that dodging costs stamina, and stamina is harder to gain with fear. 13. ( ) MANAGING STAMINA IS KEEYYY, especially when using the juking tips listed above. With your fear down, and using objects to circle with your advantage, getting caught in a situation where you can’t sprint or even jog will be extremely hard to escape from! I will try to think of some more tips to help out, but for now I will leave it here. Case in all, Jason getting rage is not the end of the match, you can very well still live if you take the time to adapt and learn new strategies.
  11. Why do you guys act like rage means the game is instantly over? Since the update we have adapted and learned ways and effective strategies to escape even with it active.
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