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  1. 4 minutes ago, Official_Adam_W said:

    Put it into context of another scenario, imagine taking your car to the mechanic and your engine has issues so they correct the engine issues but now your brakes don't work, so you go back, then they fix your brakes but now your car leaks gas and the windows don't roll down. After many visits with these kind of results would you say they care?

    EXACTLY. I’ve pretty much used this analogy in the past for the people that say, “Be grateful they are trying, or that we have anything at all”...... Dumbest goddamn argument ever. I’d say, imagine going to get your car repaired, then you get it back missing one of the wheels. Would you say, “Well I’m just grateful they tried. At least I have 3 wheels”????....... 

  2. 5 minutes ago, BeautyNumber2 said:

    I. Am. Howling. Of all the bugged patches we’ve received, this is by far the worst. This is just more evidence into the fact that Gun objectively lies, bends the truth, plays words games, and pays lip service when confronted. “We did test it!!!1” sure, Jan but how extensively? Playing a couple matches on your hardware is not the same as testing the game in the public in which it will be experienced. And testing a few things a handful of times might be “testing” but it’s neither adequate, thorough, nor sufficient testing.

    If a mechanical engineers or flight testers pulled the kind of double-speak horseshit excuses Gun did then millions of people who die every year... but they tested it!!!11 cool, I’m sure they did. Testing requires repeated steps and procedures that address every possible component to the item being tested and the outcomes therein. Playing this game multiple times as you are updating it is NOT testing. As a backer. I really don’t know what to say anymore, I’m aghast.

    As a backer, I’m pretty fucking insulted at the way this patch is being handled. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, SirMang said:

    I'll mention another good point to this patch, since we've all done a fairly good job of shitting all over how bad it is...

    There is no longer an invisible barrier next to the Higgins spiral staircase!  You can move freely as Jason or counselor between the radio and staircase now! 

    Really??? I thought someone in this thread said it was still there. I haven’t tried yet. 

  4. 49 minutes ago, Official_Adam_W said:

    I can still enjoy the game without new content however when the game doesn't work like it should, that takes away the fun. Since they don't have to focus on content the primary focus should be balancing and fixing all the issues. After 2 years the game should not be in the shape it is in right now.

    That’s where I’m at. Yeah, it sucks that we won’t get new stuff. But my anger over that is gone. I could still have fun playing. Not anymore. This patch has made this unplayable. Even offline bots are a mess. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    @mattshotcha I find this almost impossible to believe. The issues (plural) that were encountered in this "patch" didn't even require thorough testing to be identified. So it is beyond me how you can say that you "did test, thoroughly, before launching this." Once the "patch" was finalised all anyone (not even a QA team) had to do was play ONE match, and in doing so all counselors would have heard the double alert sound (Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma) indicating that something was not right. In turn the Jason player would have spotted that they had recieved the Shift ability at the same time as the Sense ability. Furthermore, one shift by the Jason player would have highlighted that the cooldown for that ability was considerably faster than normal. This isn't something that should just be tested in the late phases, but something that should have been tested in the final phase and before the patch being released to the public. Therefore it leads me to believe that this bug was actually an intentional change. A buff to Jason of sorts.

    Not only that, but one of the main purposes for this patch was counselors placing traps on top of the stairs in order to glitch onto the roof. Whilst this appears to be resolved, at what point can you honestly say that, that glitch was thoroughly tested? Because if it was then whoever tested it would have found that placing a trap was bugged and the trap would not actually place and open when holding R2/RT. Did they just throw it on the floor, try to glitch and called it a day? I guess so, because testing something thoroughly would mean testing different methods of placing traps, positions, locations etc. So I would say that not being able to place instant open traps was a hotfix to solve the roof glitch instead of an actual perma fix.

    As for the new window glitch (cancelling the counselor landing animation), I'm not even going to go into that. It's just another step backwards that has come to be expected with your patch releases.

    P.S. I'm not posting this because I want to through shade at the team, but because I care and actually found enjoyment in this game. It had so much potential but you're making it really hard for fans like myself to stick with it when issues take so long to be resolved or lead to more issues on top of what we already have. I mean, fix the glitched environment kills already! Killing counselors is the biggest objective of the Jason in the F13 franchise, let alone in this game and something Jason fans thrive on, yet the problem still remains post "patch." Surely it should have been a priority. It's not like the team has to worry about creating new content anymore.

