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  1. Not bannable. And technically not wrong. But if you do it, you’re just a shitty player. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. F13 was better. Now it’s near unplayable. DBD is more alive than ever. And still going.
  3. We can. GUN can. They just refuse to. And it’s sad. This game should have been the definitive F13 game for years to come. It’s now become just an unplayable troll magnet.
  4. The fact that they’ve completely abandoned this game in the broken state that it’s in would definitely deter me from buying anything else from them in the future. If you’re going to walk away from the game, at least leave it in a better state than it started.
  5. Almost every match I’ve played since the recent patch has ended in a rage quit. This game is almost unplayable now without dedicated servers or host migration.
  6. Since dedicated servers are done, isn’t there a way to disable people from joining a game for 24 hours as a punishment for rage quitting???
  7. Unless Gun makes host migration a thing, this game is dead.
  8. When the servers go down, the bots will probably be one of the only things that work. We will lose ALL progress and unlockables. That’s the bigger issue.
  9. Sooooo..... What about all these new bugs that were created by this last patch???....
  10. I’ll still play. I love this game. Despite all the issues. There’s nothing like just picking this up and killing some bot counselors as Jason. I’ve also met some of the best people in the Xbox gaming community playing this game online. I’ve never felt another feeling of excitement of a game like during the first few weeks of this game’s release. So if anyone wants to add me on Xbox to have some decent games, CharlieBdeaD.
  11. Well this really sucks. I’d be less upset if there weren’t so many things left broken in the game. This was so close to being the perfect Friday The 13th game. Even without the missing content. You guys couldn’t actually fix everything before abandoning it????
  12. If simple phone apps can handle host migration, I’m not sure why this game hasn’t figured it out yet.
  13. What about sparkly rainbow blood/fluids in Pinehurst???? That’s still an issue. Will that be fixed in this final patch???
  14. I get that peer to peer absolutely sucks. There’s no disputing that. It makes playing worthless and unbearable. This announcement pretty much means I am done playing this game online. That being said, I’ll still have fun killing offline bots as Jason. That never gets old to me.
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