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  1. So cool that Gun keeps deleting posts on here for no reason too. Maybe you should actually COMMUNICATE with us instead of just lurking on the forums and proving you never cared about this game.
  2. We ALL experienced differently for the simple fact that you are wrong. That’s it.
  3. Good luck. This game was dead to them the moment they found an out with the lawsuit announcement. They don’t give a fuck anymore.
  4. But there was NEVER a boat sound for Jason before. EVER. Not even at launch. Ben even said that was because it’s easier to catch the boat. So Jason didn’t get an alert when it was started. Why was this added now???
  5. I don’t. This is just more proof not to believe them. They said Jason shouldn’t hear the boat a year ago because it’s easier to catch. Now they added new content so he can hear it. It’s just more bullshit. That’s my point.
  6. Yes he did. The boat was never meant to be heard because it’s easier to catch. Only if you were close to the dock. Jason could never hear it start like the car. Even at launch.
  7. Nope. It was never there or meant to be there. Ben confirmed it a year ago.
  8. It was never there at launch. Ben even confirmed it in this thread.
  9. EXACTLY. Which is why the boat has been my lone wolf go to escape method since launch. So if they add that sound to PS4 and Xbox, that’s NEW CONTENT.
  10. Xbox has NEVER had the sound. Not even at launch. Only sound you heard was someone messing up the gas or propeller.
  11. Riiiight. Dedicated servers were “close to going live” last September too........
  12. This game will die because Gun is more worried about deleting posts on here instead of supporting the game. Where are the fixes? Where is the communication? Where is ANYTHING???? You don’t want to release anymore content? Fine. I think we would ALL move on from that horrible news a hell of a lot faster if Gun would just regularly COMMUNICATE with us about what they ARE going to do. And WHEN they are going to do it.
  13. I’d be all for that. If it was a game solely focused on a single player story. Completely different than this one.
  14. Just GIVE this game to another publisher. If Gun doesn’t truly care about this game or franchise, give it to someone that does, and will keep it alive for the fans.
  15. I’d think they could sell the game to another publisher. To take over bug fixing and possibly pick back up on content later. Like when THQ went bankrupt and 2K took over the WWE games. It was right when a new game was released. So a few months later, the in game menus and physical packaging magically changed to 2K logos, via an update.
  16. Simple answer. They don’t WANT to. The Killer Puzzle game STILL puts out new content DAILY. They have a Daily Puzzle mode that is a brand new level everyday. That’s NEW content. By Gun’s standards. Exactly what they claim they can’t do. It appears they just don’t WANT to. But they have completely stopped communicating for no reason. So all we can do is “speculate” of course....
  17. You’ve clearly never played DBD. Survivors actually have to SURVIVE in that game. No fighting. You hide and get the fuck out, or you die. I never play as the killer. That’s not where the fun is for me in that game. F13 online gameplay is fucking TRASH now. And has been for awhile. I play both games regularly. And the only major thing F13 has over DBD are the offline modes where you can actually BE Jason and kill counselors like the films.
  18. DBD is the better game to play as a survivor. F13 is the better game to play as the killer.
  19. I have yet to find a single tape. So that’s why I haven’t found this. Lol.
  20. The game is WORSE since the update. Looks worse and plays worse. But hey, it’s better than new content, right??? Nice decision.
  21. Dedicated servers were “close to being done” almost a year ago.... They’re never coming.
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