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  1. I have the Xbox One original disc version of Friday. I used to have access to the disc exclusive clothing like Tiffany’s blue dove shirt, AJ Masons heart shirt, etc... but these no longer show up in game. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all my clothing packs in the “manage game and add-ons” area but nothing has helped. I have paid for this stuff and would like to use it again. Has this happened to anyone before, and how can it be fixed? My game disc is always in the system when I play. I have messaged thru the official Facebook of Friday the 13th but I receive an automated reply that says we’ll get back to you, but of course I don’t any follow up from a real person, or any follow up at all actually. Beyond frustrating.
  2. Also, can’t hear any other players talking at all. I’ll have the walkie-talkie, can see their name pop up to indicate that they are speaking, but can’t hear anything. Every game. That is 100% gone since the new engine for me.
  3. I play as Vanessa all the time. I like to slow down Jason vs trying g to fix things. So I set lots of traps behind locked cabin doors, try to protect other counselors, will hit Jason, draw his attention etc. I find that since the engine update, and even after the patch not long ago.. around midway through the match or later, I suddenly lose the ability to pick items/weapons up, and can’t open/close doors, or go through windows. It’s like I’ve lost the “A” button entirely. If I am standing over an item. I will see the prompt to pick up the item, or go through the window, etc... but the game doesn’t recognize that I’m pressing the button at all. I usually last long into the final minutes of most matches, and I can say this is happening around %50 of the time for me. It sucks because if I am in a cabin with closed doors, I am stuck in there until Jason or another counselor open a door up. If I am the last counselor fighting Jason, it’s basically the end since you can’t really escape and your stamina just runs out. I don’t see anything specific that triggers it. I can have hit Jason several times, my weapon breaks, and suddenly I can’t pick up ANYTHING. first aids from previous fallen counselors, or weapons, or anything. I’ve had it where I was fighting Jason, he grabs me, I use a pocket knife to escape, and surprise, I can’t pick up anything once again . I’ve had it where I haven’t even encountered Jason- I drop my weapon in a cabin, so I can set up a bear trap for the 5th time, and I go back to the bat or axe I dropped- nope. I go in the water and back out, or duck, or use emotes to try to “break” the freeze- nothing helps. Jason can grab me and I get away, it still won’t reset. This is the most frustrating thing and I end up quitting the match sometimes because it is an utter waste of time, and really quite frustrating. I end up accumulating “salt” for this, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not continuing a match where I am completely handicapped and unable to do anything. This is on Xbox One, happens very frequently to me, and only has happened since the engine update last month. The only thing I can say is, I pick up and drop items like mad each game, and out of no where the “A” button function disappears entirely. Is this happening to other folks, or am I one of the isolated in this experience?
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