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  1. 25 minutes ago, The Wolf with that Toast said:

    They can do a workaound for a lot of Things and you see , that he starts a lot with ''change'' , not ''add''.

    But he said they could ADD Roy to the Jason room. But that they can’t type a backstory. So they won’t put him in there. It makes no sense. His backstory would just consist of CHANGING letters around that are already in the game. 

  2. 52 minutes ago, The Wolf with that Toast said:

    That's just fucking unfair. If you make it much harder for the others , then not THAT easy against Part IX. Make it atleast the half of the others. But if he keeps that Health , then his Stun Resistance Needs a Major buff. Like Bats can only stun 75% of the time now.

    And what About the extremely easily punishable attack from Jason? Why not Change that? Make the Slash faster or make it so , that the counselors can't swing faster than Jason can block after a swing.

    AND WHAT ABOUT MEAT-SHIELDING? You know , that you can block with a grabbed a counselor a hit?

    I still like a lot of your ideas , don't get me wrong. But I don't know how to think About 4 keys……… And some are favoring counselors too much again.

    Changing Things is not adding Content. And anyways , they changed the ending VC 2.0 , so they can type words still. But not a new rock.

    Wes said they can’t type words. Which is why Roy won’t be added to the Jason Room. Because they can’t type his backstory. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Thor_Bjarnason said:

    If the last few weeks hadn't been as depressingly sad in regards to the game, the release of this slasher edition would have been hilarious. 

    The way it is, it's hard for me not to be infuriated. With the edition itself, the trailer, the kills, the state the game is at.

    There are quite a few who seem happy with it and who seem willing to buy it, it seems. So good luck with it, I guess. 

    Hey. If they want to spend $70 on a subpar quality mask and a folded poster, more power to them. 

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  4. 37 minutes ago, wes said:

    Actually, this is on me. The basic structure of the trailer (footage captured) was laid out months and months ago for the Slasher+Collectors editions. There were kills that we had planned to release, so they found their way into the first pass of the trailer. Obviously, because of the dispute, we can't release these, but the footage of them slipped through and made their way into the final trailer. Again, this is on me. I should have caught it, but didn't. Sorry about that. 


     But then that once again raises the question..... these kills were CLEARLY done before the cutoff date. So WHY exactly can’t they be included?? You guys keep avoiding that very simple, logical question. 

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