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  1. "ToS? We don't need no stinkin' ToS!"
  2. Anyone else ever had problems with the camera getting stuck when you are entering the driver's seat in a car? It's like trying to drive while doing a drive-by in GTA.
  3. One thing that always drives me nuts are the counselors' voices during grab kills (namely head punch). Every male counselor says the exact same "Please no!" and I wish they'd fix this already. It's small but it's obviously a bug.
  4. @MrCaffeine thanks for sharing everything you have! Also yeah, I think the mask might have been the issue. I saw those arm props he had to wear as well, and those looked much bigger than the other ones he normally wears. Did you get a good look at the trident? I was curious if you could tell what material it was made out of.
  5. Er, well, I'm not sure if they would necessarily stack. Anyone running both in this hypothetical situation would yeah, would basically just start with two sprays at the beginning instead of 3 or 4. I guess that's where balance might be an issue? Certainly anyone who doesn't have the perk wouldn't get one, but I'm being hypothetical. Plus that's also sacrificing two perks so while yeah, you could litter the map with more sprays, it's also its own risk.
  6. If I had to guess, they mean that you have two sprays in two separate slots at the beginning of the match. That would make it optional to drop one spray for someone else and keep the other one. That might change play strategy a little bit, IDK.
  7. This is everyone's biggest fear for when the servers are shut down.
  8. If for no other reason than completionism to have all of the film Jasons they had the rights to use.
  9. GTFO, Maneater, Daemonical, System Shock
  10. All right, let's see... BR - Roy (Reveal with spikes), IV ending with axe to head, TF2 Medic, IX, Savini holding Freddy's head, unmasked Uber, Uber, Unmasked VIII holding IX's unmasked head MR - MKX Jason, III with axe to head, VI, VII, VII, VI ending, VII unmasked with what I think is being strangled by TF2 Demoman?, TF2 Heavy FR - TF2 Scout, VI with chains (but I could be missing something? The leg is throwing me off), unmasked II, IV, II, Kid Jason, III, Roy w/ machete shears, Retro, Dream Jason, Tommy wearing V's mask And of course Pamela's head at the very bottom. How'd I do?
  11. I mean, it's not very hard. I thought it was kinda weird including the TF2 characters but still amusing. That and Roy holding two machetes as though they were gardening shears lol.
  12. The Doctor

    Wow just saw this on Amazon Jason x novels

    True. It's very easy to overpay. Amazon has its moments, but I guess if nothing else it can also be kind of a litmus test for the value. The prices vary so greatly but tend to be a bit more static, so I've seen. eBay just requires a bit more due diligence. Don't know how many times I've kicked myself for not pulling the trigger on some memorabilia I've got that I could have paid less than half for. Live and learn.
  13. They've moved on to other projects and can't just full stop those then restart. They're in the business of making money. I'm not 100% certain about the legal reasons forbidding new content in the sense that they'd need to re-negotiate a new license to continue it further anyway.
  14. I think the issue here is that even if the Collector's Edition comes with separate DLC codes, you're going to have some left over if you previously bought the game and said DLC. Or do they simply come on the disk? Either way, guess it's the breaks so it can't be doled out piecemeal.