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  1. @wes None of us care about any of those things. I’m 100% positive that everyone would be happy if Uber Jason was unlocked in the same state as we see in the leaked footage. It’s 100% possible. As we can all see with Killer Puzzle. You guys are just refusing to do it. And THAT’S why everyone is so pissed. It’s a ‘fuck you’ to all of us.
  2. Have you seen footage of him? He’s not half finished. He’s all the way finished. A couple of his kills are just missing sounds. Which could be added from existing code. He’s finished.
  3. No. They can release the content as is right now. Since he’s in the code. Then update him to “finish” later. They could even update him before unlocking him. He’s already in the code. Before the deadline.
  4. Yup. Killer Puzzle is doing EXACTLY what we’ve been asking Gun to do. What they SHOULD do if they truly cared about this game. Unlock what’s anyways in there. Uber Jason. This is proof they CAN. They just don’t WANT to. They can also add a rock and tree. Despite what Wes says. Since they are already in the code. Like Uber Jason.
  5. It’s already buried. This should be in General Discussion. It’s 100% relevant to the game and what’s happening. It’s bullshit to hide it here.
  6. The deadline to add stuff was July 1st. He’s already there. Which is why Killer Puzzke can release more content on July 13th.
  7. Doesn’t matter if he’s finished. The content is in the code. This is proof they CAN release him and just patch to finish him later. Also proves that Wes’s statement of not being able to add a rock or tree is bullshit. The trees and rocks are already in the code. They can add them wherever they want. We finally have confirmation right here.
  8. Killer Puzzle is releasing new content on July 13th. They say they can do it because it’s already in the code and just locked. Sound familiar??? I’m looking at you, Uber Jason. This is all the proof you need that Gun just doesn’t want to do this anymore.
  9. Licensing before the cutoff date isn’t the issue. It can’t be released after the date. Otherwise, there’s nothing stopping Gun from making a new deal before the cutoff date and releasing more content after. So there’s no logical reason other companies can do it, but Gun can’t.
  10. I personally know of one that just got licensing this week to release later this year. It makes no sense. Unless this was always the deal....
  11. Can you just unlock everything offline now so I don’t have to level up anymore??? Lol
  12. What I don’t understand is there is still brand new officially licensed merchandise coming out later this year from various different companies. Things are still being licensed. How is this happening???
  13. So did they say everything offline would just be unlocked??? No leveling up?
  14. I get that. But they aren’t even trying. If it’s something they truly love, they would at least try. I don’t care if it takes 2 more years to start back up. Who will they be paying to maintain servers and bug fixes?
  15. I know they can’t just be sitting around waiting. But they will be paying for servers and bug fixing anyways. So they say. So if this is resolved within a year, why wouldn’t they hire more on top of the ones they will already have working on servers and bug fixing to pick right up??? It makes no sense. Unless they always only had the rights until this deadline, and will have to pay more to “renew” the deal again. I don’t know.
  16. This 100% seals the deal that the lawsuit isn’t killing the game. GUN is killing the game. If they can pay to maintain servers and bug fixing, they can easily pick right up with developement when this is resolved. They are just using this as an out.
  17. He was promised in the Virtual Cabin. The second they put him in there, he was promised to anyone that bought the game.
  18. I certainly hope that’s the case. It is very hard to be optimistic in these times though.
  19. I get that too. But i doubt the OP knew anything about the previous thread and answer. And he politely asked a question. The response just seemed very annoyed and rude.
  20. I think his problem is that it was a pretty dick headish response to a politely asked question. Probably from someone that didn’t know it was already answered. Since that thread was shut down as well.
  21. But he is finished. We’ve all seen it. Makes no sense.
  22. Technically..... They are just rewards for a donation. So they don’t legally have to send them at all.
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