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  1. I’m not disappointed in the game itself. It’s everything I wanted. I’m disappointed that support and content has been stopped. It was so close to being the definitive Friday the 13th game.
  2. That could be the case on PS4. I’m not sure. But I know muting him on Xbox doesn’t mute you on his end. So it seems to be some sort of glitch on the PS4 version if that’s the case. Either way, it’s still not cheating if you do. It’s still no different than playing without a mic at all. Are the counselors cheating in offline bot mode because you can’t hear them chatting??? Lol
  3. You’ve clearly never seen a Friday the 13th film.....
  4. It’s the case on Xbox for sure. Has been since day one. Jason could always hear you if you mute him. Same as every other game on Xbox. Muting isn’t a 2 way street. Either way, it’s no different than playing F13 without a mic. It’s not cheating to mute yourself or Jason. Because all the in game audio will still be there. Just like without a mic at all.
  5. It’s not cheating. Because he can still hear you if you mute him. You aren’t muting yourself. And it’s no different than playing without a mic. I mute Jason because Jason doesn’t talk in the movies. And it’s usually some D-bag squeaker playing crappy music through his mic. But he can still hear me if I mute him.
  6. It doesn’t matter either way. Because he can still hear you if you mute him. It’s not a 2 way street, as others claim. You don’t want him to hear you? Then mute yourself. That’s the only way. Or go into a chat party. But it won’t stop the noises your counselor makes.
  7. I’m not sure what you guys are talking about. But if you mute someone on Xbox, they can still hear you. Every game. And has always been that way. It doesn’t go both ways. Also, Jason could never hear your radio talk. Muted or not. It was always proximity based as Jason.
  8. Depends on how big of a F13 fan you are. It’s my favorite franchise of all time. So I get joy in just killing offline bots.
  9. Your role as Tommy is simple. To play the hero. Sacrifice yourself if needed to save as many counselors as possible.
  10. Good. It should be near impossible to kill Jason. And there should only be 3 pocket knives per map.
  11. Mine was when the game first launched. I was Savini Jason. I killed all the other counselors. But this damn Tommy kept getting away. So we get to this cafeteria cabin. And he’s doing the usual ring around the rosey of the tables inside. So I can’t catch him. I’m admittedly getting pretty fucking frustrated. The 2 minute warning hits. And we go round and round for about 1 minute and 50 seconds. I walk out of the cabin just within eye site of the doorway and turn on Stalk. Then as soon as I see his flashlight in view, I hit Shift through the doorway, around the table, snatch him and slam his head into the counter at the last possible second. It was the most satisfying kill I’ve ever had. EDIT: Fuuuuuck. I just saw this was for killing Jason. Not killing AS Jason.... dammit. Lol
  12. They should have never been added. Only teamers and tea bagging trolls use them.
  13. UPDATE! I did what Gun support suggested and played an online match. All my tapes reappeared after finishing it. So it worked. Thanks for the help!
  14. They’re definitely not random. Because I know which cabins have non opening windows before I even enter them.
  15. Yes. They replied pretty quickly once I reported it to JasonKillsBugs. I’ll update the thread again once I get home and test it out. Thanks!
  16. UPDATE. Gun support just emailed me back. Surprisingly fast! And said to play an online match and see if it syncs the tapes back up. I will try that as soon as I get home and see if they reappear.
  17. That’s why I went to check this morning. And they were all gone. All the time I put into finding them. How am I supposed to get them back???
  18. I saw in another thread asking about adding the pitchfork and speargun as new weapons. The speargun I can’t see. Because of “new content”. But the pitchfork wouldn’t be new content at all. No new animations needed either. Did everyone forget that the pitchfork was used as a weapon for Jason in the trailer before the game even launched.
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