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  1. So what if you do an even amount of “good player” and “bad player” examples (minus playing against your team like fighting them and running them over), would you be a “neutral player” 😁
  2. I’m saying give Jason a perk like how the counselors have their own pros and cons but get additional perks.
  3. Are you saying like how counselors have perks?
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    Introduction to forums

    No I do not play Trackmania, Friday the 13th is the only game I play at this time.
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    Introduction to forums

    It’s fine I have been reading around for awhile and just decided to create an account and intro. There are a lot of people with strong opinions around here; however, I am not one who likes to express opinion.
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    Introduction to forums

    @Truth I thought you had deleted your comment. I went to the link right after you posted that comment and read what was going on.
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    Introduction to forums

    Hello, I have been playing since the beginning of 2018 but been watching since day 1 on the Xbox One console. When the game first came out I was scared to even pick the controller up and play but now I am hooked! I do not play as Jason unless its offline bots or single player challenges and I have not found a particular Jason I prefer to play as. I find best interest in playing as Tiffany because I like her stealth and even though she cannot repair I have had times where I have done repairs perfectly with her. I have tried other counselors but I feel I escape/survive longer with Tiffany by far. I enjoy helping others, being a team player and using Tiffany to lure Jason away from objectives. I dislike when the game gets played wrongfully by teamers (Jason helpers) but try to find a way around the problem while in the match to still escape or at least attempt to escape. However, I am here to say until the end!