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  1. I personally think Savini Jason is way better than Part 9. I love my Savini Jason, lol 😅
  2. Agreed. I have come across so many bugs the last couple of weeks (I have died a good amount of times because of the bugs). Here are just a few that I have encountered: Car flying through the air (sometimes falling through the map as well), can't swing weapon or interact with anything, floating after climbing through window. I have encountered more bugs that I did not mention, but I feel these are the most game breaking ones.
  3. I think we played together earlier (on Xbox). I was playing as Tiffany and you were Vanessa (I think you may have had the sweater). We were on Crystal Lake. We were being chased by part 6 Jason. ?
  4. IronKnight55

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Halloween 2018 9/10 I thought it was pretty good. I do agree with some of the things that, @badassgixxer05 and @OCT 31 1978 said, though.
  5. IronKnight55

    do you think Last Year: the Nightmare will kill F13?

    I am looking forward to Last Year. F13 is pretty much dead on the PC. F13 seems okay on consoles (I can find full lobbies quick).
  6. I'm glad the consoles might be getting dedicated servers soon, but I have already stopped playing. It's super boring now because they cant add new content into the game.
  7. IronKnight55

    Weekly Challenges

    Yeah, I agree.
  8. This wont change anything. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  9. Its just a game. I have no idea why people are getting this upset... ?
  10. IronKnight55

    We're Still Here

    I will still be playing as well.
  11. IronKnight55

    The Oldest Person on the forum

    Wow, there are some old people on here, lol. ?
  12. I was excited for the patch, but I'm not anymore. I hope they don't push out the hot fix for us Xbox players.
  13. IronKnight55

    The match ended early. Why?

    I laughed way too much when I read this, lol! ?
  14. Yeah, I'm a backer. I would only pay 8 or 9 dollars.