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    I still watch wrestling to this day. I watch whatever is on. I usually will watch more from the past but, still watch the current products as well.
  2. I like the box for the 18" Part VII figure. The Blue with the tree's. It's really awesome. I need to get myself another one lol
  3. Nice. I use to have the NECA 18" Part VII figure. I have the 7" version signed by Kane Hodder.
  4. I forgot about the 18" figures from NECA. Those where great as well.
  5. In my opinion the Part II, Part VI, Part IX, and Freddy vs. Jason look where cool. I like Part VII also but, not as much as the others. Part IX with the mask melted into his skin was always cool lol.
  6. yeah I know Mezco Toys made one and Sideshow Collectibles made one. Maybe NECA will make one down the line of Part IX. I know they're coming out with some more Jason figures in the future.
  7. What's your favorite Jason Action figure or collectible made to date? I really like the Neca Cult Classic Series 1 Jason from Part VII.
  8. Those would be cool. Here's a video of it. I would possibly like to get a Part VI, VII and IX bust or mask one day.
  9. What is your Friday the 13th Collectible? This is one of mine. A bust (lack of a better word) of Part II Jason!!!!!!!!!!! (If you would like to see a video let me know)
  10. Animal by Felony from Jason Lives Part 6!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yeah last night was rough. Hit that bug several times. Hopefully today is better. I also last night got a purple light that shined off a chair in a cabin. Never seen that before.
  12. I hear that. Last night was not a very good night online. The connection kept lagging out and got frustrating. That new bug/glitch of the game ending early even though some players are still alive happened also. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. ?
  13. Hello, I play Friday the 13th on PlayStation 4. Really awesome game. Favorite Jason to Play as is Part 6 and Part 8. If you want to check out my YouTube feel free.
  14. Hello, I'm a playstation 4 player of Friday the 13th. Brand new to the Friday the 13th Forum. My Favorite Jason's to play as are Part 6 and Part 8. Least favorite is Part 9. I usually will play as Buggzy, Adam or Mitch. I also have a Youtube channel with Friday the 13th Videos and WWE 2K18. If you interested check it out. See video below. Thanks.
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