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  1. Just release Uber and the kill packs that have already been leaked, and I’ll be happy. The game will be complete for me.
  2. No. I’m a Jason guy. But if more counselors are escaping, that means his recent buff worked. And it’s forced people to actually work together to escape before dying. I’d rather have that type of match as Jason. Have counselors frantically scrambling to escape as fast as possible.
  3. Trolls keep crying about “balance”. I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about a Friday the 13th game, is that it’s SUPPOSED TO BE UNBALANCED! In Jason’s favor! He is supposed to be an unstoppable monster. And now he’s finally becoming one in the game.
  4. Yes. Somehow, Killer Puzzle is consistently adding new content. On a regular basis. And it’s not from existing assets in the game. It’s brand new Jasons and other content. They never stopped. They never even slowed down! Lol
  5. The only reason I despise slashing is because of how crappy it looks when you kill someone with it. Kills the immersion for me. I’ve been saying since the beginning that they need to add a better kill animation with the slashing. Like the final slash lops the counselor’s head off. Or cuts their torso in half. Or even just drops them to their knees, where you can let them bleed out, or get a free grab kill.
  6. Wow. The trolls are really upset about this...... good.
  7. What??? Jason can now hit multiple counselors at once. So they can’t team up anymore to troll him.
  8. You can easily outrun him in the beginning. Without having to combat him. And if you’re targeted, oh well. That’s the game.
  9. He only rages at the “start” if troll counselors ignore all objectives and try to just fight Jason instead. Play stupidly, then you die faster. Play the way the game was meant to be played, and you’ll do just fine.
  10. Except that the devs made this game to reenact the films. It was meant to mirror the franchise. In their own words during development. They even said Jason is SUPPOSED to always win.
  11. No. Not good. Stupid. Only a stupid counselor would actively seek out Jason. And now they’re punished for their stupidity.
  12. Jason is supposed to be OP. VERY OP. Trying to fight him is supposed to result in death. That’s how it should be. That’s how it was always meant to be. And now it’s finally getting better. If you ever wanted a game where you can actually go toe to toe with Jason and legitimately have a chance, this game is not for you. And neither are the films.
  13. Yes. And now the REAL F13 franchise fans can finally have fun with a game that more accurately represents the films.
  14. Simple. Same as before. Now it’s just way harder. Not impossible. As it should be.
  15. But he’s not invincible. He’s just harder to stun and kill now once he’s in Rage mode. As he should be. Otherwise, Rage mode is essentially just the ability to walk through doors and just keep being stunned.
  16. I get his point. And to be blunt, he’s wrong. This game was never meant to fight Jason or to survive the night. The developers have said since the concept of this game that neither of those were viable options. This game was meant to be played to work together and ESCAPE. Not fight Jason or survive the night by hiding. And now it’s finally being polished to enforce that even more. If you can’t escape within a reasonable time, the you die. That’s how it should be. If people don’t get that, then this game was never meant for them. They’ve just been abusing gameplay loopholes.
  17. That’s the point. Nobody should WANT to fight Jason. It is meant to be a last ditch effort. Not an option to seek out. The developers flat out said when making the game that you should never fight Jason. And doing so means that you will die. That was never meant to be a logical option in this game. Only when necessary.
  18. I’ve been on “vacation”. Once I heard about this update, I dove right back in. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying should have been done for over a year. I always said that once Jason is in Rage, nothing should stop him except for shotguns. I couldn’t believe it when I saw these patch notes! I’m excited again. Jason is scary again. Counselors are running again. If you don’t want Jason building his Rage quickly, then don’t attack him! Nobody should actively be searching out Jason to engage with him anyways. Fighting Jason should always be a last ditch scenario. Like the movies. I haven’t been this excited since the first days of the game. Great work, GUN!
  19. And the notes say he can “hear the boat start AGAIN”..... Which he never could hear it before. Not ever. Not since release.
  20. So what happens when these servers are shut down? Gun surely can’t afford to keep paying for them.
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