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  1. As a backer, I’m pretty fucking insulted at the way this patch is being handled.
  2. Really??? I thought someone in this thread said it was still there. I haven’t tried yet.
  3. That’s where I’m at. Yeah, it sucks that we won’t get new stuff. But my anger over that is gone. I could still have fun playing. Not anymore. This patch has made this unplayable. Even offline bots are a mess.
  4. Exactly. I call bullshit on the testing. There’s no way.
  5. Then at the very least they should actually TEST IT before they release it. There’s no way they properly did. Not if we can all find these issues within minutes of playing it. That’s the problem. Don’t release a patch that makes the game worse. This can’t even be defended. There’s no excuse. TEST IT!
  6. It probably took you longer to make this post than it did for them to test this patch....
  7. This game is officially WORSE after this patch. Ridiculous. TEST IT before releasing it. Actually TEST IT. Your whole silver lining of no more new content was that you promised to focus on polishing the game and making it bug free. You’re making it WORSE! It’s not hard to see these issues. TEST IT.
  8. I doubt they even tested at all. There’s no way. When we can find every glitch within minutes. There’s no goddamn way they seriously tested this at all.
  9. Seriously. People that actually play this game find all the bugs within MINUTES of a patch being released. Things “months of testing” apparently can’t. Makes no sense. One step forward, 5 steps back. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. I agree for the most part. What I don’t agree with is that they were suddenly told to stop. They knew FAR in advance about the deadline. Because as you said, it’s about the contract they signed. And that’s how contracts work. And they chose to not finish content and work on a unnecessary engine upgrade instead. I love this game. Which is why it upsets me so much. But they knew about the deadline. And they chose their priorities wrong.
  11. EXACTLY! The Neca situation is all the proof we need. They have figures coming out all this year. Not finished. Still being worked on.
  12. If they were chihuahua puppies, they definitely deserved it.
  13. I get that too. But they could just give us Uber as a purely cosmetic skin for existing Jasons. That is finished. In game. And wouldn’t be “new content”. I think everyone would be happy with that.
  14. If hackers can make them perfectly useable with the existing code, they are finished enough to release. I don’t buy that excuse.
  15. That’s what I thought at first. But the content was added with updates. It wasn’t already there. Even if it was in the files already, then that would confirm even more that GUN can release all the content that was already in the files. Like Uber Jason and extra kills.
  16. I don’t know. I still don’t buy that excuse. Why does Killer Puzzle continue to release new content on a regular basis? That has never been answered. They’ve probably released 5 different Jasons in the last year after the lawsuit deadline.
  17. Soooooo. Once again.... I have to ask..... It’s in the code. It’s THERE. IN THE GAME. Why can they not release it??? Same with Uber as a skin. This is just one more example of what CAN be released.
  18. Exactly. This would be a simple solution that isn’t new content, and makes everyone happy. There’s no reason not to do it. Hackers can do it with the existing files, so can GUN. I REALLY hope this happens.
  19. @mattshotcha Is there any legal reason this couldn’t be a solution? I’m sure everyone would be totally happy with this. Just to visually have Uber Jason walking around killing people. Since people are already able to do this by hacking. Isn’t it possible to just make him an alt skin for an existing Jason by using what’s already there and no new content? Maybe for part 7. Since he has the machete by default. So all the kills would be compatible.
  20. I don’t see why they couldn’t do this. Just release him as a skin for one of the current Jasons. That way, it’s just using existing files. So no new content with having to “finish” a whole new Jason X model. I’d be totally happy with that.
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