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  1. Me too! It looked it would've been fun. I even liked the ending where Tommy left, and dropped off to what I'm assuming is Earth 2.
  2. I just saw that a facebook page titled Friday the 13th the game France has released a 20 minute video of a walkthrough of the Grendel Map. Most of it is being explored by the different Jasons. I thought it looked really good. It seemed like it was complete as well. Anyone have any thoughts on seeing the map and video?
  3. For me, I hate the Jason teamers the most! I seem to run into them a lot on QP. Makes me wanna play bots. Next would the be the host quitters, they ruin everyone's game. Then the little kiddies that have no business playing this game. Its rated mature for a reason. They all have terrible parents! Finally, the DJ's are annoying because they play the most god aweful music!
  4. @humerabi Kudos! I think you perfectly summed up how most of the fans of this game feel right now.
  5. I'd be shocked if the servers stayed up past the end of summer. The devs are clearly ready to run away from this project!
  6. @ShiftySamurai@wes, So............Its been days since you've responded to this question, what's the answer??? A curious, and eager fanbase awaits!!
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