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  1. This is just another BS thread. #don'tfeedthetroll
  2. Boy grow the fuck up! What would you like them to do? Cause taking all the weapons off the map would only make this game less fun and more like DBD. Who the fuck cares if someone new to the game is getting smacked around like a punching bag is it their falut? No its not as I was in a group of newbies and they still beat his ass but also got killed by Jason so I don't get what they would/could change that makes him equal to the counsolers without pissing off the counsoler mains.
  3. Never had a Fatal Error so I'm calling BS on your remark.
  4. Giving Jason a Buff will only make the Counselors complain that he is TOO OP and vice versa, Balence issue my foot I'm 139 and still don't get everyone in a match.
  5. I barely even use blocking both as Jason and as a Counselor mostly because I forget about it. On the topic of laggy games I ONLY find it to be laggy on epic, high or medium graphics settings and I CAN SEE IT! I turn down the graphics to low and keep V-Sync on and it may not "Look Pretty" but at least I don't have choppy movement and before someone comes along and asks what I am using to play its a Lenovo Gaming Laptop that I have had for years still runs fine and it has two Nivida Geforce Graphics cards in it. I am not a believer of a game has to be at High or Epic settings to be playable cause all it does for me is make the game play worse and can I just point out that people should quit whining about balence. If you make Jason stronger then counselor mains will start whining that he needs to be debuffed and vice versa for Jason mains complaining about counselors needing a debuff. I actually find the people who quit because they aren't Jason quiting and the ones who are Jason quiting cause 1 counselor escaped, like grow up and try to get the rest.
  6. People should keep in mind that steam sales have to be submited months in advanced so that $5.99 steam sale for the Halloween Steam Sale was not made to cover losses it was submited to Valve back who knows when, I just laughed at anyone who said thats what the game should of been sold at when it launched cause you think that a Horror Game this iconic would sell on store shelfs for $5.99. I still play this game and love it even with the randoms who are trolls and the like. The whole thing about Uber Jason being a selling point loss for the game is just getting old now can we move past that one fact already and just enjoy that we even have a Modern Friday The 13th game at all. I would like to also say that Patches will always bring bugs as a addon to this statement of mine over on a youtube video.
  7. This is the dumbest suggestion I have read so far. Jason is always the killer PERIOD!
  8. I hope that this will calm the fire of hate towards you guys as game makers.
  9. I still would like to see a picture of the C&D Order if they even got one that is. Also lets be honest that some blame should go towards the people in this community with everyone being so toxic. Is it better? Maybe...but at least I don't come here everyday and see everyone being toxic or in the steam forums which while I still see it happening, it is not everyday much anymore. I'm not going to point fingers at anyone or call BS on what they might say.
  10. I think he is just making a joke I don't see it as anything else.
  11. I doubt they would change the name it wouldn't make much sense to do it from a marketing standpoint.
  12. Can I just point out something in this "kickstarter goal" List thing. Ahem...You see the goals that are in red are already in the game, and this image is not I REPEAT NOT from kickstarter its from backerkit which is very different from kickstarter, plus some of the much higher goals are also in the game already so...can someone explain exactly WHAT "promised content" that is not Uber, Grendal, Paranoia, or anything else that people are claiming they didn't give us. By the way I totally welcome some fresh blood to work on the game that has brought me many laughs and rage moments, I relieve stress by playing this game so its good for me.
  13. Teabagging wouldn't even be a thing if Halo 2 was never made so thank Bungie and Microsoft for your anger towards those that do it.
  14. I seriously think the people who claim that they fixed jack shit are just plain stupid, I played over 50 matches since the patch and I have ONLY encountered random characters in 3 of those 50 matches, twice as a counselor and once as Jason but you know what? I didn't care cause I am not a whiny little snowflake who once they saw this were like "THEY FIXED NOTHING" and then continue to throw wood on the fire. Really they fixed the #1 issue with the game which was the party system and you guys are like "well lets see what they broke this time." is this what you do in your freetime? I have said before I rather have the party system issue fixed then random characters, also lets be honest isn't it more of a challenge to adapt to the counselor/Jason if or when the game desides to give you one, I mostly play Lachappa and when it gives me another counselor lets say Chad instead of fixing stuff I go and grab things and maybe put them in. The boat sound was something I was curious about but you can easily still miss the sound cue cause of how low the boat start up sound is, I missed the boat a couple of times cause I had people yelling in my ear making me miss it so thats something. I will also like to claim that out of the 50 matches I once again never came across any of these so called "Speedhackers" so I will love to ask you people that say this is a thing to show me the program that allows this to be a thing.
  15. Can you prove it? No you can't cause unlike "PC Gaming" the Console Market has zero tools to show players in-game trust me I have looked for one and found nothing. Everyone only seems to look at the fucking steam players in-game and THINK THATS THE ENTIRE PLAYERBASE! Its stupid and should not be used for calling a game dead.
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