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  1. I have noticed. I will keep an eye on from now on. It is just every time I spawn as Jason the match crashes. Everything has happened from the game freezing, staying black, in Jasons cabin, to the first time I grab a counselor I'm stuck in grab animation and of course the always fun loss of connection. I have taken it off random and just play counselor for the last day and its fine.
  2. Where does it say "low priority queue"? I was only guessing about the "mines" because I quit the game, after about 5 min, and restarted it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled about 5 times over the week. If I turn the game off and come back about an hour later everything works as normal, meaning I'm able to get into a game. There are many post on here about being put into a lobby by yourself and not being able to find a game.
  3. Over the last two days every time I am Jason the game glitches and can't make it to the actual game. I can tell I'm Jason because the corners of my screen are red but everything else is black. This has happened over the last several days. The games that do start end very quickly with me not being able to use any buttons and then the game aborts. Then when I back out I can't get back into a game lobby. I am not sure if I am being sent to the salt mines or what. Am I the only one having this problem? The last patch seems to have really messed the game up for me. FWIW I play on XBOX.
  4. that is what I was complaining about in my thread. Like some posters suggested there uninstall the game and reinstall. Its a pita but it works.
  5. This is just wonderful!!!! After the recent update I can play about two games until the game crashes and then I can't find a game. No error messages it just sets me as host and no one ever joins. If I turn the game off and wait an hour I can find a game and maybe play a full game if it doesn't crash. Again I ask is this unique to me or are others having this same problem. It started right after the game updated. I am soooo angry. I was understanding about the other glitches and no new content. I took it with a grain of salt all of the complaints that have been on the boards. But not being able to play well that is crappy. Put me on the list of people who will stay away from these two companies.
  6. I can't find a QP match on XBOX. After I choose QP it puts me in a lobby where I am host and no one else? WTF?