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  1. At least they wasted time making her ass bigger though. Right????
  2. Serious question. Why wasn’t this patch tested before releasing it?? There’s no way it could have actually been properly tested when everyone sees all the issues within minutes of playing. I don’t get it.
  3. Which makes it look even more like they were just looking for the first chance to abandon this game.
  4. I understand how it doesn’t count as “new” content. My question is that why can’t this loophole be used to add new maps, etc??? If they just take existing trees, cabins, rocks, etc. Why can’t they make more content using existing assets???
  5. Fucking hell. I thought when they announced the content was dead, they said they would focus on polishing the game to make it bug free and better. Not just fucking ruin it and abandon it altogether.
  6. No. I get it. It’s funny to me when I’m playing Pinehurst with friends. Can’t argue that. But when I’m just killing offline bots or single player challenges, it ruins it for me.
  7. It really ruins the immersion for me. I get why people find it funny. But it’s an obvious glitch that makes the map unenjoyable for me. And it’s been an issue for WAY too long.
  8. Still no fix for sparkly rainbow blood in Pinehurst???!
  9. My question is, should we even bother playing and leveling up? Will our new levels be combined into our old levels once they fix it? Or is it pointless to even play now?
  10. Yeah. I see they haven’t responded with an update in days. My son and I are going to be pretty pissed if we don’t get our progress back.
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