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  1. vaporeonlover971

    is anyone being banned anymore

    Teabagging wouldn't even be a thing if Halo 2 was never made so thank Bungie and Microsoft for your anger towards those that do it.
  2. vaporeonlover971

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    I seriously think the people who claim that they fixed jack shit are just plain stupid, I played over 50 matches since the patch and I have ONLY encountered random characters in 3 of those 50 matches, twice as a counselor and once as Jason but you know what? I didn't care cause I am not a whiny little snowflake who once they saw this were like "THEY FIXED NOTHING" and then continue to throw wood on the fire. Really they fixed the #1 issue with the game which was the party system and you guys are like "well lets see what they broke this time." is this what you do in your freetime? I have said before I rather have the party system issue fixed then random characters, also lets be honest isn't it more of a challenge to adapt to the counselor/Jason if or when the game desides to give you one, I mostly play Lachappa and when it gives me another counselor lets say Chad instead of fixing stuff I go and grab things and maybe put them in. The boat sound was something I was curious about but you can easily still miss the sound cue cause of how low the boat start up sound is, I missed the boat a couple of times cause I had people yelling in my ear making me miss it so thats something. I will also like to claim that out of the 50 matches I once again never came across any of these so called "Speedhackers" so I will love to ask you people that say this is a thing to show me the program that allows this to be a thing.
  3. Can you prove it? No you can't cause unlike "PC Gaming" the Console Market has zero tools to show players in-game trust me I have looked for one and found nothing. Everyone only seems to look at the fucking steam players in-game and THINK THATS THE ENTIRE PLAYERBASE! Its stupid and should not be used for calling a game dead.
  4. vaporeonlover971

    Oh for the love of god

    I agree If they fix just that party split bug I could care less about the random character bug. Also its not a glitch its a bug.
  5. I play on PC and I find lobbies just fine.
  6. vaporeonlover971

    So maybe just maybe...

    @Fair Play someone here deserves a job as a mod here I like your calmness in this situation
  7. vaporeonlover971

    Questions About Future Content

    You people really believe that the NHA creator was talking about the lawsuit deadline? Really?! If you all don't know he was actually having a Jason model made named Ghost Jason and that was the "deadline" he was refering to! Stop taking every tiny mispoken quote out of context and do a fucking fact check before posting your claim as a true fact. Also would like to point out that unless you are a lawyer and I'm not claiming I am one, would your client in this case Gun actually flat out explain what is going on where in doing so would make their case be thrown out cause they publicly told us. Its a fucking lawsuit they have to stay quiet about it cause the law states they can't not because they are shady, but because talking about would get them in more trouble then they are now. Believe me they would LOVE to just tell us what the hell is really going on but the law saids they can't. Also I have yet to see anyone after this update using Jason X or his weapon/kills and will need video proof of said claims and I would really like to know what game they have started making as well.
  8. vaporeonlover971

    Revisiting the Gun Media beta test!!!

    I wasn't specificly talking about you just the topic in general. Don't take it personal.
  9. vaporeonlover971

    Revisiting the Gun Media beta test!!!

    You seriously rather have items falling under the map still a thing? Count me out on that.
  10. vaporeonlover971

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    I rather they fix the party not joining the lobby then much of anything suggested, I'm not worried about my character swapping anymore sometimes we get cool things like this. Don't part 2 look good in retro colors?
  11. vaporeonlover971

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    That is the cycle of basicly every modern game in a nutshell.
  12. vaporeonlover971

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    The Higgins Haven staircase was an area where all you needed to do was run around the bottom of it and troll jason cause of the small space and therefor was giving colision on the back part by the radio to prevent this, I know as I was Jason and it happened to me. I rather it not be fixed thank you.
  13. vaporeonlover971

    Patches? Timeline?

    I think its more of they need better Video Game Testers then people being better at coding. If they themselves are the ones testing each patch then you can blame them i'll give you that but if a group of testers are the ones not finding bugs/glitches then blame those indivisuals and not the ones who created the game.
  14. Anything to shut up the trolls and haters is fine by me.😉
  15. I'm going to keep playing cause lets ALL be honest with each other. Who in the hell has ever said they wanted paid DLC? We got more free things that they could have easily forced us to pay for I.E. Part 4, Retro, Part 5 Jasons, Mitch, Shelly, Fox, Victoria, All the maps could have been locked behind a paywall like most games have these days its silly to believe that no new stuff would make me just uninstall the game.