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  1. 4 minutes ago, damnenchiladas said:

    You are ignoring my statements. Gun DID NOT know about the June deadline that far in advance. Their release plans went well into this year and possibly beyond if fans were willing to keep supporting the game.


    Even Blue Wizard was caught off guard by a sudden date change and were lucky enough to get their game together for a soft launch like 3 months prior to their original date. 


    If these dates were made public early on, I would safely assume both companies would have acted differently in terms on their long term planning. 

    Yes. But they did always know about the January 2018 deadline. Correct? I’m not ignoring your statement. I’m trying to fully understand the details. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, Manny1985 said:

    Sure, but while gun is effected by the suit, that doesn't mean they receive every court document nor do they have access to every bit of information themselves. All people can do is speculate. Do we know 100 percent without a doubt they knew the suit would result in the situation we are now?  No. Are people trying to create a narrative that gun knew the whole time and only made the game to take people's money? Yes. Is this narrative true? Who knows, who cares. I enjoy the game. Even if it dies, I will move to the next one.


    beside kickstarter doesn't have policies or disclosures requirements for groups raising capital. So donors should be well aware of giving money to a game like this. Also, people who purchases this game should also know that buying a game that originated from crowd funding can be a gamble. Research or buy at your own risk.

    What we do know now, from the director of NHA, is that Gun always knew they couldn’t create new content after January 2018. That was never conveyed to anybody. And that they knew about the June 2018 court deadline. Not sure how far in advance.  They just hoped it wouldn’t affect the game. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, RustInPeace said:

    @Manny1985  When people/ a company ask possible investors for money, isn't it in EVERYONE'S best interest for full disclosure on a possible legal issue before money switches hands?  If there was some sort of NDA on the situation, then it's shadiness on everyone involveds part, KNOWING you are taking money for something that is going to be haulted, while at the same time promoting a hypothetical "long lifespan" for the game.  If there was no sort of NDA, then that is wholly on GUN and, to an extension, Illfonic, for not being fully upfront about the situation and possible (now real) legal ramifications early on.

    Indeed. And it seems the recent NHA explanation in this thread confirms that Gun always knew about this deadline that would essentially kill the game. They just hid it and hoped the case would be resolved by then. 

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  4. 24 minutes ago, HTMLRulezdOOd1 said:


    I haven't seen NHA, but I appreciate his time to come on here and explain his quotes.  Gun/Ill should follow suit. 

    Go watch it now! It’s on YouTube. I normally don’t get into “fan films”. But this one is brilliant. The look and feel of it is better than most of the official “Friday” film sequels. It’s just extremely dark and tense. Ghost Jason looks so badass too. 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, zmccain said:

    If dedicated servers would cost $1million a month why has ShiftySamurai and others been saying that they are coming?  That the engine upgrade was implemented so that they could install the dedicated servers?   Something is wrong with this picture.  Either Wes is incorrect or ShiftySamurai is.  Somebody isn't being truthful.

    That’s why I posted this. Lol. So we can find out. 

  6. 11 minutes ago, zmccain said:

    Yep, Wes said dedicated servers would cost $1million a month.

    Is there anything on the planet that costs $1million a month?

    I don’t know. In that same thread, he claimed the dedicated servers for the Beta cost $7,500 a day to run. That’s why the Beta was only 3 days. That’s what the thread was about. Now that’s on PC only. Which would come out to $225,000 a month to run. I would suppose you’d have to triple that to include the 2 separate servers for XBOX and PS4. Are they currently paying $225,000 a month to run dedicated servers on PC???

  7. 2 minutes ago, Big Daddy J said:

    I mean, the post clearly talks about the choices they are going to make to be sure it does not cost that much. He is not saying it will cost a million dollars. He is saying it WOULD if they didn't take certain precautions into account.

    No. It’s saying if they ran 100% dedicated servers, like they promised to, it would cost a million dollars a month. This post was BEFORE release. Before they promised dedicated servers. The post is talking about running P2P to avoid the costs. And that’s what they decided to do before release. 

