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  1. But what he’s saying is they aren’t just modifying the model that is actually in the game now. They are modifying it elsewhere. Then they have to import it and completely replace the current in game existing model. Which is true. That’s what he means.
  2. Yeah. I don’t get that. They are technically importing new models. So..... what’s the Jason X excuse now???
  3. Yeah. GUN said it’s too hard to get the Jason AI to work. Now they should just copy the AI of Mr.X from the RE2 Remake. Lol
  4. I’m going to have to try and see if counselors can just run out without calling the cops there.
  5. Yeah. I’m just curious if Jason gets the kills and customers still get credit for the escapes.
  6. Interesting. I’ll have to try this later. Did you get credit for all the kills???
  7. I haven’t played in awhile. So I decided to fire up my Xbox One and do something single player challenges. I go to #9 at Pinehurst, and EVERY fluid is sparkly rainbows! STILL! All the blood. The syringes upstairs. Even the toilet water!! How has this not been fixed yet????
  8. It’s easier to kill Jason than it is to escape. Which completely contradicts what GUN said before release. After seeing someone figure it out before the game was even released, and seeing him killed 9/10 games, I’d rather have the ability to kill Jason completely removed.
  9. I think what I mainly want are the kills from single player challenges. Like if we can sneak up on a bot repairing the car. Or near the stop sign. Or the electrical box kill. I’d like the bots to do those things in offline mode so we can use the single player kills there.
  10. One thing I’ve been asking for is the ability to move the AI behavior from Single Player Challenges to Offline Bots mode. So the counselors are actually doing things while you stalk and kill them. Not just in a panic right away.
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