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  1. 45 minutes ago, sfosterjr said:

    Im pretty sure the lawsuit was just an excuse for them to stop working on the game because they wanted to move on to their next project. The killer puzzle game just added new stuff. Just noticed that this didnt get put in with above post for some reason?? Sorry about double post

    Yes. Somehow, Killer Puzzle is consistently adding new content. On a regular basis. And it’s not from existing assets in the game. It’s brand new Jasons and other content. They never stopped. They never even slowed down! Lol

  2. 6 hours ago, prodigy5 said:

    And they decided to let us know this now? How long has this game been out for?  It doesn't matter what side you take on the issue. And it doesn't matter what the game "should or shouldn't be". When they pull a rug of this magnitude out from under a vast portion of the player base,  this is the result, and I can't blame anyone for disagreeing with what they have done with Friday because (right or wrong), This isn't a patch. it's an entirely different f#$%ing game now. Hasn't anyone ever heard of sequels? Why does everything have to be patch patch patch all the time until the game you're playing no longer even resembles the one you spent the money on? And as far as how the "patch" affects players: Well, even if you are strictly an evader and didn't bully Jason pre patch, the ones who did, made things much easier for you by keeping Jason occupied so you could repair shit and escape unnoticed and undisturbed. It seems the evasion guild is somehow under the impression that everything will go on like clockwork for them, and they will somehow remain unaffected by this, but they are mistaken. So before everyone gets too high up on that high horse with all this: "I never had to bully Jason to beat him mumbo jumbo,"  be mindful that some or much of the reason you were able to escape a pre patch Jason, may very well have been because I was kicking his ass halfway across the map. It's almost as funny as it is ironic that the Jason"bullies," who are so quickly and indiscriminately black balled, actually assisted many in realizing and enjoying their' preferred playstyles! 

    And you’re the reason this patch was needed so badly. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    Slashing is actually more difficult than grabbing..... does it feel a little cheap to be killed that way sure but Jason kills people slashing is a legitimate way to do it.... and the salt that comes from it is priceless...

    I know I will definitely tone it down with the new patch now that Jason is more of a threat and his melee swing does more damage to multiple counselors....

    but I don’t see anything wrong with slashing in a slasher game.

    The only reason I despise slashing is because of how crappy it looks when you kill someone with it. Kills the immersion for me. I’ve been saying since the beginning that they need to add a better kill animation with the slashing. Like the final slash lops the counselor’s head off. Or  cuts their torso in half. Or even just drops them to their knees, where you can let them bleed out, or get a free grab kill.  

  4. 57 minutes ago, Potatomasher said:

    How about the survivors targeted at the start? I mean they can run from house to house but houses can only take u so far,especially with a Jason with a destruction that can break doors in 2 swings good times 

    You can easily outrun him in the beginning. Without having to combat him. And if you’re targeted, oh well. That’s the game. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Potatomasher said:

    No Jason rages at the start because people have to survive him so they hit him and that's when the total wrath of the god Jason starts against the counselors that can only hide against his rage LOL ridiculous and since you want to know i said duck on purpose because i don't like to curse in case of a kid reading but grown ups like you get the hint hint 

    He only rages at the “start” if troll counselors ignore all objectives and try to just fight Jason instead. Play stupidly, then you die faster.  Play the way the game was meant to be played, and you’ll do just fine. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, RobiePL said:

    For 3 games each Jason had a Rage mode. If there were more pocket knives as before, then the Rage mode for me could be after a minute. Now the only way out is to play Vanessa and run away, since Jason will have Rage mode in every game. The better players will especially choose Jason with fewer hp, because the faster Rage mode will appear.


    Fine, but check out archivement on Steam about survive the night ....  -,-  How do this now ? 

    Simple. Same as before. Now it’s just way harder. Not impossible. As it should be. 

  7. 34 minutes ago, nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co said:

    The game has been like this for almost 2 years, in no moment since launch Jason was unbeatable. 

    People, who may differ from your opinion, bought a game which did entail the possibility of fighting back, as risky as it was on launch week.

    Now this possibility is removed from a good part of a match, how can you not see that the deal between devs and some players has been broken?

    This patch supports your way of playing, I am genuinely happy for you, I really am. Game balancing should improve the experience for all players.

    Invincibility is wrong, there could have been many different ways to balance this game out: more slashing power, less cooldown, more stun cooldown time etc etc 

    If that was done I would have never said anything, like I never did despite playing since week one. But this patch completely changes a 2 years old gameplay, how can you not see that backlash is expected?


     But he’s not invincible. He’s just harder to stun and kill now once he’s in Rage mode. As he should be. Otherwise, Rage mode is essentially just the ability to walk through doors and just keep being stunned. 

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  8. 34 minutes ago, Jasonlives4ever said:

    You keep missing his point. Do you understand that It's now damn near impossible to survive the night if u have a semi competent Jason player coming after you relentlessly in rage mode. Eventually he will catch you because your stamina will be too low since you're taking a big risk trying to hit him in rage mode. Body blocking and making his swing stronger in rage should have been the way to go. That way it's still possible to survive the night.

    I get his point. And to be blunt, he’s wrong. This game was never meant to fight Jason or to survive the night. The developers have said since the concept of this game that neither of those were viable options. This game was meant to be played to work together and ESCAPE. Not fight Jason or survive the night by hiding. And now it’s finally being polished to enforce that even more. If you can’t escape within a reasonable time, the you die. That’s how it should be. If people don’t get that, then this game was never meant for them. They’ve just been abusing gameplay loopholes. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co said:

    Hi Dolemite this post is quite harsh and doesn't represent the truth about people who like to fight Jason. Not everybody is toxic and not everybody must like what you like.

    The game has several ways to win, killing Jason and surviving the night when fighting are two of them, there is no moral superiority in escaping. They are all reasonable methods based on what you like the most.

    Invincibility is not a buff, it is nonsense

    That’s the point. Nobody should WANT to fight Jason. It is meant to be a last ditch effort. Not an option to seek out. The developers flat out said when making the game that you should never fight Jason. And doing so means that you will die. That was never meant to be a logical option in this game. Only when necessary. 

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  10. I’ve been on “vacation”. Once I heard about this update, I dove right back in. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying should have been done for over a year. I always said that once Jason is in Rage, nothing should stop him except for shotguns. I couldn’t believe it when I saw these patch notes! I’m excited again. Jason is scary again. Counselors are running again. If you don’t want Jason building his Rage quickly, then don’t attack him! Nobody should actively be searching out Jason to engage with him anyways. Fighting Jason should always be a last ditch scenario. Like the movies. I haven’t been this excited since the first days of the game. Great work, GUN!

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  11. 10 minutes ago, ChaosLordWesker said:

    Jason being able to hear the boat start means the boat is a guaranteed death trap now. 

    Getting thrown out of a boat by Jason is instant death, it needed a silent start to give the players a chance to escape.

    Who is still going to use the boat as a viable escape with this change?

    And the notes say he can “hear the boat start AGAIN”..... Which he never could hear it before. Not ever.  Not since release. 

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