    Exactly. I call bullshit on the testing. There’s no way. 

  6. 23 minutes ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    You said "if" which means you didn't, and you couldn't.

    I'm sure the guys at Black Tower have degrees in what they do. But they are coming in and trying to clean up code that another crew wrote with out any previous knowledge of it. I'm not the least bit surprised that every time they resolve an issue another one pops up. Black Tower is being tasked to fix what Illfonic messed up. Eventually they will be able to iron out all the wrinkles. The question is, will Gun continue paying them to do so with all the inconsiderate keyboard warriors jumping down their throat?

    Then at the very least they should actually TEST IT before they release it. There’s no way they properly did. Not if we can all find these issues within minutes of playing it. That’s the problem. Don’t release a patch that makes the game worse. This can’t even be defended. There’s no excuse. TEST IT!

  7. 26 minutes ago, Nathan5226 said:

    I agree, my friend and I were playing and at some point he said, "Come to me..." and he was Jason, so I said "OK?", and I explained to him that the assets must've not loaded properly, since Jason's face was squished in, it made us laugh and kinda made the game more fun as we tried to show other players, but you know what you would do if you saw Jason in front of you, RUN!

    By the way, I found a few glitches on Xbox One, can also confirm some...

    1) An animation where the counselor stabs Jason with a knife, doesn't finish. Instead it's an instant knife stab, and the counselor breaks free as soon as they're picked up. If I can get a capture of it next time, I will.

    2) Jason can slash through vehicles, when a counselor is slashed through a vehicle, they may leave it, without the player pressing A. View here.

    3) A counselor can go through a window without finishing the animation at the end, when spectating. I can't confirm whether this happens when viewing the other counselor when you're viewing them still alive. View here.

    4) The barricaded door issue is a big one, as it's starting to happen frequently and my ping is down to 50ms or lower. This shouldn't be an issue if that's how long it takes to respond, unless it's improper server configuration or just a game bug in general. View here.

    5) For me there's weird sounds playing, some are high pitched that play for a few seconds and feels like my brain is gonna hemorrhage, then stop, and then now I am discovering static sounds. View here.

    6) I can glitch into, and then on the car when chocking someone to still living. This happens when you glitch into the car while holding a counselor, and another comes up to save them. This doesn't last long though. View here.

    7) I don't know if you may consider this a bug, but when I pressed Quick Play, it began searching for matches. One abnormal thing I noticed, was that it went from Searching > Checking for an open spot > Cooldown > Searching at a repeated loop until the third search for me. This never happens to me, usually it's Searching > Checking for an open spot > Joining.

    P.S. Took me one whole hour to get this post together, you're welcome!

    It probably took you longer to make this post than it did for them to test this patch....

  8. 10 minutes ago, ess72 said:

    WOW JUST WOW!!! What a bunch of incompetent doofises you guys have in your QA dept. They should all be fired. Environmental kills still glitch out and jason walks around with no one in a choke hold 11 out of 8 kills. Super shift now makes it so easy to kill everyone  and phycadellic colors in the main house in pinehurst. Unbelievable! 

    I doubt they even tested at all. There’s no way. When we can find every glitch within minutes. There’s no goddamn way they seriously tested this at all. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Dredge said:

    There's absolutely no way patches are qa'd except for the specific things they were trying to fix. Play a couple matches. Get a group of us who are well versed in the game and let us qa patches before released or something. It would save a lot of headache.

    Seriously. People that actually play this game find all the bugs within MINUTES of a patch being released. Things “months of testing” apparently can’t. Makes no sense. One step forward, 5 steps back. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  10. 8 hours ago, glowing ooze said:


    @The Milwauking Dead


    do you really think that makes any sense? they spent the time & the money with limited resources on all the new content, work until its all nearly complete, then they say "eh fuck it" get lazy and quit, wasting all that effort and losing all that money..

    its like what @Fair Play & @OCT 31 1978 said.. it can have everything to do with the contract gun signed, and the contract neca signed as to why they can continue production for now.

    i defend this side of the argument because i love this game, even with all its problems. also because i dont think they would stop production if they didnt have to. i dont think theyd continue with patches & live streams for the community if they didnt still care about the game. i wont sit here and bad mouth the people that granted me countless hours of jason action. we all share the same fustraitions with the game being incomplete. everytime i switch out my jason kills i get upset looking at all that empty space.. but i still have a good time playing this lovely game and thats all that matters to me. not how many puppies gun media takes a sludge hammer to.