  8. 1 minute ago, JED said:

    Hmm well this would need some explaining then.

    GunMedia_Ben     2,990


    Well, we're talking about a game that's going to have servers running for a very, very long time. It's not like they'll randomly turn off. A good, good amount of titles have servers up for 15+ years and are still going strong. We're rapidly seeing games take on a longer lifespan, so I wouldn't be too worried about that ;)


    Also, we're totally looking to get single player in, as well as bots. Just need to hit that funding goal! Feel free to support us here! https://friday-the-13th-the-game.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

    I think it was actually in this thread. Somebody posted it this morning. Quoting them saying it would cost 1 million dollars a month to maintain servers. It looks like a mod deleted the new post. So the thread is no longer on the front page. And now it looks like someone deleted the quote from Gun on the cost. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, DasMurich said:


    I’m looking for it now. I saw it this morning on the front page because someone replied to it from an OLD thread quoting them on the million dollar claim. It appears that comment was now deleted and I can’t find it anymore. So whoever replied to it on here knows what I’m talking about. It was earlier this morning. They replied asking if it would really cost that much. I believe the original post was from 2016. 

  10. Serious question. And I couldn’t find an open topic on this. So sorry if there is one. But at this point, wouldn’t dedicated servers be a huge step back??? Wes or Ben posted awhile back that dedicated servers would cost “1 million dollars a month” to maintain. Is Gun really going to keep paying money every month to maintain servers for a game that is “dead”??? Once they pull the plug on dedicated servers, the game truly does die. No more multiplayer. Wouldn’t the most logical thing now be keeping the servers P2P, and focusing all the money and work on polishing this game and making it the best it can be? Keep the servers P2P and give us a client side saving ability for leveling up and unlockables. That’s the best way to ensure the life of this game. Dedicated servers will be useless at this point. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, The Doctor said:

    Not sure if sarcasm or not, but they weren't an unwelcome addition, for sure. The problem was that they were lacking in replayability, some of the scripting was a bit disjointed, but all in all it showed promise (i.e. I was hoping they'd pile on more scenarios later down the line). I guess since that's all that they're ever be, it does kinda bother me in the end when that's all the offline features are. Like a lot of people, I'll probably be shelving this hard after awhile.

    Many people I knew were waiting to buy this game for the SP component. They didn't really know what to expect, but I don't think it was necessarily what we got. I think a much bigger campaign of sort was what they were expecting but I don't know how they could have done that. 

    That’s why I’m saying that adding single player challenge elements to offline bots would be a good thing. Having the more open offline bot mode and map, but where they behave like single player AI. Doing their activities, unaware that Jason is there at first. 

  12. 17 minutes ago, Kodiak said:

    Taken directly from Wes' Twitter:

    "Stuff that wasn't done for Uber:

    • The music counselor hears when he's near.
    • Music for each cinematic kill.
    • The SFX for each cinematic kill, including counselor VO.
    • Kill anims needed polish.
    • UI/HUD work (in game and menu).
    • And then full 3 weeks of QA/Testing."

    He wasn't ready, and they won't release an incomplete version of him just to satisfy a few people. He had to be completed like all the other versions of Jason.

    Then why did they purposely release an unfinished Part 9 Jason and just update him later??? “Unfinished” for the exact reasons listed for Uber. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, tpb1992 said:

    I'd love it if Gun came out with a game that was bugs and nothing but bugs. You open the game-Visual tearing and sound crackling, Start menu-all the options are in gibberish and when you find out which option is to start the game it takes you to the credits, Gameplay-Almost nonexistant just a T pose figure wandering through a rainbow world with occasional intrusions of white noise and sound bites playing that would make SHODAN seem eloquent by comparison.

    If anything it would be like having an acid trip in game form :D

    On a serious note though, did Never Hike Alone guy reply to this? To refute or confirm what was said and speculated?



    He responded. But it was just in different words. lol. It still confirmed that Gun knew about the deadline MONTHS ago and hid it. 

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