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  1. Yes. If no other reason, it delays the eventual end of online play. If you believe that dedicated servers are still coming, that's one more thing that stands between the game's death. If it's the last of dev promises, it's still something to keep away the lights being turned off.
  2. You liked John Shepherd more?
  3. The Savini costume is looking a lot better than I had initially anticipated.
  4. Would it be too much to ask to have the perks listed from Legendary to Poor or vice versa? Having the Epics near the top would look much more neat.
  5. The Doctor

    An Idea...

    I want Uber for no other reason than completionism. I want pre-Uber because it would be a logical step because they have no other Jasons to offer. I want Ghost Jason. I want Pamela. I want everything. Will I get those? Short of a miracle, well. People argue about a new KS, but if people are willing to throw money at it again? I mean, you do what you want with your cash. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. I won't hold my breath.
  6. I don't speak for everyone but the feeling for me is one of disappointment, not anger. To me, it was wasted potential because it could have been so much greater but this is ultimately the hand we've been dealt. That and things could have been handled better. Nobody wanted the way things turned out.
  7. Thought I'd throw a quick update here. I got some new additions to my library and I want to say that the Triple Feature F13(2009)/ANOES(2010)/FvJ blu-ray was entirely worth it. It came with three separate discs and include all bonus features, so it's an awesome steal for the price. I wasn't going to buy any of them individual so this is a great addition. Halloween 6 Unrated Producer's Cut was pretty much what was expected, you're just getting the film that didn't come with the currently available box set. The HD download is a plus, but it is what it is. I ended up picking up Killer Klowns From Outerspace and Child's Play for relatively cheap because they came with some exclusive coloring books, but they're nothing really to write home about. They literally are the exact same copies as their regular versions (but online ordering was a bit cheaper), so I wouldn't call them collectible, but with a little something extra, why not? Better than the brick-and-mortar alternative at any rate. What did suck was that what appeared from the pictures was going to have separate box art, but in person what you get is some cardboard cut-out glued on top of the jewel case that could probably be removed with some possible tearing. Again, not a big deal because I don't consider a 7 bucks purchase a "collectors item". They're far from bad, I'm happy with my purchase, but all in all, they're very so-so. If you're going to get Child's Play for the bonus features, get the 2 disc collector's edition, not this. Granted it costs more but you certainly get what you pay for. I do really recommend the Triple Feature though. I was really afraid that the discs wouldn't contain the bonuses, but they certainly do. The only thing that's confusing is the discs' menus but everything is there. It's especially worth it if you really can't be bothered to purchase the two remakes individually. FvJ comes with tons of bonus features too, all great to have. Great purchase for the money.
  8. So I recently purchased these three box sets because they were on discount at my local Wal-Mart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Halloween-The-Complete-Collection-Blu-ray/36930708 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nightmare-On-Elm-Street-Collection-8-Pack-DVD/13909460 https://www.walmart.com/ip/FRIDAY-THE-13TH-T/238143793 In total it was ~ $80 for all three. I'm a bit conflicted on these though for a few reasons. The Halloween box set doesn't include the producer's cut for Part VI, the ANOES one isn't blu-ray but it does include FvJ, and the F13 one only goes up to 8, but it's blu-ray and I have IX and X already. Any reason I should or shouldn't return any of these? I was deliberating on taking back ANOES and getting the blu-ray version without FvJ and just getting that blu-ray separately, even though I got a steal on it. The Halloween one is fairly obvious but after a little bit of googling, the "deluxe complete edition" is in the range of hundreds of dollars. The F13 one, I'm not sure if there's something missing from it. I haven't been buying a lot of movies in the past several years and now getting some of my older copies up to speed or replaced. Mostly because I got too comfortable with streaming services and my DVR but I'd like to stuff my library shelf proper. What do you guys think?
  9. The Doctor

    Legendary Perks

    I'm lucky enough if I see something nice between 10-20k CP. Usually I just land something slightly better than one I already have (like a 0% decrease vs. a 2% decrease).
  10. The Doctor

    Hey yo

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay and hope you're enjoying the XP/Tape drops weekend.
  11. Looking forward to it. How big was the turn out for the panel?
  12. The Doctor

    Kills Online vs Bots

    So like a barn kill and a graveyard kill? I've also heard some issues where you can't do this with the small maps.
  13. The Doctor

    Kills Online vs Bots

    Thanks again. And to @Patienthands sorry for the misinformation. But yeah, for things like Ph.D. in Murder, that you have to do online.
  14. The Doctor

    Kills Online vs Bots

    That's good to know. I'm not even anywhere near that and I assumed the 666 kills also applied the same way.
  15. The Doctor

    Kills Online vs Bots

    @Patienthands Bride, to be exact.
  16. The Doctor

    Kills Online vs Bots

    Gotta Kill Em All and other such trophies/achievements do not work with Offline Bots. In fact, most of them don't. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head that do work in Offline are the sleeping bag kill, the fireplace kill, and maybe one or two others.
  17. Now I'm a bit torn because I was going to do a movie marathon but I guess that will have to wait. Thank you, though!
  18. The Doctor

    F13 game tshirts

    Meh. Seems to me like you could whip up something really quick in PSP and slap it on a custom design t-shirt store for yourself much cheaper. I don't know why someone would waste that kind of money on that.
  19. Weird. I got it to work earlier without much problems. My only guess would be all of the obvious things like restarting your moment, the console itself or changing around the Network Settings (the Primary and Secondary DNS). You did say all of your other internet functions are working, though?
  20. Same. I was wondering if it was just my internet stonewalling me. Guess not.
  21. The Doctor

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    Maybe I misspoke, but what I did mean was that jump scares have become more and more frequent in modern day cinema, and IMO it really got turned up to 11 in the past several decades. What Blair Witch did do, however, was really bolster the found footage/supernatural genre. To me, when you're up to Paranormal Activity 23: Electric Boogaloo things have gotten way out to hand.
  22. The Doctor

    How the hell do I get into the car on ps4?

    If the driver has started the car but steps out, doesn't that lock out other players from getting into passenger seats? I forget.
  23. The Doctor

    Creighton Duke Spinoff?

    https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/277185/creighton-duke-jason-goes-to-hell-spin-off-in-the-works/ http://comicbook.com/horror/2018/06/27/friday-the-13th-spinoff-jason-goes-to-hell/ So I didn't see a topic about this but I saw that NthnButAGoodTime mentioned this in a status, so here's two more links that weren't shared. I don't really see anything of major substance here. Even the article writers mention the lawsuit so who knows what any of this could possible mean. Likely that it won't even be F13 related other than actor and director? Thoughts? (Sorry if I missed this already being discussed somewhere else)
  24. @MrCaffeine Maybe, but I didn't necessarily mean that. I meant like Kane or whoever designed the props, what have you.
  25. The Doctor

    We should be happy

    And the bar drops that much lower.