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  1. PS4 - RLCHARD-GRAYSON Language: french/ basic english.
  2. I don't think that we're gonna get this theme in europe. Cause here they NEVER paid the big license. We don't have any themes from tv show like family guy etc anime like one piece etc. It's kinda sad.
  3. Buyed today. If there any ps4 players add me. My id psn is rLchard-grayson .
  4. Hi, Russel. Thank you Jpops.
  5. For me, i really don't care about a SP mode but...... I would have the "chill mode" xD i think i will love to chill for 2minutes before to run like a rabbit to survive.
  6. For me is all dead xD even in the future, i live in belgium. But good luck for any future acquires of the beta.
  7. My brain, i think.

  8. Hi, My names is David . I have 23 years old (24 in june). I'm from herstal (Belgium). I am a very big fan of the slashers movie.....But i am a coward xD so jump scare literally make me jump . I have knew the Friday the 13th (Vendredi 13 here) , with the part 6 sorry i don't know the english title ^^" so....With Jason le mort vivant . When i has only 5year old great memories and traumatism xD. I have started the horror genre with La revanche de Freddy(a nightmare on elm street) ,hellraiser 1 and Warlock when i has 4year old. I'll counting to back the game , but approximately in july for 260 euros approximately 290 dollars . I can't allow it right now and that's sucks. Thanks , for reading me guys . And sorry for my poor english and grammar .
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