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  1. Yes you may have won the round but the specifics say that he won the lawsuit and it was decreed by the judge that he only had the rights to the original screenplay not including in quotes the hockey mask serial killer from the sequels which means he only owns the copyrights to Jason's mother in the original screenplay from part 1 or at least that's what I gathered from what I read online
  2. So because I'm to understand that Victor Miller won the lawsuit but it only covers Jason's mother and the first original screenplay it excludes Jason from his lawsuit does that mean that there will still be no further DLC for the game
  3. Console PS4 and Xbox Xbox: DA BOOG E MAN1 PS4: DA_BOOG_E_MAN1
  4. I sure hope so cuz it would freaking suck being that I'm maxed out on my level
  5. What's going to happen to the levels in data in the future are those going to be saved somewhere besides the servers
  6. I absolutely would I also would like to know what's going to happen to our levels and data in the future
  7. For any and all friday players i do host private matches on both xbox and ps4 to get achievements and trophies for both xbox and ps4 my gamer tag on xbox is DA BOOG E MAN1 my gamer tag on ps4 is DA_BOOG_E_MAN1 feel free to friend me on either console and refer this post
  8. Big fan of the movies big fan of the game would love to see it continue
  9. There certainly are ways to continue content just sounds to me like you made the money you wanted and are now dropping out and pretty much leaving all of us dedicated players out to dry its just bad business and most gamers will remember who left them hanging and it may even affect business for you i would have no problem waiting 50 years for new content even tho that would make me 87 yrs old id still play it you can even make a sequel game to it it just sounds to me like gun and illfonic are copping out taking our money and running saying ha ha ha suckers
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