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  1. 2 hours ago, NytmereZ said:

    I am a backer and I have zero problem with them releasing savini Jason to everybody , it’s one of the only things that they can do to get people excited,  that and making a hard mode where Jason starts with all his powers, that would mask some of how bad he is(like the original grab did) of course the game is still buggy as hell, , raging though a door and being blinded for a few seconds because it doesn’t fall down (more when you get stunned) there is allot they could do that are simple little things that could make people want to play this game for years, they are just to lazy. People like Neca are still releasing new Jason toys.. totally new product, the puzzle game gets updated almost every week, f13 the game? ... bug riddled, Jason stun o thon filled with 8 year old kids, trolls with cheat hacks, people dancing etc... add that it is obvious that there is Zero maintenance done to this game the memory leaks are evident in the way the game plays ..... if I would have known these people were so lazy I would have never backed it

    Lazy and don’t care. That is obvious now. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, HowAreYa said:

    Again, the boat starting sound across the map was my experience. If you guys experienced differently, good for you, but you guys just can't accept the fact that I experienced differently than the others and some guys, especially @malloymk, try to say that I'm crazy but I'm not. I know what I heard. I'm quitting this discussion now and forever because convincing me is pointless and just a waste of my and your time. The answer remains simple: if the dev's don't give a confirmation, it's not clear whether the sound was working in previous builds or not.

    We ALL experienced differently for the simple fact that you are wrong. That’s it. 

  3. 7 hours ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    That's all that would have to happen to end the discussion. Just one person from the dev team come in and say, "Hey, there was a sound for the boat, but it went away and is now back" or "Hey! You are a bunch of idiots! There was never a sound unless you were close to the boat." But it doesn't look like any of them have the time to come and chime in.

    After all the research and digging I had time to do, I am fairly certain that I must have been close to the boat when it started, and back then I was still a "noob" at the game so I didn't even realize where I was in relation to the boat on the map.

    Good luck. This game was dead to them the moment they found an out with the lawsuit announcement. They don’t give a fuck anymore. 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Whitebabyjoker said:

    He didn't confirm or deny anything.

    Yes he did. The boat was never meant to be heard because it’s easier to catch. 


    6 minutes ago, HowAreYa said:

    I can remember that Jason could hear a sound when the boat started when the game launched. And maybe Ben responded here like how he thought it was intended, but maybe Wes or the dev's knew better.

    Only if you were close to the dock. Jason could never hear it start like the car. Even at launch. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, HowAreYa said:

    The sound was at launch for sure there, but it seems like a bug broke it for a while. So, it's not new content. They fixed what needed to be fixed, because boat escapes are supposed to be more dangerous, otherwise it would be an (too) easy escape.

    It was never there at launch. Ben even confirmed it in this thread. 

  6. This game will die because Gun is more worried about deleting posts on here instead of supporting the game. Where are the fixes? Where is the communication? Where is ANYTHING???? You don’t want to release anymore content? Fine. I think we would ALL move on from that horrible news a hell of a lot faster if Gun would just regularly COMMUNICATE with us about what they ARE going to do. And WHEN they are going to do it. 

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Fair Play said:

    Personally, I'd rather have a new F13 game made from scratch, if the opportunity were to come along. I enjoy this game and all, but I'd rather see what someone else can envision and create based on this franchise.

    I’d be all for that. If it was a game solely focused on a single player story. Completely different than this one. 

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  8. 34 minutes ago, Fair Play said:

    Legally, at this point I don't think they could pass the game to anyone, even if they wanted to. I'm hopeful that once the lawsuit passes, someone down the line will take another stab (no pun intended) at another F13 game. The interest is there. The creativity is there.

    I’d think they could sell the game to another publisher. To take over bug fixing and possibly pick back up on content later.  Like when THQ went bankrupt and 2K took over the WWE games. It was right when a new game was released. So a few months later, the in game menus and physical packaging magically changed to 2K logos, via an update.

  9. Simple answer. They don’t WANT to. The Killer Puzzle game STILL puts out new content DAILY. They have a Daily Puzzle mode that is a brand new level everyday. That’s NEW content. By Gun’s standards. Exactly what they claim they can’t do. It appears they just don’t WANT to. But they have completely stopped communicating for no reason. So all we can do is “speculate” of course....

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  10. 2 hours ago, HuDawg said:



    Lets face it. DBD is just a game of hooks and generators with mediocre/basic/dull maps, with killers that don't really kill.  The game play is beyond boring and basic.  The surviors are extremly generic. And the movie based killers are just a gimmick used to sell the game.


    DBD is less buggier and more polished then F13th.. But F13th has the bigger dick, by a mile long. 

    DBD is so cheaply thrown together it makes F13th look perfect by default. 


    You’ve clearly never played DBD. Survivors actually have to SURVIVE in that game. No fighting. You hide and get the fuck out, or you die. I never play as the killer. That’s not where the fun is for me in that game. F13 online gameplay is fucking TRASH now. And has been for awhile. I play both games regularly. And the only major thing F13 has over DBD are the offline modes where you can actually BE Jason and kill counselors like the films. 

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