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  1. On 8/9/2020 at 1:04 AM, Fair Play said:

    Teaming is not an offense they ban for. If they did, there would be a lot less players.

    Rather than complain about the teamers, try making friends with the players that don't team or cheat. There are still a lot of honest players out there.

    It used to be a bannable offense. Wish it still was. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, J Part VII said:

    @murpdog47 Well how about you go make your own game pal? a dev team is suppose to develop a game based on their own vision not a group of people's agendas. you can't just order for something and demand it to just happen. this is not how gaming industry works. you gotta make a game fair towards all type of people with all type of play types.

    Sure. Then that vision should actually WORK properly. And if someone buys a car that keeps breaking down, do you tell them to go build their own car then???....

  3. 5 hours ago, TheFinalFriday said:

    Ok, some small misunderstandings.

    Gun is updating the game with assets they already have. It runs fairly smooth outside the hacking problems as of late.

    Second, Gun Media has nothing to do with The Predator game, lol.

    It does not run “fairly smoothly”. This game has never run “smoothly” since the unnecessary engine upgrade. That did nothing but make the game unbearably darker. It’s been a nonstop glitch fest and waiting game ever since then.  

  4. 6 hours ago, guitar.zombie said:

    Some of the dumbest people in this community are here to complain, like they haven't read anything at all.  I play mainly on Xbox and Switch but im ok just waiting it out.  I suggest some people spend the time waiting for servers to be fix to go read a book instead.

    Well.... after being offered that the “silver lining” of no more content by Gun being that they can focus on the game being the best it can be by killing bugs and making everything run smoother, I think every negative community reaction is quite valid with the way this game has been running. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  5. 55 minutes ago, PackASnack_Lodge said:

    Well going by what Larry Zerner said on twitter

    "Technically, the release of figures of existing characters doesn't violate Victor Miller's rights in the 1st F13 movie, so Neca can do this without getting into trouble. The good news is that I was told a year ago that WB was not allowing new figures. So the fact that WB has changed their mind and is allowing new figures is a good thing. But this does NOT mean that WB is (or can) make a new F13 film."

    So what he is saying here is that because Part 7 Jason is already an existing character it doesn't interfere with Miller's rights of the first film, Neca can produce and release him. Also stating that a year ago that WB wasn't allowing new figures but suddenly is allowing it is a good thing though for me this is an odd one. From everything we have seen, once the lawsuit struck down on the franchise there was a cut of date for anything new to be made and until an actual ruling nothing could be made. So in theory regardless if WB wants to change their mind on something it shouldn't simply allow for something to be made now. That decision again should be in the hands of the court.

    Now obviously we have seen that a new board game is coming out, the new Film boxset is coming with all previous bonus content released on all other releases but is now including all new bonus features. Now to quote Gun from previous statements when it comes to the game. "We cannot add a rock or tree". This does conflict with what is happening in regards to the film boxset in my opinion. The boxset is getting new features that wasn't there before but the game can't add a rock or a tree that already exists in the game? Now i am not saying i am right in my assessment as i can only go by what we know but it does seem a little strange.

    EXACTLY. That’s been my point. Gun’s excuse directly contradicts everything that is happening. Also, the board game is based on the WB Friday the film. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. That’s ok. I’ll just be sitting here playing with my OFFICIALLY licensed Friday the 13th board game and figures while watching the new box set with all new artwork and content that somehow were able to be made during this lawsuit instead, and that no one seems to have an answer as to HOW. But yet, we can’t get the content that was already almost finished and advertised for this game.... 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  7. 25 minutes ago, mattshotcha said:


    I don't have those answers. That's not my job or responsibility, as I work for Gun and the F13 Game only. We aren't the wards of the license.

    The only part of your comment that IS in my wheelhouse to comment on is that "content" as it pertains to a video game and "content" as in box art for a box set is not the same thing at all.

    I think a lot of people see Gun as Friday the 13th, and that's simply not the case. We made a game based off the license. We don't have any insight into the board game or box sets or any of that. It's not something we are involved in at all, and not something we are informed on as we aren't holders of the license. 

    Shit. This would all be so much better if you guys were the holders of the license.....

  8. On 7/20/2020 at 12:25 PM, TimDuke 01 said:

    No law expert but the "new" box set coming out, I believe they are allowed to reformat ANY existing content that existed before the dispute cut off came into effect.The "cuts" and so forth are probably stuff that was left on the cutting room floor that yes are "new" to the general public but they have existed for many years and never been seen before. As far as the new board game goes I'm not sure how they are getting away with that. I'm sure they found some grey area somehow to make it.

    No law expert either. But the whole thing is grey area then. New 4K cuts were not what was left on the cutting room floor. Neither is the new commentary or new artwork that was completed specifically for this box set. It’s all new content. I still can’t find an answer for the board game either. It’s officially licensed though. Not sure how. 

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  9. On 7/20/2020 at 10:38 AM, mattshotcha said:

    When you folks refuse to believe me on things like this, I expect it. I'm not a lawyer and the situation has a way of putting "Gun" as a whole at odds with fans.

    But when you're going to jump on a forum and claim that you know better in terms of law than an ACTUAL LAWYER, I don't know what to say.

    Well then how is the box set with new content and an all new licensed board game possible? That’s all I’m wondering. 

  10. 10 hours ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    If you’re referring to the boxed disc set, Larry Zerner explained on his Twitter page how that was released inside the scope of the lawsuit. 

    And the new officially licensed board game coming out next month. How is that possible??? Also, the excuse he gives for the box set makes no sense at all. EVERYTHING about the box set is new content. The cuts are new. The artwork is new. The bonus features are new. It’s ALL new content. They still had to get permission to release it. So if anything, his explanation just proves even more that more content could be added to this game. Considering it already exists, like the films in this new box set. 

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  11. 21 minutes ago, Jason Lover said:

    Even you have to admit that Jason X most definitely AIN'T a fan-favorite of the series. And to all of those people that doesn't want Jason to fall on his back after only one hit go play the 1989 NES game.

    I admit that he would have completed the Jasons in game and made the game feel complete overall. Especially after he was advertised. Whether he’s a fan favorite or not. I’d have more fun slashing counselors as Uber Jason instead of Roy. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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