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  1. 34 minutes ago, Strigoi said:

    Well if we get a Halloween game i trust that it will be great.

    West Keltner announced that Gun media went deep with there next game on his Twitter account and really payed attention to detail.

    What i want to see in  A Halloween official video game is the occult pagan backstory of Samhain the Lord of The Dead to be put into the game.

    Id like to see a Rob Zombie Michael Myers design specially for the game.

    I Want to be able to explore Haddonfeild Memorial Hospital and find clues and news paper articles about Michael myers,hidden weapons etc.

    I Want Halloween night costume dlc packs.

    I Want Rob Zombie to be heavily and deeply involved in the games production.

    Rob Zombie is the only answer to making the game playable.



    I want Rob Zombie to have absolutely NOTHING to do with a Halloween game. He already damaged the franchise enough. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, Fair Play said:

    At this point, the game is on the radar. Trolls, hackers and other sketchy players will continue to do what they do best. I do agree that punishments will motivate them to continue their shenanigans. Too bad we can't turn back time and prevent this from having happened in the first place.

    We can. GUN can. They just refuse to. And it’s sad. This game should have been the definitive F13 game for years to come. It’s now become just an unplayable troll magnet. 

  3. 50 minutes ago, tyrant666 said:

    Yeah its all pretty bad at this point. Combine that with the teamers, trolls and russian servers with 30 players on Packacrap Small who hack people's accounts client side and its all one pretty big mess on PC anyway.

    As usual, all we get from the powers that be is the tried and traditional...

    1. Go to Jason Kills Bugs


    2. Total silence

    Why anyone would blind buy their next title regardless if its Halloween, TCM or anything else is just crazy talk at this point. The lawsuit isn't valid here either because these were things well documented over the course of the game's existence from the start. Nothing to do with content.

    The fact that they’ve completely abandoned this game in the broken state that it’s in would definitely deter me from buying anything else from them in the future. If you’re going to walk away from the game, at least leave it in a better state than it started. 

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    It's on Packanack. It's also a spawn spot for a pocket knife sometimes and can have a health spray at the very back of it near the targets and hay stacks. The range only appears on the map style that has Jason's shack at the top of the map above one of the cars.

    I always find a shotgun there too. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, YouAndYourFriendsAreDead said:

    Just played some matches for the first time since the update and the dedicated servers went down. First match as a counselor ended quick because the host left. My first match as Jason also ended quick because the first person I happened to kill was the host. Eventually I got host was able to get through a few games despite the lag for every game being almost unbearable (though pulling the plug on the teamers at the end was enjoyable). 

    Suffice to say it looks like my time with F13 has just about come to an end. It was a great game and I am still looking forward the devs next horror game and hope to support it.


    Unless Gun makes host migration a thing, this game is dead. 

  6. I’ll still play. I love this game. Despite all the issues. There’s nothing like just picking this up and killing some bot counselors as Jason. I’ve also met some of the best people in the Xbox gaming community playing this game online. I’ve never felt another feeling of excitement of a game like during the first few weeks of this game’s release. So if anyone wants to add me on Xbox to have some decent games, CharlieBdeaD. 

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