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  1. 🙋‍♀️ Same here, was playing on the EU server never got on the US server.... well since last night, haven’t tried today.
  2. This morning I seen a clip of Jason getting on the pacanack roof.
  3. Favorite: Multiplayer survival game Like: Team work and helping others Like: Higgins Haven and Crystal Lake Dislike: Teamers and glitches Dislike: Pinehurst and Jarvis House Favorite people: Deborah, Tiffany and Tommy
  4. Suicide then leave. It’s terrible and I have been in a handful matches with the teamers each night I play. But I know salt mines are there so I just suicide so I can quit or I try to run objectives and get out as quick as possible. I don’t think salt mines are needed anymore.
  5. Hey guys! That was the ONLY thing I liked about DBD, other than that what a waste of $$ for me. My preference is selected to play as a counselor on QP, if I want to play as Jason I do it offline. I haven’t thought of every little detail but here is my thought: people who play QP that prefer to be a counselor should load in the lobby screen with the clock counting down and at least one slot is left open. Once the clock counts down and you go to that loading screen then somebody who prefers to play as Jason gets loaded in. This was initially my thought to prevent the lobby from filling with teamers who work with their friend because their friend was selected to be Jason. This thought would work because a random Jason is the only one who can load in last.
  6. So what if you do an even amount of “good player” and “bad player” examples (minus playing against your team like fighting them and running them over), would you be a “neutral player” ?
  7. I’m saying give Jason a perk like how the counselors have their own pros and cons but get additional perks.
  8. No I do not play Trackmania, Friday the 13th is the only game I play at this time.
  9. It’s fine I have been reading around for awhile and just decided to create an account and intro. There are a lot of people with strong opinions around here; however, I am not one who likes to express opinion.
  10. @Truth I thought you had deleted your comment. I went to the link right after you posted that comment and read what was going on. @DamonD7 I am on challenge 8. I could have been done with them all the first couple of days they were launched but why rush? Some were and I am sure will be frustrating and more difficult for me to complete especially because I'm not a very skilled Jason player but I do what I can and spend the time to get the challenge done. I am not looking to find others to play with on here, I mainly come on here to read on patch notes, general discussion and suggesting/feedback threads. I have found making friends in this game to be useless on a couple of personal experiences. I only play with one other person in the game and he sits right next to me so our communication is always on point!
  11. Hello, I have been playing since the beginning of 2018 but been watching since day 1 on the Xbox One console. When the game first came out I was scared to even pick the controller up and play but now I am hooked! I do not play as Jason unless its offline bots or single player challenges and I have not found a particular Jason I prefer to play as. I find best interest in playing as Tiffany because I like her stealth and even though she cannot repair I have had times where I have done repairs perfectly with her. I have tried other counselors but I feel I escape/survive longer with Tiffany by far. I enjoy helping others, being a team player and using Tiffany to lure Jason away from objectives. I dislike when the game gets played wrongfully by teamers (Jason helpers) but try to find a way around the problem while in the match to still escape or at least attempt to escape. However, I am here to say until the end!
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