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  1. This patch deleted all my tapes!!! I just went in to check. They are all gone! I busted my ass finding every Pamela and Tommy tape. And this patch deleted them all!
  2. I had EVERY tape!! Just went to check since this last patch, and they are all GONE! Every single one!!!!
  3. I can’t find it now. I don’t remember if it was here or on Twitter. But I specifically remember someone asking about getting biographies added or something like that. And Wes said that even text counts as new content. So they couldn’t do it.
  4. Did this fix the rainbow blood and toilet water in Pinehurst???
  5. I agree. But Wes said they couldn’t even add new menus or anything. He said even text was considered new content when people were asking for biographies to be added. I really hope they bring these options to offline bots too though!
  6. Was this menu and options already there?? Not that I’m complaining, but what happened to no new content?
  7. Sure. Make him DLC..... But then give all the original backers Jason X.... 😉
  8. There’s a fun game I like to play with just me and my son. We do 1 vs 1 matches. One of us is Jason, while the other is the “final girl”. You can use any ability as Jason except for Shift. It makes for some pretty intense games. While still balancing pretty well.
  9. I couldn’t think of any way to approve on the current game aside from more content and bug fixes. Maybe an offline counselor mode against a bot Jason. We were so close to having the definitive F13 game.
  10. Can they even release the original Slasher game if they wanted to? Or is it now intertwined with the F13 game, and can’t legally be made at all? I really want to see what their original vision was.
  11. Because they have to make a new deal with whoever ends up owning the rights to the franchise. And I don’t think they want to go through the effort of that whole process. Which brings me back to my original question from WAY back when this whole thing happened. They knew when their deal was up when they obtained the rights. Why didn’t they focus on releasing content when they knew the deadline was coming since day one?
  12. As long as I can still kill offline bots, I’ll be fine.
  13. If anything, I’d want them to release the Slasher game they originally had planned before it turned into F13.
  14. I agree that it appears they have no desire to really change anything. But then it would finally put the “small minority” argument to rest.
  15. Maybe the team should put out a poll on all social media outlets asking how everyone feels about how easy it is to kill Jason.
  16. Ahhhhh. “Soon”. Glad to see things haven’t changed around here. Lol
  17. I’ve been taking a break from here and the game. Has there been any announcement of ANY type of upcoming support or patch to fix the current issues? Have they just completely abandoned the game now?
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