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  1. I was never a fan of this version of Tommy. So I’ll gladly walk around with it on. Lol
  2. I’ve been playing since launch. And still haven’t found a single tape.
  3. If you are at Mad Monster, stop by the London 1888 booth and pick this bitch up.
  4. I think it’s a very fair article that expresses how the majority of us feel. The good and the bad.
  5. No fucking way. We could have had the 2009 version???!!!!!
  6. I think Gun doing a panel at this point would be suicide for them. There’s nothing positive that can come from it.... UNLESS.... they plan on a REALLY big surprise this Friday.
  7. Because they programmed Ghost Jason into the code before the cutoff date. Just like Gun did with Uber Jason.
  8. I honestly only pick weapons for the kills. I don’t care about anything else. I love the pickaxe.
  9. I predict every console or PC that the game is downloaded on will spontaneously burst into flames on Friday.
  10. Fact. Gun is not involved in the lawsuit. They can talk about whatever they want. That’s not speculation. That’s fact.
  11. Uber was finished MONTHS ago. There’s no reason to not unlock him.
  12. Literally, it’s just sounds. Fucking sounds. They can EASILY unlock him and add existing sounds. It’s just a poor excuse.
  13. How are the last 8 pages just the same 2 fucking people arguing over facts vs opinions???? Jesus Christ.
  14. Yeah. Makes sense. If I bought a new car and the wheels kept falling off, I should just be happy that the dealer keeps putting them back on and trying to make sure they don’t fall off again. But they will. Happy day!
  15. There is not one single thing “wrong” or “unfinished” with those kills or Uber Jason. Bullshit excuse. Add any music they want to it.
  16. Same here. I made probably 50 new friends because of this game. But now, not a single one of them wants to play it anymore.
  17. Yes. Single player and offline bots. Multiplayer is as worse as it’s ever been now.
  18. Seriously??? I loved this Jason! Clearly he wasn’t up against some brain dead counselor this time. This guy knew how to survive. I can’t remember feeling this tense watching Jason chase someone before.
  19. I’m getting the info directly from him in this thread. Not Reddit. @damnenchiladas I’m not trying to misquote you or allege Gun purposely intended for this to happen. So let my TRY to understand this. And please correct or confirm. First, Gun always knew they couldn’t create new content after January 2018, correct? Which is what I understand from you. And they always knew about the court date deadline? Be it in June 2018, or whatever. They were just caught off guard by the sudden June 2018 cutoff recently, correct? But they always knew the date wa coming, they just hoped, and assumed it wouldn’t affect the game?
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