    I agree for the most part. What I don’t agree with is that they were suddenly told to stop. They knew FAR in advance about the deadline. Because as you said, it’s about the contract they signed. And that’s how contracts work. And they chose to not finish content and work on a unnecessary engine upgrade instead. I love this game. Which is why it upsets me so much. But they knew about the deadline. And they chose their priorities wrong. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, SteveChristy said:

    Right. I've read all that before. The flawed logic of the court systems are on full display in this case. Ultimately, this is all about money, and a claim was made against the game because no one officially has the rights to the royalties of the full intellectual property as it's come to be known over the course of time. With this, Gun can't even "add a rock" to the game, as they've stated, harmless as that would be. But, they can release the game on a whole new platform and continue to make money off a franchise whose copyright is currently in limbo. It's ridiculous.

    NECA, who recently got hit with a copyright claim from the lawsuit, can finish all Jason figures that are currently in production, but all future ones are on indefinite hold while litigation continues. By that same token, why can't Gun release Uber Jason, who was not only already in production, but nearly completed? Taking into consideration that a new Jason would likely be a free add-on like the others were, there's no royalties dispute. But, NECA is free to release a few new figures and sell them, no problem.

    The whole thing is a bunch of convoluted crap.

    EXACTLY! The Neca situation is all the proof we need. They have figures coming out all this year. Not finished. Still being worked on. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    Hacked code for incomplete items never officially released in game has been overly explained why it’s not included and can’t be added to the game at this point........

    your opinions and bitterness for the game and the Developers is all that fuels you anymore.......so continue  assuming what you want.....but this is coming for someone who only gets enjoyment from running over other players.....🤦‍♂️

    P.s.....Gun said those Puppies deserved it.😉

    If they were chihuahua puppies, they definitely deserved it. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, Survival said:

    The content in F13th Puzzle game was UNLOCKED with updates. It was always in the code, just hidden away and locked. They did not ADD it in, they just unlocked it via patch.

    The difference is all these costumes and kills are unfinished in one way or another. They are present in the code, but untested and unfinished. If they were to make them available, they would have to release them broken and unfinished or finish them first and that would probably render them as "new" content.

    If hackers can make them perfectly useable with the existing code, they are finished enough to release. I don’t buy that excuse. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Fair Play said:

    You'd have to ask the makers of F13 Killer Puzzle. The best guess would be that the content was implemented before the deadline.

    That’s what I thought at first. But the content was added with updates. It wasn’t already there. Even if it was in the files already, then that would confirm even more that GUN can release all the content that was already in the files. Like Uber Jason and extra kills. 

  15. 5 hours ago, GhostWolfViking said:

    I would like Jason X as an alternative skin that can be used for any Jason.

    Savini Jason could use the skin too. 

    Weapon swapping is in the game. You can pick whatever weapon you want. 

    That way everybody is happy no matter what Jason you enjoy playing as.

    Don't lock the skin down to only 1 Jason.

    Would use the stats, animations, sounds, music, weapon of the Jason or option you selected. Problem solved. The skin is already in game and in the virtual cabin. Already existing content.

    If you can move ass cheeks around then you can do a simple existing skin add in. For example a 2nd tractor added in Pinehurst. Was never there before. See... boom..."new content" added in using existing stuff. 

    Exactly. This would be a simple solution that isn’t new content, and makes everyone happy. There’s no reason not to do it. Hackers can do it with the existing files, so can GUN. I REALLY hope this happens. 

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  16. 14 minutes ago, The Milwauking Dead said:

    I don’t see why they couldn’t do this. Just release him as a skin for one of the current Jasons. That way, it’s just using existing files. So no new content with having to “finish” a whole new Jason X model. I’d be totally happy with that. 

    @mattshotcha Is there any legal reason this couldn’t be a solution? I’m sure everyone would be totally happy with this. Just to visually have Uber Jason walking around killing people. Since people are already able to do this by hacking. Isn’t it possible to just make him an alt skin for an existing Jason by using what’s already there and no new content? Maybe for part 7. Since he has the machete by default. So all the kills would be compatible. 

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