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  1. JasonLives66

    Who has a youtube channel?

    Here's mine.
  2. JasonLives66

    BewareofBears [YouTube]

    I subbed! I have my youtube channel also.
  3. JasonLives66


    I still watch wrestling to this day. I watch whatever is on. I usually will watch more from the past but, still watch the current products as well.
  4. JasonLives66

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    I like the box for the 18" Part VII figure. The Blue with the tree's. It's really awesome. I need to get myself another one lol
  5. JasonLives66

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    Nice. I use to have the NECA 18" Part VII figure. I have the 7" version signed by Kane Hodder.
  6. JasonLives66

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    I forgot about the 18" figures from NECA. Those where great as well.
  7. JasonLives66

    Friday the 13th Collectibles

    In my opinion the Part II, Part VI, Part IX, and Freddy vs. Jason look where cool. I like Part VII also but, not as much as the others. Part IX with the mask melted into his skin was always cool lol.
  8. JasonLives66

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    yeah I know Mezco Toys made one and Sideshow Collectibles made one. Maybe NECA will make one down the line of Part IX. I know they're coming out with some more Jason figures in the future.
  9. JasonLives66

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    What's your favorite Jason Action figure or collectible made to date? I really like the Neca Cult Classic Series 1 Jason from Part VII.
  10. JasonLives66

    Friday the 13th Collectibles

    Those would be cool. Here's a video of it. I would possibly like to get a Part VI, VII and IX bust or mask one day.
  11. JasonLives66

    Friday the 13th Collectibles

    What is your Friday the 13th Collectible? This is one of mine. A bust (lack of a better word) of Part II Jason!!!!!!!!!!! (If you would like to see a video let me know)
  12. JasonLives66

    What Song are you Listening to Right Now ?

    Animal by Felony from Jason Lives Part 6!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. JasonLives66

    My Introduction

    Yeah last night was rough. Hit that bug several times. Hopefully today is better. I also last night got a purple light that shined off a chair in a cabin. Never seen that before.
  14. JasonLives66

    My Introduction

    I hear that. Last night was not a very good night online. The connection kept lagging out and got frustrating. That new bug/glitch of the game ending early even though some players are still alive happened also. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. ?