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  1. But he said they could ADD Roy to the Jason room. But that they can’t type a backstory. So they won’t put him in there. It makes no sense. His backstory would just consist of CHANGING letters around that are already in the game.
  2. Wes said they can’t type words. Which is why Roy won’t be added to the Jason Room. Because they can’t type his backstory.
  3. Hey. If they want to spend $70 on a subpar quality mask and a folded poster, more power to them.
  4. But then that once again raises the question..... these kills were CLEARLY done before the cutoff date. So WHY exactly can’t they be included?? You guys keep avoiding that very simple, logical question.
  5. Can’t do any of that. Because according to Wes, even typing a single letter is new content.
  6. You don’t want the poster. It will be folded and creased inside that box. It will not be protected in a tube. The poster will be completely ruined and useless.
  7. It’s just a cash grab. The last chance to suck every bit of money out of a dying game. The mask sucks. Honestly. You can see the Neca mask online. It looks terrible. The quality is shit. The paint job is terrible. The poster will be useless. It’s going to be folded up inside this box. Ruining it.
  8. “Authentic Replica Part 3 Mask”.... Literally not authentic or a replica at all. Looks terrible in that pic.
  9. Damn. I’d actually pay for this version just to unlock everything. Lol. I don’t have time to level up!
  10. @ShiftySamurai When it says everything is included? Does that mean it’s all unlocked right away? The kills and weapon selection???
  11. I honestly think dedicated servers would be a step backwards at this point. Time and efforts are better focused on other parts of the game. Instead of dedicated servers that will render the game completely unplayable once they go offline in the near future.
  12. I did. But I might be biased, because it was the first F13 movie I ever saw as a child. So it’s special to me. But I also loved the “crazy” aspect of him. And really wish they would have continued with that part of his story in part 6. How he ended part 5 as “Jason”.
  13. It was authorized and approved before the cutoff date. It’s official. It’s not Gun. It’s London 1888. All their shit is badass. If you’re at Mad Monster, check out their booth.
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