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  1. Favourite Counselor Poll

    That poll doesn't have Shelly.
  2. Favourite Counselor Poll

    Tiffany is my favorite. 😘
  3. Friday the 13th videos

    I'm not a child and I really like the emotes. It's fine if you don't , but don't call the people who do children.
  4. Friday the 13th videos

    I don't think dance emotes are killing the game... It's the balance problems that this game has (and the lack of dedicated servers on console).
  5. Emotes need to go

    Same here. I think some people just exaggerate to be honest. 😒
  6. Emotes need to go

    That's probably not going to happen (at least not in public). That would just piss people off.
  7. 1. Fix Jason's grab. 2. Fix Jason's hit detection. 3. Reduce med sprays, pocket knives and guns. These are some things that I would like for them to fix.
  8. I never played the NES game either (it sounds horrible). I'm older than 15 😋
  9. Emotes need to go

    Try playing a different game if the emotes bother you so much. Lul 😂 Edit: You can play offline also.
  10. Same here. I can't express how much I hate hosts who leave when they die or don't kill everyone as Jason. They need to stop hosting if they are just going to quit if things don't go their way...
  11. Yeah, I can easily find a lobby on Xbox. I'm not too worried about the player count.
  12. I have already stated my opinion. This will be my last post because I don't want to derail this thread further.
  13. I wasn't talking about you, but whatever. *backs out of thread* 😒
  14. Yep... Some toxic people on here. 🙁
  15. I think so too. Seems like the pack sold very well.