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  1. This is so funny and thanks for posting because I thought it was just me. Over the last couple of weeks I get random DMs saying Im trash as Jason and blah blah blah. After the messages I couldn't remember anyone getting away. LOL
  2. I play on XBOX and never have to wait on full lobby. I'm NA also. Like someone above said its my favorite franchise off all time so playing as Jason is real fun for me.
  3. On 2/9 I finished "The Final Chapter" playing 1000 multiplayer matches as Jason and on 2/23 "The (unlikely) final Girl" where I played Tiffany as the sole survivor. The only one I haven't completed is "A Ph.D. in Murder" where you perform ever kill in the game. I'm at 91% and do not know which kills I need to perform to get it. I'm guessing there is no way to see what I am missing. So who out there has completed them all? What was your hardest?
  4. I'm like a lot around here when I am Jason if a counselor suicides its just one less player I have to worry about fixing something or escaping. I don't understand their mindset. When I'm a counselor I play Deb so my objectives are fixing and escaping. The only negative I see, when I'm Jason, is that I don't get the fun of the chase. I don't get to be Jason often so I like when there is a full lobby, even when you get 7 someone always quits in the first couple of seconds so their are only 6 players to chase.
  5. oh shut up. When there are 3 objectives across the map and limited morph its hard to put pressure. The bear traps were not meant to be a monitoring device. They were meant to harm the counselors. If they are only to be used so Jason knows where people are at then give him 10 traps or unlimited. I love tough conslers who push objectives, I hate when you play with people who just run around with no goal in mind. When I have 5 traps opened and no one is limping and they first 3 people I grab all have PK its a little much.
  6. Traps don't matter because counselors either have so many med sprays or thick skin that they don't limp after they spring them. Cant grab a counselor to kill them because everyone has a PK. I play as part 3 Jason so if you breath hard his way he gets stunned. Great game play Jason is a real beast. Very scared of him oohhh ahhhh
  7. Sorry I was vague Its the glitch I was asking about. After I asked to question it doesn't seem to be there any more
  8. How do you deal with this? People just wait till you pull the driver out then jump in the drivers seat while you are still stuck holding the driver.
  9. With the boat noise is it only on stream? I play Xbox and I don't hear the boat when I'm Jason. I'm not sure why every one says the boat is so hard to escape I am on the other side I escape 80% of the time.
  10. The stun must be fixed. At the very least in the last 2 min Jason shouldn't be able to be stunned. Like most people I'm done with the game. Its just very sad that such a great franchise like F13 had to get hooked up with the people who put it out.
  11. Earlier I could get into a game quick, with full lobbies. I had to leave, not during a game, and now for the last 5 hours I have not been able to get into a game. It says searching for session...… Looking for room...… search cool down...… then it puts me in a room and no one joins. I even deleted the game and reinstalled it. Anyone else having problems on Xbox?
  12. So the new thing for the last 24 hours is that as part 3 Jason I can only hold 3 knifes. I always pick up the two in the shack but my inventory only shows 3. After I use one of them I can pick up other knifes on the map but only to 3. So that's is new.... lovely. There were 4 trying to escape in the car and I morph to them, in the woods not on the road, they are stopped and I pull the girl out of the back driver side. As I'm going to kill her it morphs me half way across the map, because I don't have morph the other three are able to start the car and get away. Has anyone else experienced the knife thing or the morph during a kill? The kill/morph has happened several times, not always with grabbing someone out of the car.
  13. I've been playin on XBOX for the last 6 hours and had full lobbies every time.
  14. I have all of the Pamala tapes and some Tommy. Recently it won't let me pick up the Tommy tapes in the game. Is this happening to anyone else?
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