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  1. 6 minutes ago, Daneasaur said:

    Hit the nail on the head.

    Side note, I just saw the incomplete "last version" of the Grendel. Holy smokes is it incomplete, but it's neat to look at. This is FAR from finished and would violate the programming loophole to even try to finish it.


    On another note, of placeholder images (I'll need to find the source), showcased that Pre-uber Jason X was designed out, as well as FvJ, and Bag-head AND Hockey mask reboot Jason.

    No fucking way. We could have had the 2009 version???!!!!!

  2. 4 minutes ago, Kodiak said:

    I'll give myself a warning point :chadwut: Lol

    Also guys, I wouldn't expect Uber Jason so please don't get your hopes up on that. It's extremely unlikely that he's going to ever be seen in the game as stated by Wes before so keep that in mind. It'd be a super cool surprise if somehow they'd figured it out, but it's very unlikely.

    What about PJ’s with little Uber Jasons on them?

  3. 26 minutes ago, vaporeonlover971 said:

    You people really believe that the NHA creator was talking about the lawsuit deadline? Really?! If you all don't know he was actually having a Jason model made named Ghost Jason and that was the "deadline" he was refering to! Stop taking every tiny mispoken quote out of context and do a fucking fact check before posting your claim as a true fact. Also would like to point out that unless you are a lawyer and I'm not claiming I am one, would your client in this case Gun actually flat out explain what is going on where in doing so would make their case be thrown out cause they publicly told us. Its a fucking lawsuit they have to stay quiet about it cause the law states they can't not because they are shady, but because talking about would get them in more trouble then they are now. Believe me they would LOVE to just tell us what the hell is really going on but the law saids they can't. Also I have yet to see anyone after this update using Jason X or his weapon/kills and will need video proof of said claims and I would really like to know what game they have started making as well.

    Fact. Gun is not involved in the lawsuit. They can talk about whatever they want. That’s not speculation. That’s fact. 

  4. 11 minutes ago, Daneasaur said:

    Oh, we want this thread locked? Simple enough.


    They aren't giving us Uber Jason due to the fact that they wanted to sell us three kills as DLC and are now unable to, so they are just giving us the finger and running off, using the lawsuit as an excuse.

    There is not one single thing “wrong” or “unfinished” with those kills or Uber Jason. Bullshit excuse. Add any music they want to it. 

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  5. 9 minutes ago, silencedeffect said:

    This game is fun until the horrible match making searches and constant Host/Jason quits take effect. I've had my friends decline my F13 party invites because they'd rather continue playing their Dark Souls Remastered, Monster Hunter World, or Fortnite over this disappointment.

    Same here. I made probably 50 new friends because of this game. But now, not a single one of them wants to play it anymore. 

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  6. 33 minutes ago, NScarlato said:

    He looks good, but needs way more efficiency in his killing to be a threat.

    Where is the Jason who can throw a knife and hit someone in the forehead from 3 football fields away?  Here Jason helplessly swipes at someone and keeps missing.

    This felt more an homage to Wolf Creek with F13 branding.  

    Seriously??? I loved this Jason! Clearly he wasn’t up against some brain dead counselor this time. This guy knew how to survive. I can’t remember feeling this tense watching Jason chase someone before. 

  7. 14 minutes ago, Manny1985 said:

    Again, you are speculating. You don't know how much they knew, who inside the company knew, and what was disclosed. If you look at the source, you know the reddit poster had an agenda based on memes he used and the conclusion he came to. Again, your not going to get the whole story based on a single quote. The best source would be the actual court documents and transcripts. Everything else is just secondary sources that only tell a small piece of the story.

    I’m getting the info directly from him in this thread. Not Reddit. 


    @damnenchiladas I’m not trying to misquote you or allege Gun purposely intended for this to happen. So let my TRY to understand this. And please correct or confirm. First, Gun always knew they couldn’t create new content after January 2018, correct? Which is what I understand from you. And they always knew about the court date deadline? Be it in June 2018, or whatever. They were just caught off guard by the sudden June 2018 cutoff recently, correct? But they always knew the date wa coming, they just hoped, and assumed it wouldn’t affect the game? 

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