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  1. im sorta confused, as ive known a player on steam whos a total troll, and uses the Dll file contantly, but hasn't been banned in a year..... whats going on guys. Im starting to get concerned that these bans aren't really happening. Please tell me im just not seeing the real ones happen...
  2. Ive had him form backing, and ive seen a HUGE amount of hackers on PC, my normal platform. Recently I can also agree that ive run into basically none in the past months, if anything Id say theyre just now realizing that nobody cares about their savini lol. People will strive and complain furiously about having him and not having him, I did it at one point and now I realize how dumb I was. Hackers usually use him as a show off thing I think, but now people are slowly realizing that literally nobody cares as long as your playing normal. I guess Savini might be losing his fun scare factor, since usually I used to find him the scariest Jason, and now people aren't playing him as much.
  3. My about 3rd ever match as Jason I specifically recall thinking I was a counselour for a good 10 minutes LMFAO. I legit was like oh shit im playing fucking JASON, bc at that point id played so many matches as a counselour I got used to it.
  4. Ive never gotten to experience this glitch on PC, but I know it happens a lot on the console versions. This is the only bug I hope NEVER gets patched, as its just so silly and fun, to kill a vanessa and watch her spout rainbows and take away from the seriousness for a round.
  5. Id like to hear some of your finest revenge stories against trolls and cheaters! Heres some of mine! 1. I managed to slam the car into the side of packanack hard enough to kill a cheater who stuck himself under the house. Felt amazing, after he spent 10 minutes spamming the N-Word. 2. In my first ever experience with a roof glitcher, I managed to use the Jason rage glitch to get him on the roof, satisfying as I slammed my spear into his head.. 3.I somehow once managed to run over about 5 trolls. They were all teaming and doing stupid shit like holding items, stealing cars, and other things. Jason was their friend and they all were shouting slurs and shit at me. Funny enough as they were running down a road, I managed to knock every single one of them under my tires, before I picked up the other (good) person in the lobby and escaped, all happening before jasons eyes, as im guessing she didn't have a morph ready. Felt amazing.
  6. A knife glitched decided to throw my car up into a tree, and act like he did it on purpose and aimed me into the tree ( the knife glitch can’t be “aimed” it’s pretty random as to how the physics work) but jokes on him. I didn’t leave the car, and he couldn’t reach me to get me out. Aswell as the car was off, and the glitch only works on turned on cars lol. Satisfying watching him shut up, and try and knife glitch me for the next 11 minutes till the round ended...
  7. Ive had both of these glitches on PC MANY TIMES, idk why but these door glitches seem to be frequent
  8. I do personally agree that Jason seems to be a little to on advantage with grabbing, ive also had similar experiences with this grabbing loop where it gets very frustrating to try and keep going, especially when you know its gonna end after another ten seconds before your weapon breaks. I'd suggest making Jason just a TINY bit less buffed. It seems hes a little more buffed than he was when the game first came out, before the counselours were buffed aswell. Idk, im just putting my thoughts and opinions out there...
  9. Honestly let me be real. All I hear when I complain as a release from frustration or just want to discuss, all I hear is "BYE TrOLL". Yall gotta realize that just because im arguing about this patch, it doesn't mean im one of those people.. I have close to 2000 hours in this game, and I used to play for maybe 14 hours at a time, a day. Its more than arguing bc "I cant beat up Jason" anymore. This patch seems to cause a couple interferences with many more elements, and im not the only one bringing it up. Can we discuss? Not state my opinion and then have a bombardment of people thinking im level 20 and I don't know how to play besides chad lol. This patch and its opinions seem to be completely dividing us and making us cause interferences, and arguments. Lets have a discussion, not an argumentative fight.
  10. Ive been a backer for over 2 years now, and its sad to say that this new patch has completely ruined my experience. the game unlike people were expecting now has LOWERED fear, and when Jason gets rage all that comes is people suiciding or leaving, as the new feel is "useless" not "oh shit lets be afraid". So many terrible things have come from some of these recent decisions, making him invulnerable to stun is completely game breaking, and makes it completely unplayable. You guys really didn't think about how quick he gets rage, especially with teamers, ive seen him get rage within a minute. Its sad to say that this game I used to play for hours on end, now has me feeling useless and bored.
  11. I feel it would be a fun idea to interact with the community and the Devs to share our ideas and personal thoughts on what we would like to see for the game, this doesn't mean were asking for all of these, but as a way to keep our imaginations in mind as we wait for more Fixes and ideas! Please share your thoughts below for what could be some cool additions to the game! ❤️
  13. This definetly could be good and bad, what are we gonna do now with the already big amount of players who leave a match as soon as they don't get Jason that round? theirs gonna be 10x more....
  14. After looking through multiple sources, it seems that if you have the right game versions, you could test out the Grendel map and get Jason x as a plaable character. Youd go into engine stuff and do coding stuff, im not advanced lol. The question is, would you try this out just to have a taste? or would you rather just leave it be?
  15. Ive noticed recently that window kills are getting a lot of attention for being cheap or unfair, as unless the window is closed and not broken, its most likely the only way you'd die. Windows that are open shouldn't be enough to kill you, and their pretty glitchy, and broken windows shouldn't be enough either. Should window kills be altered like doors? where theyd only be a kill location if their in the doors case open?
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