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  1. I play Offline with bots 90% of the time on Friday the 13th and yes I know with the lawsuit no more stuff can be added to the game. But I would love if you guys could just make it where I can choose the outfits for the bots I have all the DLC for the game and I love the swimsuit and Halloween DLC but don't get much use out of them because i play online very Little due to my internet and very Toxic players I have ran into. so devs if you could just update the game where I could choose what outfits my bots have on from the outfits that are in the game I would Love that it would mean a lot to me and I don't think the lawsuit would stop you from doing that you would not be adding any New stuff to the game just update it so us Offline users could enjoy the DLC outfit packs offline I mean we can already enjoy the Jason kill pack DLCs offline so plz allow us to use the outfit DLCs that I bought just a simple request from a Long time Die hard Friday the 13th fan that Loves this game so much. Thank you for the Game.
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