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  1. 8 hours ago, SteveChristy said:

    I don't need to test it. I know for a fact if you mute him he can not hear you (on PS4 anyway, can't speak for Xbox). To be clear; I'm talking about the actual sounds going into your mic, not the goofy yelps and cries for help your counselor spews every time Jason is near you. Muting him doesn't stop any of that. But, the chat-mute; this was discovered long ago shortly after the game first came out, and we always used it for the reasons I've shared (and my opinion is unchanged). If muting Jason was some frowned-upon advantage for the other players, the devs wouldn't have given you the option to do it with a simple click. It's a preference setting, not an unfair buff. 

    I mean seriously, @Risinggrave, how much power/privilege do you need as Jason for you to consider the playing field fair? It's pretty clear what the counselors are gonna do; fix cars/boat/phone, call Tommy/police, get sweater/try to kill you. A good Jason doesn't need the benefit of super-sonic hearing to have the upper hand against mortal people. I've cleared many a room 8/8 while in a private party chat by myself so I'd never hear a word uttered from anyone. I've never once felt I was depriving myself of one of Jason's abilities.

    That could be the case on PS4. I’m not sure. But I know muting him on Xbox doesn’t mute you on his end. So it seems to be some sort of glitch on the PS4 version if that’s the case. Either way, it’s still not cheating if you do. It’s still no different than playing without a mic at all. Are the counselors cheating in offline bot mode because you can’t hear them chatting??? Lol

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  2. 2 hours ago, Risinggrave said:

    Yeah. Just like how movie Jason can find you no matter where you hide. 

    See below.

    It's gaining an unfair advantage for the purpose of gameplay.

    If you mute somebody blasting a radio, being obnoxious, what have you for that reason, so be it. If you're playing muted because you don't want to deal with people, so be it.  If you're muting Jason so he can't hear your plotting, it's an undue advantage. I see it mostly depending on why you mute a person. Communication is a huge advantage in this game. Playing in party chat is cheating the Jason. 

    I believe we may have tested this and it isn't the case.  Can't recall for sure, though. Maybe one of my Thursday night fellows will see this and chime in. 

    It’s the case on Xbox for sure. Has been since day one. Jason could always hear you if you mute him. Same as every other game on Xbox. Muting isn’t a 2 way street. Either way, it’s no different than playing F13 without a mic. It’s not cheating to mute yourself or Jason. Because all the in game audio will still be there. Just like without a mic at all. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Laotian Lam said:

    If you mute JASON so he can't hear you speaking when in close proximity then yes, that is indeed a form of cheating.  (Although it sounds like Jason was able to hear you the whole time anyhow lol)

    It’s not cheating. Because he can still hear you if you mute him. You aren’t muting yourself. And it’s no different than playing without a mic. I mute Jason because Jason doesn’t talk in the movies. And it’s usually some D-bag squeaker playing crappy music through his mic. But he can still hear me if I mute him. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    How? I know of a lot of players that mute everyone in the lobby upon entering the lobby. Are they cheating as well? Jason's music changes when a counselor is in close proximity anyway, having him muted would have the same effect as someone that was playing without a mic. Are players that don't use a mic cheating because Jason wont be able to hear them?

    It doesn’t matter either way. Because he can still hear you if you mute him. It’s not a 2 way street, as others claim. You don’t want him to hear you? Then mute yourself. That’s the only way. Or go into a chat party. But it won’t stop the noises your counselor makes. 

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  5. Mine was when the game first launched. I was Savini Jason. I killed all the other counselors. But this damn Tommy kept getting away. So we get to this cafeteria cabin. And he’s doing the usual ring around the rosey of the tables inside. So I can’t catch him. I’m admittedly getting pretty fucking frustrated. The 2 minute warning hits. And we go round and round for about 1 minute and 50 seconds. I walk out of the cabin just within eye site of the doorway and turn on Stalk. Then as soon as I see his flashlight in view, I hit Shift through the doorway, around the table, snatch him and slam his head into the counter at the last possible second. It was the most satisfying kill I’ve ever had. 

    EDIT: Fuuuuuck. I just saw this was for killing Jason. Not killing AS Jason.... dammit. Lol

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Wolledc said:

    Not sure, to which exactly this thread refers to, but there seem to be two kind of teleport glitches:

    as Jason: you choose a point on the map where you want to teleport to, but then you end up at a total different spot on the map (not 10-20 ft away, but like 2-3 cabins further down the road, I experience it sometimes on the map Crystal Lake, annoying when you want to stop a driving car)

    as counselor: only saw it once in Quickplay (Pinehurst), there was a Chad and whenever I tried to grab him or slash him he just „teleported“ 3-4 meters away from me. First I thought I was having a bad connection rate, but chasing a Tiffany was normal, then Chad again. Not exactly sure, if it was even a glitch or if he was cheating. I left him, chased another one, then again this Chad, he wasn’t teleporting this time and I was able to slash him 7 or 8 times without any damage on him (or him using a spray...). Quite strange.

    That second one sounds like the Chad player had a bad connection. 

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