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  1. If they could get the rights, and make a similar gameplay to F13, I’d be all for it! As long as Busta Rhymes is a hero! Lol
  2. They should just go back to Summer Camp. Something original that can’t be held back by copyright restrictions again. Then they could even add guest killers in the future if they wanted to. Like Dead By Daylight. F13 is such an amazing game. I’d love to see them take it, and just reskin/expand it into their original Slasher vision.
  3. Ever since the game released, I found one tape. ONE. But this weekend, I found EVERY SINGLE TAPE! All of them! This was the greatest event so far!
  4. I haven’t said this in a long time. But it needs to be said again.... THE GAME IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BALANCED. Jason is meant to be OP. Just like the movies. Counselors have no problem teaming up and killing Jason within 5 minutes these days anyways.
  5. I’ve been way too busy recently with other games. Red Dead 2, Gears 5, Blair Witch, Man Of Medan. But I’m DEFINITELY playing some F13 tonight! ALL NIGHT! Grabbing a Monster on the way home. Any double XP??? And if anyone wants to play, I’m CharlieBdeaD on Xbox. I’d love to play with actual players and not teaming trolls.
  6. Does something like that count as new content though?
  7. Yeah. After ALL this time. ALL the countless hours. I finally got my first tape last night. A Tommy one!
  8. Yes. Unfortunately. All liquids are glittery rainbows. Toilet water and even the syringes in single player challenges.
  9. I don’t talk at all when I’m Jason. I mute my mic. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. The engine upgrade was the start of the downhill shit show. Revert it back to the old engine! They said the only reason for the upgrade was to make it easier to improve the game. Clearly that isn’t the case. Because it’s the worst it’s ever been.
  11. I wish we could go back to pre engine upgrade days. It’s been terrible ever since the useless “upgrade”. It’s also too fucking dark with the new engine. Just roll it back.
  12. I’d agree. Except that’s exactly what they told us would happen. They said with no more new content, they could focus on polishing the game and making it bug free. It was the “silver lining” of the lawsuit announcement.
  13. You can fit an entire 6 piece McNuggets in a condom...
  14. What?? I’m the only one that enjoys a McCondom with cheese???
  15. I agree. And I’m guilty of it too. But sometimes the frustration just boils over. Especially when you know how perfect this game could be.
  16. Yes. But I think most of us were “happier” before the engine update. Lol. It’s been downhill since then. I love this game. And that’s why every update is more upsetting. Breaking something else and ruining what joy I still find in it.
  17. It was being used as a consumer/product comparison. Totally different products. But totally valid comparison. Here’s a different one then. You go to McDonald’s. You order a cheeseburger. You notice it’s missing the cheese. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the patty. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the bottom bun. You take it back. They remake it. Then you notice it’s missing the top bun. And what point do you stop thinking, “Oh boy. I’m so grateful. At least they tried.” And say, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Do your goddamn job and give me what I paid for”????
  18. EXACTLY. I’ve pretty much used this analogy in the past for the people that say, “Be grateful they are trying, or that we have anything at all”...... Dumbest goddamn argument ever. I’d say, imagine going to get your car repaired, then you get it back missing one of the wheels. Would you say, “Well I’m just grateful they tried. At least I have 3 wheels”????.......
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