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  1. Wow. The thread really pushed toward the "stay away" camp in the last few hours. I'm going to pass I think, unless the counselor bug is fixed by July 5. I'm also worried about buying it and then the servers shutting down in 60 to 90 days. I'm also going to pass on DbD. The survivor designs are awful and the game just doesn't seem like what I was looking for from F13.
  2. This isn't really a plus. I just don't think I could stand playing when it's picking my character for me. If it's one out of 100 times, I guess that's livable. But one out of 10 or more frequently would have my tearing my hair out (or instantly quitting, which as I said, isn't fair to others trying to play).
  3. The Steam reviews suggest it happens most every time. The person a few posts above says it never happens. It's just too risky. I'm not going to commit to a 20 minute game as a character I don't want to play. It's just not fair to the rest of the group.
  4. I can deal with most of the bugs I've seen mentioned for the PC version except the random counselor thing. That's just a total game breaker for me.
  5. I see no indication anywhere that the patch for fixing counselor selection will be released this week. The Steam sale lasts until July 5, so I can wait to see if they fix it before then. I won't buy it if I can't reasonably play as the character I select. I hate random character choices.
  6. Ah, ok. That's a deal breaker for me. On to Dead by Daylight, even though I like the concept and design of F13 better.
  7. So there's a bug now where you might get assigned a random counsel to play? That would make it kind of annoying.
  8. It's not quite $10, but it is 50% off. Thanks for the answer. I'm still curious about how often you get to play a specific character vs. being randomly assigned.
  9. I know there is a lot of negativity around this game because of the lack of new upcoming content, but with the Steam sale going on, I wanted to see if it was a waste of time to jump in. Do people still play? If people are still playing, I had a few questions about gameplay. Is there a way to only play as counselors? I was told elsewhere that since so many people prefer Jason, you can almost always end up as a counselor if you want. How often do you get the counselor you prefer? This is honestly my biggest question. If I'm going to have to play as undesirable counselors more often than not, then I probably don't really want the game. Thanks for any help!
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